Gingrich Asks The Question We Have Been Asking For Four Years

While on Talk Radio with Dana Loesch of the Dana Show on St Louis’s FM 97.1, Newt Gingrich was asked about the Washington Post journalist tweeting openly looking for dirt on him, Gingrich replied “I wish the media would crowd source what Obama did at Columbia University and I wish they would crowd source and figure out what he did with Saul Alinsky’s ideas on the south side of Chicago. The news media has never found itself excited about the facts about Barack Obama.”

If Gingrich is the Republican nominee, this is the type of tough action he will need to take with Obama and the media.

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  1. Newt is probably the only logical candidate. Personally I think he would chew BHO up and spit him out in a debate. Unless of course, they allow the great O to have his teleprompters.
    WHY don't we know anything about BHO? What we do know is sickening enough, maybe it's better we stay in the dark after all…..I do know this in my heart of hearts, we WON'T have an election, we will be under martial law, and they will be coming after us with our own military, and if they decide they won't go after their own folks, they'll have the standby army of Mexican drug members. We've armed them, they're ready to go. I live in Texas, and they want Texas back.

    • Then, like so many other Americans, I suggest you prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. I would like to think our military would protect us – that is part of their code, to protect us against enemies foreign and domestic.

      • In enlisting, then rising through the ranks to become a US Special Forces captain (and voluntarily taking a couple of combat tours) then becoming a peace officer upon returning to civilian life, I took the same oath many times over. That oath was in support of the Constitution of the United States of America – inclusive of its Amendments – and against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There are many oathkeepers like me, none of whom have ever been released from what we solemnly swore. We shall not obey any unlawful orders, nor shall we shirk our duty to our country and its citizens. Being foreign-born and choosing this Republic as mine makes me particularly cognizant of that responsibility.

        Đại Úy Paul (Cogito, ergo armatus sum.)

        • Huuahh! Another patriot heard from. Thank you sir, for your service and we'll probably be needing it again. Real soon.

    • Copy that Judy. We and thousands of others are on the same page. This narcissistic POS Potus will never relinquish his power. He's done a real good job of riling up the La Raza retards, the Black Panther perps and the SEIU scum. Plus, Obuma's handlers will never allow their puppet to be removed. This time next yr. we all will be in a major revolution. "The Constitutionalists vs. the Socialists. Only one thing to remember: GOD, Guns and groceries. Lock and Load, patriots! It's time.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      i too, am from Texas, and a recent trip to WM was an eye opener. It was literally polluted with mexicans. Maybe 1 out of 10 was white, or black. It so confused me that I totally forgot what I went in there for. Never have I seen so many gathered in one store. I think you are right, they do want Texas back. But. I don’t think that Texans will allow this, from what I know of Texans, they would fight tooth and nail, as they did when they first made Texas a state, or part of the United States in their/our history. But I would like to know more of what you know about what is coming. But Texans own more guns than any other state in the Union, so it would be a bloody fight to the finish if it came down to it. Texans are a different breed than others from other states. I am an adopted Texan, and I have come to love Texas as much as anyone born here. I guess it’s time that I bought a gun or two and made myself ready for the fight that is sure to come, if this Disease in office has his filthy, diseased, muSLIMEY way. He is a muSLIME, and as such, his true intentions are to ruin anything and everything beautiful and AMERICAN! He wants us as destroyed as Hiroshima and Nagasaki was when we bombed them, in ashes. It will be up to we TRUE AMERICANS AND PATRIOTS TO DEFEND AMERICA AND NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!
      And, you know, the TRUE TRAITORS ARE THE MEDIA! They are the ones who refuse to tell the truth, they are the ones that we should go after! It is the likes of these TRAITORS who are causing this mess that we find ourselves in. The TRUTH IS OUT THERE, WE JUST NEED TO FIND IT AND MAKE IT PUBLIC AND OPEN, TRANSPARENT, as this LYING POS IN OFFICE “promised” he’d/it would do!!! ATTACK THE NEWS OUTLETS AND FORCE THEM TO TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONCE IN THEIR USELESS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

    • Newt will mop the floor with with oblahblah no matter how many teleprompters he has. You must remember that it is dims putting his messages on the teleprompter.

  2. melvin dominey says:

    I'll be happy to see puke Barney go.He is the epitomy of what is wrong with our government. All Democrats are stupid and some Republicans. We have a gestapo now and I personally don't think we will ever be rid of Obama no matter how the elections turn out. Who is he? Where did he come from? He got into office by voter fraud. He didn't get a majority of votes. This country is gone to Hell and nobody is doing anything about it. It's time to rise up or leave. Maybe Newt will persevere and become our President. If not , it's all over.


  3. Gingrich is a great candidate and will make a good president. Even with his baggage, he is way above anyone except Romney. He is a very birght man and can take the best that Obama has to offer. Personally, I believe Gingrich has no fear and will clean Obama's plow in any debate. His toughest enemy will be the media. All of Gingrich's past affairs will be resurrected and placed on the front page everyday. I want someone to get this country back on track and strongly defend us against all our enemies. I am not concerned about Gingrich's loyalty, or integrity.

