God Is Dead

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Editor’s note: The views expressed here are solely those of the author.)

God is dead.

Hear me out, my neo-conservative Christian friends.  I grew up in the Bible Belt, Alabama to be specific, and fully understand the importance of personal spirituality and the core faith so many enjoy in the United States.  Since the liberals began their all-out assault on the Republican Party, and more importantly its faithful Christian-based wing during the Vietnam War, our country has moved at a rapid pace leftwards  As a result of this political movement, a secular seed was sown and has taken over the proverbial Garden of Eden.

Americans have eaten the forbidden fruit and continue to return to the tree ridden with evil.  Social issues have now shaped our country and have become the battle cries screamed at any minority willing to take the pitch, rather than economic and fiscal responsibility.  Abortion, birth control, fairness, gay rights, legalized marijuana; these are all terms we have grown overly familiar with during the previous election cycle.  When few of these things mattered to an American populace during arguably the worst recession in our history, we chose to fight rather than deflect.

We sit and complain when the ACLU attacks religion and wants to remove God from our schools, money, and public buildings.  We whine as the courts remove public prayer from our school and sporting events.  Slowly and methodically, our country has stabbed God and allowed him to bleed profusely.  Now the secular portion of the leftist electorate have pushed through some policies long held at bay by the religious right.  The final slash to His heart may have been cast.  Catholics around the country continue to vote for leftist candidates, the very folks who castigate them for their beliefs.  Some protestant groups have flocked to liberal candidates, casting their votes without thought like moths jumping around an open flame.

As a result of turning our backs on God by allowing our elected officials to remove prayer and religion in public settings, and by forcing faith-based institutions to pay for contraception when it flies in the face of their personal religions, we have allowed The Almighty to become what the secular left has wanted: a myth.

Can this trend be reversed?  I am doubtful that we will be able to turn this around, but it may be possible.  Educating the voting base is a must!  The electorate votes for the candidates, so it only stands to reason that an educated electorate will vote for someone with similar beliefs.  African Americans and Latinos are ferocious Christians; yet they have flocked to Barack Obama.  Many will point to race as the primary factor, but a more important factor has been our party’s inability to teach and spread our message.

Until we play a wiser and more strategic political game, however, God will remain dead in America; and that is the cold, hard truth.

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  1. Why do we blame God?

    We took prayer out of our schools, telling God that we don't want to talk to Him.
    We took the Ten Commandments out of our public places, telling Him that we don't like His rules.
    We took the right to have a Bible out of our public places, telling Him we don't want to read anything about Him.
    We took crosses and the Star Of David out of cemeteries and memorials, telling Him we don't want to be reminded of what His people died for.
    We allowed Television, Movies, books, magazines, and children on the street to use His name as a curse word.
    We allowed our schools to reject His wonderful Creation and let them teach that it just happened and we somehow appeared out of some chemical reaction as some slime.
    We allowed all kinds of sexual perversions to become the norm, in spite of His prohibition against them.
    We encourage young men to have sex with as many girls as they can handle, and for the girls to get pregnant and have lots of illegitimate babies. We pay them more welfare for each one they have.
    If the babies are inconvenient for them, we encourage them to have the baby ripped from their bodies and discarded with the trash.

    In other words, we told God to get out of our lives and leave us alone…so maybe He did.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Jim,
      that is why this country is at where it is, and heading towards socialisim. America has become a wicked nation. God said if my people pray seek his face and humble themselves that he will heal the land.
      2nd Corth 7:14 this verse is longer, I have shorten it.

      bottom line is, if America repents God will heal the land and replace these wicked rulers with good,honest people.

    • Jim, I think you are right. It looks like a whole generation has already replaced God in there lives. Free stuff and convienient action such as abortion rather than abstinance or even using birth control are the norm. If it feels good, do it. No consequences. We have no control as to what the public school system will teach. College students are propagandized into believing Green Energy promoted by crony capitalists is really Green. If you tell them enough they will submit. Churches no longer stand by their beliefs in the name of fairness. The bible is deemed unfair. Parents will not be truthful with their children. They are not "Special!" "You need to work for what you want!" Yes, We told God to get our of our lives. We will suffer the consequences.

  2. Dave Wollenberg says:

    As Michael Tait said, 'God's not dead. He's roarin' like a lion!'

  3. HOSEA had it right when he stated in 4:6 ~ "My people perish for their lack of knowledge"!
    Need anything else be said?!

  4. I don't think I can visit church without being reminded that at least 50% of the people there are Hypocrits who voted to continue the agendas against church beliefs.

    • Amen to that Hon! I say a Big AMEN! The churches have become business, and have become cowards in the bargin, because they might lose money, or have to pay some taxes, on the BUSINESSES that they truly are these days. And so, is it any wonder that so many avoid these places and worship in their homes, and in their yards, because one can “be still and hear” God in the quiet of their homes, and see the wonder and beauty of God in each leaf on every tree and flower on each little plant………….instead of going into a building which thousands, and millions at times, have been spent on the making of a temple, not to honor God, but to honor themselves for how much they spent building this cold and drafty place, where God will not show Himself. And the preachers, and priests, who refuse to speak the truth, instead telling the congregations only what they want to hear instead. Sin is a bad word these days, because it might “offend” someone who is deliberately sinning, and does not want to hear that he or she is doing so. And if these “leaders” of those congregations do tell the truth, as it is written, they may lose the money that their congregations dole out so freely. To tell the truth, to speak God’s word is no longer a choice made by these so called “men of God”, no, they are only lips, lying to the ones whose souls they are responsible for, and on the day of Judgement, these “leaders of their flocks” will stand and have to answer TRUTHFULLY as to why they did not do what they were called to do, to lead their people in the path of righteousness, and to help save the souls of so many who will lose their souls, because of the refusal of these men to speak as God commands them to. And when I first read the title of this, my first thought was “HUH?” But reading it, I agree with the author, God IS dead to America, and the comments that we told God to leave us alone, well, I agree with those comments fully, because God “will turn them over to a reprobate mind”, and it would seem that this is exactly what our God has done. Who can honestly blame Him? I sure don’t. As a mother, if my sons repeatedly told me to leave them alone, I would do so.

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