GMOs Plus Obamacare: Your Ticket To Slavery

Barack Obama 10 SC GMOs plus Obamacare: Your Ticket to Slavery

At this late date, there are still people who don’t see the consequences of Obamacare. They cling to the notion that it’s simply a wonderful system that will allow more people to get vital medical care. That’s all they see or want to see.

They agree that medical treatment has an alarming toxic track record. But they don’t want to admit that Obamacare will spread that toxicity even further.

Why are these people blind? Because they think of themselves as caring humanitarians, and they fit Obamacare right into that self-serving picture. It’s part of their “religion.”

Also, they don’t want to “be negative.”

Some day, I’m sure, being negative will get you a public decapitation in the town square.

Okay. Here we go.

The recent study which revealed that rats fed with GMOs developed cancer is just one example of the health hazards of GMO food.

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