Georgia Eligibility Decision Based On Legal Blunders

barack obama9483 Georgia Eligibility Decision Based On Legal Blunders

Though Georgia Administrative Judge Michael Malihi claimed to have issued a decision based upon “the law as well as the evidence,” we now know he made proper use of neither. For the Judge had no evidence in the Court record upon which to base his assertion of “fact” that Obama “was born in the United States.” And the Indiana Appeals Court decision to which Judge Malihi looked for his ONLY guidance made a thoroughly incorrect interpretation of existing case law.

In short, Judge Malihi’s decision wouldn’t pass muster in a first year law school classroom.

“The court can only rest its finding of fact on evidence that is part of the court record.” This is a rule of evidence of the superior court as stated by Attorney Mario Apuzzo.  Yet only plaintiff’s evidence was contained in Malihi’s Court record and the Judge concluded that their claims were “not persuasive.”  As Apuzzo puts it, “surely the court did not use those “insufficient” documents as evidence of Obama’s place of birth.”

So how exactly was Judge Malihi permitted, in a proper legal manner, to state in his decision “the following facts are considered: 1) Mr. Obama was born in the United States…”?

But just as disturbing as basing “fact” on evidence he didn’t have is the Judge’s choice of an incorrectly reasoned and decided Indiana case as the basis of his decision.

As in the case before Malihi, the 2009 Indiana case “Ankeny v Governor” involved a suit by plaintiffs who claimed Obama did not meet the Article ll, “natural born citizen” requirement of the United States Constitution.

Although there is no definition of “natural born citizen” in the Constitution, there is a  Supreme Court case in which the term “natural born citizen” is clearly defined.

Writing for the unanimous majority in the 1875 SC case Minor v Happersett, Chief Justice Waite stated:

At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.

Minor goes on to state:

Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.

So Minor made it clear that “natural born citizens” are born in the United States to parents who are US citizens. And those born in the US to parents who may not be citizens, may or may not be citizens themselves. Note there is NO question of “natural born” status in this second example, but merely citizenship.

However, the Ankeny Court decided that Minor did not really define “whether a person who is born within the United States of alien parents is considered a natural born citizen,” claiming that the SC “left the issue open.”

The Indiana Court then went on to conflate Article ll of the Constitution with the 14th Amendment which states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…”

“The United States Supreme Court has read these two provisions in tandem…” states the Ankeny Court with a total lack of evidence for its claim.  It then makes the INCREDIBLE leap that although the language contained in Article ll and the 14th Amendment is completely different and although the 14th Amendment doesn’t speak of “natural born” citizens at all,  the Supreme Court has somehow decided that anyone born in the United States is a “natural born citizen.”

It is this nonsensical bit of legal legerdemain upon which Judge Malihi relies in deciding Barack Obama is qualified to be on the Georgia ballot, writing “as discussed in Arkeny, [sic] he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”

But these represent only a couple of the remarkable errors made by Judge Malihi in his Obama Decision. Coach is Right will present others over the next few days, along with the progress of appeals this decision is guaranteed to evoke.

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  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    The SOB is not a citizen the court covered for him.

    • ALL AMERICAN says:

      Im so sick of this shizzo.

    • Pamela Harper says:

      Sean, I feel as though when O is out of office, no matter whether it's this year or, God forbid, next election, we'll find out the real truth about him. People will eventually spill the beans little by little. I've always heard that 2 people can keep a secret as long as one of them is dead.


  3. A lot of those legal blunders were the fault of Orly Taitz. She has made blunder after blunder, and the question has been asked why she has to stick her nose in every event that arises questioning the citizenship of BHO. Who put HER in charge of it all? She has even made some very disparaging remarks about Sheriff Joe and his posse, and the reasons seem to be that she was not involved. An interesting thing also is that she claims they are using information she provided and that's not true at all. The Sheriff has been in law enforcement for 51 years, I think he has every right to run an investigation as he sees fit. And we all know that these investigations take time. She has caused such angst for him and his people that they have changed the conference they were going to have from a large event, to a much smaller one, invited guests only.

