Glenn Beck And The Death Of Free Speech

GlennBeck57362 300x192 Glenn Beck And The Death Of Free Speech

Fox News has aired several interviews with Daily Caller editors and reporters on the influence of Media Matters, the Soros-funded left-wing attack machine. A series of articles in The Daily Caller sheds new light on the operations of the group, which masquerades as a non-profit but has partisan political ties to the Obama White House and the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the interviews failed to touch on the most visible example of Media Matters working its will on the media—the sacking of Glenn Beck from Fox News.

One can imagine that this is a sensitive topic at Fox News.

It is even more sensitive in view of what News Corporation, the parent of Fox News, is doing to its staff at the British newspaper, The Sun. As part of an internal investigation of phone-hacking and bribery, News Corporation voluntarily turned over information to police authorities.

Sun associate editor Trevor Kavanagh reports that “30 journalists have been needlessly dragged from their beds in dawn raids, arrested and held in police cells while their homes are ransacked.” He said journalists were being treated like members of a criminal gang and that freedom of the press was in danger.

If News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch would turn over his own journalists to authorities in Britain, why wouldn’t he sack Glenn Beck in response to an orchestrated campaign from George Soros and his operatives at Media Matters?


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  1. a large part of fox i owned by the arabs. we are screwed. glenn becks gbtv is the only place you can get thwe truth in this country. i have stopped watching fox as much as i used to. i was a loyal fan, but not any more. now they have shut up the judge. we need to band together and start fighting them every where we can to counter the propaganda. we need to develope an under ground system of ham radios that we can use to let each other the thuth about what is really going on before they take them away from us too.

  2. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Anybody remember the book/movie, by Stephen King, “The Stand”? Remember the charactor “Ray Flowers” and her, (his in the book) show, where the military raided the place, and murdered her (him) for speaking the truth about what was really happening? Seems to me that this is getting close to being the “truth” now, instead of a fictional story of “what may be”………. Actually RAIDING those reporters, journalists in Britian! And hauling them off to jail, and tearing their homes apart for WHAT? In America, we still own guns, so a fight of this nature here may be a different kind of story. Americans have what the British don’t have anymore, the “right to bear arms”, and as of yet, we have not given up that right, nor been forcibly made to do so. I wonder if anyone could actually FORCE Americans to do this as we are a different sort of people than the British, having had to fight tooth and nail to win our freedom from King George in our Revolution back when we were still under British rule. Guns are still such a big part of our lives, much like steak and potatoes……….we are not going to give our guns up as easily as all that, as easily as we have let our other freedoms be taken from us. Those same freedoms that we are going to have to retake from this Regime, not an administration, but a REGIME OF RULER “wanna” be’s………..Those who want to RULE us instead of be the administrators of our lives and well being. The muSLIME in office is not our biggest threat, although he is a large threat, those behind his “Throne” are the bigger threats. It is they whom we are going to have to unseat. And it will be, if we are pushed into a fight, a nasty fight to be sure. If white AMERICANS and BLACK AMERICANS, (not the african kind) will stand together, we might just be better equipped to actually WIN this fight for freedom. This “african american” crap needs to stop immediately, for black or white, we are AMERICANS! There is no “african” or “anglo” about it, AMERICAN is what we are, and have always been, no matter where our ancestors came from………we are all a mix of races, but AMERICANS!!!!!
    I am an American, of English/British descent, white. But, make no mistake, I AM AN AMERICAN! And, I retain the RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH AND EVERY OTHER FREE THING THAT MY ANCESTORS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR!!! No DICTATOR CAN TAKE THAT FROM ME OR YOU, UNLESS YOU OR I ALLOW IT! Will we ALLOW THIS, FELLOW AMERICANS OF ALL RACES? Or, are we going to fight one another, like the Native Americans did over 100 years ago, and as a result, lose our country, as the Native Americans lost theirs…………………? If we stand together, UNITED, we can win the FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS! If we are divided, and fight amongst ourselves, we will surely lose! Infighting is exactly what these traitors and thieves want us to do, so that they can do exactly what has been done in the United Kingdom, raid our homes and haul us off to prison camps, to be executed as common criminals. We are NOT CRIMINALS, we are AMERICANS WITH EVERY RIGHT TO FIGHT FOR OUR BASIC FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EVERY OTHER FREEDOM OF NATURAL LEGALLY BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!! This is MY FREE SPEECH! Where is YOURS?

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      “Common criminals”………there is NOTHING “COMMON” about us! We are a different breed altogether! We are a nation of an UNCOMMON PEOPLE! And, time and again, we have proven this. For it was we, Americans, who have gone into other countries, and saved them from the downfall that would otherwise have taken them down into a slavery of a kind that they did not want. The Nazi’s would surely have taken France over, if not for the American military who went into that country and fought FOR them, so that they could stay a free land. And many other such instances in many other countries are examples of the difference of the American people. We are a most UNCOMMON PEOPLE, an UNCOMMON BREED OF HUMANS! We are a good and decent people, willing to do and give what most other nations refuse to do. And as such a people, we need to stand and be counted as a most UNCOMMON PEOPLE! We cannot allow our country to be destroyed by these evil men who are out to destroy us, and everything that we are and have been for so long, for to do so would pose a danger to the whole world!!!! We are the difference that stands between the freedom of the whole world, and the Total Domination of this world that we live in. If America falls, then the whole world falls along with her!!! We as Americans cannot allow this. It is our duty to be an example of what a free nation truly is. And an example of what a people must do in order to be FREE! With God on our side, no one can stand against us. Will we do what we must in order to show the rest of the world what being truly FREE means? The difference between right and wrong? But, we need GOD on our side in order to accomplish this mission! For America, KEEP GOD WITH US! God be with us in this fight for right, wrong, and FREEDOM FROM THESE MOST EVIL, WICKED MEN, IF WE KEEP OUR HEARTS AND MINDS ON HIM! And His word in our hearts, that it may be a light for our path, and a place of refuge in our time of greatest need!!! And people, that time of great need is truly upon us today! God Bless America, should be more than just words, it should be the PRAYER that we speak daily, almost hourly, if we are to maintain our basic freedoms. It is OUR CHOICE! Make the CHOICE TODAY, or fall for what is sure to come! That being, total DOMINATION OF A KIND THAT THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN!!!!

  3. This sounds just like, THE RISE and THE FALL of the THIRD REICH which I just finished watching. The German people were manipulated by corruption, force and propaganda just like the American citizens are today. WAKE UP AMERICA and DO NOT LET THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO US!

  4. I totally agree, america is in great danger, unles enough of the people vote aginest obama,

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