Gingrich: Conservatives Can Lead The Smartphone Revolution

As personal technology becomes even more ubiquitous in the U.S., its usefulness in shaping our national culture is more apparent than ever before. During his speech to a receptive crowd at CPAC Saturday, former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich explained how the political right can make the most of such advancements.

He began his remarks by lambasting the “prison guards” on the left who are determined to hold fast to the failed policies of the past.

In areas such as education, he explained, Democrat leaders like New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio are closing charter schools in an effort to keep the next generation locked into an ideologically driven public school system largely controlled by leftist teachers unions.

“If we had the current model” during America’s long periods of unparalleled advances, he continued, “the stage coach association would have passed a bill that limited trains to the speed of a horse.”

He described the proliferation of smartphone technology as the key to shaping America’s future, listing many ways these devices are poised to change our society and the methods leftists are using to halt that progress.

Users can now download applications for a litany of practical uses, including valuable public health advancements.

“The Food and Drug Administration, seeing the dramatic rise of applications … now wants to take over approving applications for smartphones,” Gingrich said, explaining this issue represents a prime opportunity for conservatives to appeal to a younger generation.

“Go out and talk to any college campus,” he suggested, and ask young adults how they would like “Washington bureaucrats” slowing down technological progress. “There’s a revolution coming and we have the opportunity to lead it.”

Technology is the great equalizer, allowing all individuals access to the same information. By embracing these developments, Gingrich said conservatives can “return power to the American people” while moving toward the common goal of “a much more limited government.”

He urged activists to “find pioneers you can work with,” explaining efforts are more fruitful at the local level.

Beginning with our founders, generations of Americans made this nation great through innovative thinking and risk-taking. If we are to continue that noble heritage, conservatives must take the initiative and prevent self-serving leftists from inhibiting progress in order to preserve their own flawed policies.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Back when Newt had power he wanted to extend the 2nd Amendment to ALL Countries:
    Newt is correct, everyone in the world should have the right to defend themselves, especially in their own home!
    Newt is the man, if he can’t do it then noone can!

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