    • She seems to make those of us who really think there is something sinister about BHO and the birth certificate, look like we are a bunch of foil hat wearing freaks running around like loons.
      IF you are full of good intentions Orly, back off. You cost us a lot In GA. There were two cases to be heard before Judge Malihi already before you had to go filing your case, and then do stupid things like download an illegal subpopena? Just do your work quietly Orly, let the Sheriff do his work, and lets see if we can't come up with some good information. The way you are handling this would almost make a person wonder if you weren't out to sabotage the entire thing.

      • Oh please……Ovomit the communist muslim doesn't deserve to be the leader of the free world. You tell me how he supposedly graduated from Harvard when my husband and his two brothers graduated between 1983 and 1996 and we have all the yearbooks without Ovomits photo or any indication he was a student. Also, we have all the Law Reviews and there is no indication he contributed jack squat!!!

      • Noble Owney says:

        Judy, you can address Orly directly at

        • Thanks Noble, I already sent her a note. I did not mean to downgrade her, but if you look at every case, she has made some very BIG blunders in simple case law. The subpoena for instance was a mistake that someone with really limited legal experience would have made. The other 2 attorneys left the courtroom when she presented her case so as not to be associated with her. IT was ugly, and that's awful because it was so important. I just wrote and asked her to not try to be a part of the Sheriff's case, that I don't think she has standing, and this is a police matter. IF she is trying to help, she might be able to contribute a lot more by doing research rather than trying to be Clarence Darrow.

      • A good question and thought. I have talked on the phone with Orly and she just does not have the legal power for this fight. She is simply over her head and this ruling will prove devastating to all other cases unless it can be quickly over turned.

    • She subpoenaed Sheriff Joe too. And the did not show up either. Wondering how that should play out? But to what end? Trying to force evidence from Joe? What was she thinking? Stupid move that hurt Joe's case I am sure.

      • She downloaded a subpoena from the GA website that was not legal for that case. You or I could have done the same thing, but I think we would have asked if we weren't sure it was correct.. I question everything she does now…including her motives. (Note to those giving me the thumbs down…folks, there is too much at stake to NOT QUESTION someone who has screwed up EVERY case she has worked on about this. Come on, it isn't rocket science, it's law. The law is very specific, procedure is what you learn in law school….screwing up things like not getting your expert witnesses approved is second year law school dropout stupid. Judges are HUGE on procedure……do it right or don't do it. And hel;ls bells don't be such an egotist that you don't ask for help.

        • I was a great defender of Orly. But I tried to tell her simple mistakes even I could see she was making years ago. I saw really good info and suggestions on her web site that was not used. Good men are in jail because of the screw ups. And yes…I am beginning to question her motives myself and I truly hate to say that. I am afraid if Orly is the best we are going to get we are in trouble unless a dream team somehow gets involved in this. I have the greatest respect for Orly and truly wish her well…but she needs help. This is just to much for her.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I agree with you Judy. All anyone has to do is watch the footage from the case in GA. She was all over the place. I have no doubt Ms. Taitz is passionate about this. I'm not questioning if she is right or wrong in her stance. But like you, I too see her over "aggressiveness" being her downfall.
      I personally believe her credibility started to decline when she found a fake Kenyan Birth Certificate on the internet and tried to pass it for authentic. She took it at face value and didn't research it.
      I stated this very same thing before. I too got thumbs down. I equate this to people not understanding constructive criticism. They seem to believe we should all be of one opinion, but who's opinion should it be?
      The legality of obammy being of such a sensitive situation as it is, we can't afford to have someone blundering about as she does.

      • I understand what you are saying, however, the other two attorneys that went before Orly were more experienced and still were unsuccessful. Bottom line is there is something far more widespread and sinister than we know off. It doesn't seem to matter who is suing, filing charges, or filing complaints. When it comes to Obama, NO ONE IS GOING TO LISTEN. Considering the fact that Obama and his attorney gave no thought to consequences of not showing up for court, that right there tells me he knows he is above the law. And from the ruling, WE HAVE A DICTATOR, ladies and gentlemen. How do you like him now??

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          No doubt I agree that there's a cover up for obammy. Cases will fail against him even if his own mother said he was born in Kenya.
          My comment was more directed at the way Ms. Taitz handles her cases. In her GA case, she even was forgetting to swear in the witnesses. This doesn't look good.
          What I don't understand, there were three cases. Out of the three, one should have taken a default judgment. At least there could have been one win, if this was possible.

