Go Ahead And Say It, Mr. President: “War On Terror”

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

With our Dear Leader and his minions finally responding to the Man Made Disaster in the Middle East caused by ISIL taking over most of Iraq since America ran away under Obama, I find it silly that this administration still cannot utter the words War on Terror. 

The Left’s mantra over the last decade has been that the War on Terror was a untruth created by the Bush administration– or at the very least, it ended a long time ago. You see, liberals believe they can simply wish something away by just saying it doesn’t exist. Well, with ISIL gladly promoting pictures of their beheading of men, women, and children alike, the facts on the ground simply don’t fit the liberal narrative.

What we are now seeing is the creation of an Islamic caliphate across the Middle East that will reign terror across the world and will spread if left to its own devices. Stopping this evil regime from expanding even into Western countries is the real war we are going to have to wage.

It is not just preventing isolated terrorism anymore. It is preventing a terror from being unleashed around the globe that is a hundred times worse than Nazi Germany. Entire races, religions, and peoples will be exterminated.  We are talking real fire and brimstone here, and the Left won’t believe it exists.

I wrote a thriller novel that was published last summer called Sugar, which detailed how this new Islamic caliphate will be enabled by our own government.  We are seeing this happen before our very eyes. The Left refuses to call this new caliphate what it is and refuses to admit the threat.  Just look at all the left-wing media outlets crowing about how the United States is getting involved again in Iraq.  To them, if you purposely hear no evil or see no evil, there is no evil.

How can our president, the commander-in-chief, protect this country if he will not see the Islamic threat for what it is?  How is it that he is allowing Iran to develop a nuclear weapon?  How is it that he was voted into office twice by this nation?  Do our citizens not want to protect themselves? Do they just want to wish it all away?

I have always been fascinated by the liberal viewpoint of the world regarding military action.  To them, it is always bad and should not be used, ever.  If this attitude had prevailed during World War II, we would have lost; and we would be speaking German or Japanese right now.  How does the Left justify this mindset? Do they want to be beheaded?

The problem is that this attitude will directly affect my children when the bombs go off in New York or elsewhere.  It’s only a matter of time.  We have thousands of people crossing the southern border, and we don’t even know who they are.  Many of them are probably terrorist or criminals.

Our government doesn’t care. The Left doesn’t care. I have an idea. We all know New York or D.C. will be hit in the next attack. Let’s encourage all the liberals and pacifists to move there. Then afterwards, we can start over as a nation.

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