Govt Prosecutor Says Obama’s Views of Gitmo Are UnAmerican

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

How dangerous and unAmerican are Barack Obama’s views? The prosecutor trying a Guantanamo Bay detainee does not want to seat any juror who agrees with them. The Wall Street Journal reported Justice Department attorney Jeff Groharing removed a potential juror from the case of Omar Khadr, who was arrested on an Afghan battlefield after he killed a U.S. soldier, after the juror testified:

"America seemed to lose its status as a beacon of freedom, liberty and justice” through its interrogation methods, secret prisons and extraordinary renditions, said the lieutenant colonel, who couldn’t be named under courtroom rules. “I don’t believe my position is any different from the president’s.”

…Jeff Groharing, a Justice Department attorney who started as the Khadr prosecutor in 2005 when he was a Marine major, used his single peremptory challenge to remove him from the commission.

“He said repeatedly he agrees with the president,” Groharing said."

The lieutenant colonel is correct; his view is, if anything, less inflammatory than Barack Obama’s. Obama condemned the facility, which provided Korans to every inmate, as a violation of American values. All his speeches – from his first stemwinder as an underexperienced presidential candidate to his UN address as president – associated the prison with "torture."

That doesn’t square with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who admitted, "The truth is, it’s probably one of the finest prisons in the world today." But the slander of our troops lives on, sometimes by those who become our troops.

Obama ordered the world class prison closed in January 2009 without a clear idea of what will happen to the remaining detainees (the ones he hasn’t already released), although he considered moving them to Illinois. Today, Warner Todd Huston at Gateway Pundit quotes The Washington Post that 19 months later the punter-in-chief still has "no written policy on how detainees convicted in military commissions should be housed."

If Obama’s ideas have poisoned the minds of enough Americans, perhaps none will be imprisoned.

The story makes clear our military is fighting terrorists – on the battlefield and, thanks to liberal Democrats, in the courts — and now they’re also fighting Barack Obama.

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  1. Every thing the muslim communist in our white house does is un-American. He is one of the most dangerous terrorist from within.

  2. I am just a retired US AIR FORCE TSGT but I would be glad to serve on any jury that is trying any Guantanamo Bay detainee. So far I have not agreed with anything our illegal President and his administration have done.
    Every government employee in Washington DC should be fired en mass. The lesser fired employees could be screened and those who are anti present establishemnt could be rehired and immediately put back to work in their old jobs. All middle and higher employees would be stripped of their government assets present and future. They and their immediate families should be barred from holding any government job for the rest of their lives. There should be state elections within 30 days to replace the congress. National elections within 60 days to replace the Executive and Judicial branches of government. All bills signed into law by Obama would be nulll and void. The new administration would have to go to work and put together all the budgets that are needed to keep the country running. If Shirley Temple Black is still alive and able I would put her in as President and Madaline Albright as Vice President to run the country until either they are elected to a full term or new people are elected by the American people.

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