      • She has has stated that her interest is in protecting America so it does not turn into the places she comes from. She hates socialism and Communism. She is extremely passionate. Passion is a good thing from a pulpit but not in a court room. "Explaining" things in common sense language does not work on a judge. They are trained to NOT be impassioned. They rule on what is presented and the legality legitimacy of the presentments. I read in the ruling that the court did not accept her "experts" as experts. This was a HUGE mistake. Well…she has tried and has done more than anyone else in the attempt so for that she deserves much cudo and respect. Hell…just becoming a dentist is no small feat!

        However…there is no winning with a corrupt DOJ!!!! Go to orly web page for the best info on her and where she is at on all this.

  4. Mil62Patriot says:

    What do you expect from a liberial judge. One of three things happened here: 1). He and his family were threatened, if so, he should have gone to the authorities, 2.) He was bought, or 3). Holder had dirt on this man to ruin his career.

  5. Let's get another lawyer in there to argue the case. I have not been impressed with Orly at all.

    • Carol….just what have YOU done to help in exposing this travisty of the imposter-in-chief? You may not be all that impressed with Orly, but she has kept "nipping at the heels" of this issue and kept it in the minds of the people. In reality she did prove Obomination guilty by causing the response from him that she did. I would personally love to see her and Sheriff Joe march into the White House and handcuff the imposter.

  6. This has to be investigated and either a new trial or appeal filed. I feel sorry for Orly but she just can't get her ducks in a row. If the "experts" were not accepted by the court as experts before the testimony this was simply a legal loop hole. She is going in the right direction but does not have the power of a truly great legal team. Bummer.

  7. jsatmary786 says:

    How about his obvious snub to the court. What if any of us had done same?

  8. evermyrtle says:

    It ain't over til it's over and I hope it is far from over. I am depending on GOD and Sheriff Joe and anyone else who can assist, to intercede for GOD'S people. Conservatives, we must pray for this horrible thing to be corrected for Free America. It is possible only through GOD. We are facing great evil from Satan and his followers

    • So if god is coming back to fix everything…where has he been anyways? What is it that you ask of god to do? And what is it that you think the devil is doing in all this? God worked 6 days and then left the Universe. You and all of us are on our own to fix this…just like people have always been.

      • evermyrtle says:

        GOD will not ask you or me when it is time for anything. It belongs to GOD to handle as HE
        choses, HE gave us the right to chose for ourselves, too. If HE was hanging around ready to grab use when we made a mistake, we would not be having a choice. HE would be dictator, which HE is not, HE IS GOD, THE CREATOR WITH THE RIGHT TO MAKE ALL THE RULES FOR ALL OF HIS CREATIONS.We may not understand it, we may not like it, but that is the way it is.He is overseeing us to keep us from destroying each other, and HE will be back at the exact perfect time.

        • Typical Judao clap trap. God is all and everything and does everything and knows everything and on and on and on. There is not ONE sign of god anywhere any place any time. It is a stupid invention of man to control man. Sure ancient man invented gods out of fear and awe to explain everything they did not understand. But man does not need this silly game any more. And we really don't need to fall into these ridiculous my god is better than your god wars. The only place that god exists is in the superstitious uneducated mind of men. Your own statement is ridiculous…he is stopping us from killing each other and will be back one day? So is he is not here how is he stopping anyone from doing anything? And if I were god I think I would be protecting kids from rape…but that goes on everyday. Do you Christian idiots ever listen to yourself? If you did you would understand why so many are turning away from god and Christians. You're all crazy![youtube wV1lZMTCqf8&feature=related youtube]

  9. I was born in Georgia, and am 75 years old. Either somebody
    paid this fool, or threatened him. Surely it has to be one or the
    other. I would hate to think he is a stupid fool, that should have
    stayed on the farm.

  10. Barry will finish his term and there will be no impeachment/removal etc.
    He is shielded by the D.C. Mafia and International bankers to completely. There is not one judge in this country that has the intestinal fortitude to carry out the law. ALL these judges know that if they do so, there will be very unpleasant consequences that they will have to deal with …. no matter how long it takes, they will be made to pay.