    • Newt is the best, hes intelligence, experience, and strong enough to take on Obama. Also, atleast hes a normal male and likes women, hes never been accused of thievery or bribiery (which is rampant in our govt), and hes a Christian—–which many of us consider a plus. Now, about Romney—–hes in with the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama pushing this Marxist govt mentality. Do your research and you will find it. Look up Paraguay and the Bushes, that will open your eyes a bit, too. God Bless America!!

    • "All of Gingrich's past affairs…" You mean all 2 of them? Both with women he subsequently MARRIED? It's a shame when marriages go wrong but it does happen. Not exactly the big hairy deal the press tried to make out of it during his Speakership. Meanwhile, the good ol' press was totally ignoring the corruption Newt was exposing in the House (including Barney Frank) and the measures he supported through Congress that rejuvenated the economy and set the leftist agenda back by at least 15 years.

  4. TaterSalad says:

    Barack Obama and his czars should be called the ChoomGang as in the past of Obama and his drug buddies were called.

    Barack Obama and his gang of drug addicts and what they were called:

  5. I believe Newt is the man who can clean Obama’s clock. Newt has baggage but I think all of his baggage has been aired. He is smart enough to throw it back at them – he certainly has a great deal of “lack of info” on Obama to question – to bring out in the open which is something Obama does not want. He has concealed all of his records to the tune of 2 million – who is this man – no one knows. Congress did not vet Obama – they should be held accountable as well. .

  6. FINALLY! But the question needs a damn answer: "WHEN . . . " "NOW!!" C.R.O'L.

  7. What do you do w/a 'RAT' in the cupboard?

  8. Great interview, and I think Newt Gingrich is exactly what we need in the United States at this time. He is intelligent, a student of our country's history and will restore respect for our country and is dedicated to God and country. He has my vote.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    Newt was right where is the media on Obummer,they love the little ole color boy.Plus you have a media with no balls to go after Bojangles as he dances away wrecking America.There is one thing he is good for and that's wasting taxpayers money fling allover Gods creation with the press who would wipe his aand probably do especially the white women.

    • I hope you mean the white women of the liberal variety. I am a white woman and did not even vote for the clinton's either time. Some of us know slime when we see it. I do agree about some as I watched them drool while obama was running in 08. I don't find anything sexy about politicans. Just thought I would let you know.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Gayle your are right I should have said most of them not the smart ones.Most polls should that women both young and old voted for the oreo because he was a 1/2 black JFK who like Clinton wasn't satisfied with just their wives..All you had to see was Striesand,Sarandon,Sheehan and a host of other white and black stars kissing his ass.

  10. Go Newt!

    Romney has changed positions more than an insomniac with restless leg syndrome.

    If Gingrich keeps rolling, the 2012 contest will be Gingrich-West versus Clinton-Manchin. The Dems, fearing the loss of both the White House and the Senate, will eventually persuade Obama to “spend more time with his family.” Barry and Valerie Jarrett will put up a fight, but saner Democrat heads will prevail.

  11. Listen, countrymen, we’d better stop the infighting and select ONE
    candidate that can whop Obummer. Newt looks pretty good – at least
    he has the moxy to speak the truth about this friggin usurper. I hate
    listening to the doomers about martial law. If it happens, we fight! I’m
    a former Marine & oathtaker – no where did I pledge to go against the
    American people, and neither did my brothers in uniform. Let’s get behind
    a candidate who can whip The Resident, and back him or her 100%.

  12. Warrior Princess says:

    This is so frustrating. I can’t believe Newt isolated Obama’s actions to Chicago. Obama uses Alinski’s rules for radicals constantly against American citizens. He literally uses all of the rules. Ridicule is the most potent weapon: He ridicules birthers and anyone who says anything against him. :Make them think you are bigger than what you are: He does this every chance he gets. If no one challenges him, he wins. He does this so frequently we can not catch up on the back log. He blows things way out of proportion and does it with an air which is often unchallenged. Whenever possible, use their own rules against them because people usually don’t have a chance of standing up to the standard: Racial profiling is a prime example. If we are against the illegal immigrant invasion, we are acused of racial profiling. The same with religious freedom this country expressed until he got in office. Whenever possible use terms like freedom, peace, etc.: He does this while he removes our freedoms. Methods for the have nots to take from the haves: Take taxes from the rich, back undocumented Mexicans and give them amnesty. The world as it is in contrast to the world as “it should be”. Barack and Michelle both use that lingo. Even Saul Alinski’s son said he was very pleased to see the Obama adminsitration use his father’s tactic.. Obama has made our country into a war zone by dropping chaos bombs everywhere. If more people could be aware of what is happening, there could be an understanding and enlightenment to counteract all of the Obama/Alinski tactics.

  13. commontheme says:

    the media continues to provide a fair amount of cover for Obama. it's complete irony and hypocrisy that those who clamor the loudest for fairness and equality are also the same ones who attempt to game the system and fight against equal treatment under the rule of law for everyone, no matter position or status.

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