    • I worked for over 35 years for a company and was getting close to retirement age. I participated in a whistle blowing and was treated like dirt for another 4 years, getting the worst assignments, working 13 days with one day off every 2 weeks, getting the most physically demanding jobs in my late 50's, being sent to out-of-town jobs for sometimes 2 weeks, living out of a suitcase, threatened with termination if I got sick, working three 21 hour days in a row. I would not give them the satisfaction of quitting. They finally gave me an early retirement when they heard I had contacted a lawyer (A HUNGRY BEAST LAWYER).

      This is probably what Michael Malihi was looking at. Either that or he is bought and paid for. Or he is a plant.

      • I kept a log of everything and told my wife, if I died, sue them for so much, you will own the company. Then fire them all.

  11. Beachsnake says:

    Since there was no one in the courtroom to refute the evidence, I still don't know how he justified ruling him elBeachsnakwigible for the ballot. I know if I was being sued and brought nothing to the courtroom to refute the presentation, the judge would find in favor of the plantiff. Am I wrong or did our judge lose his backbone somewhere along the way?

  12. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    Judge Malihi is a Muslim. What did you expect!?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    Judge Michael Malihi is an Iranian Muslim, whose parents live in, where else? Massachusetts near the Kennedys.In a recently found obituary. Hassan Malihi Of Boston, January 4th. Beloved husband of Talat (Talieh). Father of Ladan Khamsi of Brookline, Ali and Reza Malihi, both of Washington D.C. and Mahmood Malihi of Boston. Father in-law of Farhad Khamsi of Brookline. Grandfather of Roxanne and Dorna Khamsi, both of Brookline. Brother of Effat Taghavi and Najmeddin Malihi, both of Iran. Also survived by several nieces and nephews. Graveside committal services will be held at Newton Cemetery on Thursday, January 9. Relatives and friends invited to attend a memorial service at Le Meridian Hotel in Boston, Saturday January 11 from 3:30-5:30pm. Dockray & Thomas Funeral Home 781-828-0811. Son Mahmood, with date of birth of 14 Apr 1959. Michael M. Malihi’s date of birth in public records is 6 Aug 1959. More than likely then, Michael is one of those several nephews mentioned in Hassan’s obituary. I would still bet there is a name change involved.

  14. If Obama is the son of either George Marshall Davis, drinking Buddy of his mothers father, or the illegitimate son of Ann's father and his black mistress, as rumors are telling, then panned off as Ann's child with Obama Sr., then I can see a "private visit from an Obama emissary" to Judge Malihi, explaining the situation, and the judge agreeing that there is nothing gained in exposing the president as the bastard child he is.
    That would also make sens out of the many other failures by legal authorities to get involved in this dispute.

    A DNA test, say from a finger print from anything Obama touched, could settle the dispute

    • Little Pat says:

      I have read that O's father is Malcolm X and mother is woman named Jo Ann Newman. Check it out on Google and see what you think.

  15. It's perfectly clear that the judge was either blackmailed, threatened, or bribed . . or all 3. It makes me want to throw up!

    • I think the same thing. I think the judge knew to begin with that he wouldn't rule on him being illegal. He wanted them to pay him off. That's why Obama didn't show up, he knew what was going to happen. It makes me sick too. He is the only President, that I can think of that has gotten by with everything he wants to do, that's crooked, and does what ever he wants to do. He makes me sick.

    • how about just corrupt! Make no erxcuses please

  16. florida sun says:


    • Hopefully we will be able to vote him out—he apparently has the power to declare himself indispensable and change the rules–who's going to stop him from being
      in office forever!!!

  17. If Obama is the son of either George Marshall Davis, drinking Buddy of his mothers father, or the illegitimate son of Ann's father and his black mistress, as rumors are telling, then panned off as Ann's child with Obama Sr., then I can see a "private visit from an Obama emissary" to Judge Malihi, explaining the situation, and the judge agreeing that there is nothing gained in exposing the president as the bastard child he is.

    • Pamela Harper says:

      knowsit….this brings to mind, another judge, can't remember where he was from or how long ago it was, but he stated, after looking at O's papers, that he would not go any further w/it because of the embarrassment it would cause Obama. The real deal is, we don't know if Obama, Sr. really was his dad. He could belong to ANYBODY, even an American man. Could you imagine that Obama LIED when he said that Obama, Sr. was his dad?! Can you believe that this POS lied to us AGAIN?! :>(

  18. We CAN NOT forget who helped put Obama in power and supports him.
    I think if we want to have any chance in restoring this once great country and have a great leader; we must look beyond just Obama to what is behind all the chaos, corruption and media bias. That would be people like George Soros and the many others that hide in the shadows, who pull the strings and throw billions of dollars to those who are in the eye of the public to keep their agenda on track.

    Mohammed Ali as a boxer use to say, “kill the head and the body will die”. Same thing in this case. Stop the money trail with Soros, and we will have a fair fight.

    Soros has collapsed 5 other countries currency and has stated in no direct way that he would like that to happen to the U.S. dollar.

    Soros and the others manipulate the entire media and political system to speed up their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. They MUST BE CRUSHED and CONTAINED if we have any chance! Once contained the puppets like Obama will fall then there must be constant monitoring of them so this can not get out of hand again. This makes complete sense!

  19. Ok where isa Obama papers and his S.S. card show prove Ok. Where is it Judge? You are FIRE'ed Ok SUCKER.


  21. hell with Obama I hate his look and the way he talks is so Shit.

  22. well i guess georgia was just a joke. obviously obamas' people got to judge malihi before his decsion… the judge now looks ridiculous and his rulings questionable. and obama should still be considered a fraud in the wh..

  23. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Beachsnake……… Malihi never had a backbone from the beginning. You could tell he was going through the motions. Most people watch the witnesses and the lawyers, I watch the judge. What he says and what he does from the moment he sits down. From the look in his eyes, to the posture of his body, to the tone in his voice and how he reacts to each lawyer. He sat there like this was all a waste of time for him. It looked like he was so uninterested he could fall asleep. Its pretty sad when your in a job you hate and stay just for the money. I lost my faith in JUDGES a long time ago!

  24. POedoleman says:

    Judges are lawyers with brown noses. It is who you know and have done favors for that create the upward mobility of the judicial system near life forms. An ape stands a better chance of becoming a human being.
    Malihi played his hand knowing he had the winning cards. It was a setup from the start. He had made his ruling in his heart even before he saw the evidence which he willingly ignored. I only wish that I were young enough to take part in the upcoming revolution. Think it isn't coming? Dream on O foolish heart.

  25. Edwardkoziol says:

    All this was set up by that muslim in our White House,he had Holder the other camel jockey go to Georgia and tell this judge to make it look like he was really going to consider keeping the annoited one off the ballots.When the good people thought they would get justice he had the muslim judge kick the people in the teeth,the same way he helped in the death of Brian Terry .

  26. brad wargin says:

    The FIX has been in on this UNKNOWN USURPER! FDR said two very interesting things, 1. "NOTHING ever happens in politics by ACCIDENT!" 2. "Presidents are NOT elected but SELECTED!" This USURPER ODUMBA/SOETORO has been SELECTED, and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it until those that selected this JERK-OFF decides THEY are done with him! WAKE UP and smell the coffee! VOTING is a CONTROLLED SHAM, like Goerbels said, "I don't care WHO votes, but who COUNTS the votes!" I say BURN your voter registration slave card, let the illegal aliens, the want everything given to them BLACKS and the QUEERS vote and complete the job ODUMBA/SOETORO was SELECTED TO DO, DESTROY America and turn IT into the U.S.S.A., then after that happens MAYBE the rest of us will find our BALLS and REALLY do something about those that have for years USURPED the Constitution! The penalty for USURPING the CONSTITUTION is DEATH!

    • Either you are a liberal in conservative clothing, or you're not thinking clearly. WE HAVE TO VOTE; IF WE DON'T, WE'RE JUST HANDING OBAMA THE ELECTION. If he wins by too many votes, he's going to assume that he has a clear mandate to continue destroying the country.

  27. Most Rev. Gregori says:

    My advice to all American citizens: Take what little money you have left and go out and buy yourselves and each of your family members a BAG OF SAND and a large jar of VASELINE you are going to need it..

    The Courts, Congress and the Executive branch has made it perfectly clear, they are above the Law and Obama WILL NOT be going any where, so bend over and grab your knees, it is going to be a long rough ride.

    • I am waiting for a voter freeze. A National emergency will stop it and we have 5 going now. BO can freeze the government if he wants. And the army will protect him. Hows that for dome day advocating.

  28. Has anyone considered that those who oppose O and then turn around quickly have had their lives or the lives of their families threatened? O and his puppeteers are DEADLY serious about controlling this country and will stop at nothing. I also believe that they will start a war or some kind of internal violence so the O can declare martial law and take over. Why doesn't the Military or the Republicans arrest him? What is up with the Supreme Court? Are they all in this together?

    • I totally agree with your assessement. It also occurred to me that someone bought off this judge.

    • I do not know if the judge "sold-out" or was "threatened-out"……but he is a disgrace to the bench. He is a disgrace to Georgia and the Constitution of the country and the state he represents.
      I also did not know as some say here that he is a muslim.
      He had no proof that Obama was eligible and had lots of proof that he isn't.
      I had so much hope in him…………….prayed for his safety and all. Now I hope he gets hit by a bus……
      HE SOLD OUT. HE WIMPED OUT. It is all the same.
      I agree with the marshall law comment. That is how he will finally take over if nothing else works.

  29. VirgoVince says:

    Seems to be a lot of 'legal blunders' going around these days!! WE have to wonder if ANY of our lawyers, judges, courts and politicians are competent??
    WE need some serious garbage removal, at ALL levels!!


  31. sandykramer says:

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
    Thomas Jefferson

  32. Face it folks nothing will ever be done to any of these American traitors. They have unlimitless resources to fight.
    They will always win.Judges are easilly bought with enough money and favors.

    • And coercion – all of which this POTUS and AG Holder are capable of doing – look at their track record including suing states for wanting the Constitution upheld, refusing to prosecute the Black Panthers, ACORN, and refusing to disclose all documents to the investigation of Fast and Furious, as well as Solyndra, etc. Look at how this POTUS browbeat the Blue Dog Dems into signing on for OWEbamacare – promise them anything, but give them Arpege really applies. Several lost their careers over that promise including Bart Stupak. We MUST rid the WH and the Congress of all incompetence, as well as those who REFUSE to obey their oath to uphold the Constitution.

  33. R. M. Lamb says:

    Interesting that almost immediately after Judge Malihi ruled that Obama was born in Hawaii, a permit for the first nuclear plant in 20 years was issued in Georgia. Are these two things connected? An administration that has done everything in it's power to quash sources of energy that would make America independent- -that supports the Green whinnies who are SCARRED TO DEATH OF EVERYTHING–especially nuclear power–all of the SUDDEN issues a permit for a nuclear plant in a state that a judge just declared OBAMA, contrary to all evidence presented, able to legally be on the ballot!!!!!

  34. Just remember all: Congress has done their job and keeps doing it……it's the Senate that needs to start going to work and get issues passed instead of sitting on them….Let's start with Harry Reid…..

  35. What investigation into document authenticity? Contempt, refusal to defend and Doubts should have led to different and not so quick ruling. Pay off OR threat?
    To state that an Anchor Baby is elligible to be POTUS is disgracefully ignorant.
    Next, any non-citizen will be determined elligible – or has that already occurred?

  36. obama will be gone soon. The Supreme court will decide that he was not born in the US. obama and the rest of the far left democraps will all be gone after the election in November. The trash in the White House will be gone and the country will get back on its feet and there will be jobs………..

  37. obama and all of his czars will be gone. All true Americans will vote them all out.

  38. All the media who protected that idiot in the White House will be in the dumps after the elections this year. At least Fox and Rush tell it like it is in this country that obama is trying to take it down. What goes around comes around for all of the leftest morans in this country. Go live accross the ocean, we don't want you here at all.

  39. With leadership like Reid in the Senate and Boehner in the House and judges from the USSC on down making laws and ignoring the Constitution this nation is doomed. It's just a matter of time before we kiss our nation good bye. What a shame it turns out like this with no one in power caring about anything
    except their own power and wealth.

  40. Decision had nothing to do with the law. The judge knew better than to try to keep Obama off the ballot in the only Federal Election. Atlanta is the black capital of the U.S.. so there was never any serious doubt that he would remain on the ballot. The judge placed himself in very serious jeopardy by being so naive, or foolhardy.

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