George Soros’ Money Could Tip Elections in All 50 States

Michael Oberndorf,

A little-noticed story in The Washington Times last week should scare the heck out of real Americans. George Soros, whose name should now be pretty familiar to most conservatives, is involved in a far-Left scheme to elect Secretaries of State, gaining control of each state’s election machinery and thus, be in a position to influence the outcome of local, state, and national elections.

As many have learned, Soros is an unrepentant, apparently sociopathic fascist, who got his training from the Nazis during WWII, confiscating the property of fellow Jews who had been shipped off to the death camps. He is the man who made billions manipulating currencies and wrecking the Malaysian and British economies. Soros is a major source of money behind a number of radical leftist outfits, like, the Center for American Progress, the now-defunct but reorganizing ACORN, Apollo Alliance, the National Council of La Raza, the Tides Foundation, The Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Sojourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and has participated in the Bilderberg Group.

The group in question here is the Secretaries of State Project (SSOP), formed in 2006, supposedly to “to stop Republicans from ‘manipulating’ election results.” Over the years, it has become clear that when the Left accuses conservatives or Republicans of something, it is a sleight of hand move to cover up the fact that it is the very thing it is doing.

They have been far too successful with this strategy, having won 11 of 18 elections, including….

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  1. michael says:

    Why doesn't someone wack this liberal asshole? If he wants to change the world, I want to see him dead and buried.

    • Americans have got to organize, and create a new economic system within it's borders so when George Soro's collapses the economies of the world, we will just move into our own plan. We might be poor, but we will be free and he will have a stroke when he becomes enraged ! If we have a plan we will not freak out. We need them to freak out. Let's play their game. Let's plan. Start with family and work outward. Relax Michael

      • So what's the plan?

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        You told Michael to “relax”. No, none of us should “RELAX”, for it is time to get “UNRELAXED” and start the business of taking these freaks, and enemies out of their comfort zones. Too many Americans are relaxed, which is what got us into this mess to begin with. To relax and let it ride is what will bring us all the way down. It is the Fire of Freedom, the Energy of Revolution, whatever that may be, and in whatever form it comes in, that will be our Saving Grace!! Hard work, and no rest until the bastards who are murdering America are either gone from our borders and shores, or in a prison so deep that escape is never going to be possible for them! It is going to take every one of us who still love our country, and want her back in the hands of an AMERICAN BORN PRESIDENT, one who truly cares for her, and will WORK to regain the glory and power that she once had. Instead of the world wide laughter that is now our reputation!!!!!! We are not the Super Power we once were, no one takes us seriously anymore, thanks to this bunch of traitors and enemies who sit there and literally GIVE AWAY OUR AMERICA TO EVERY ENEMY ON EARTH!!!!! It will be American Patriots who are not content with the status quo, who will take our country from these wicked and dirty muslime enemies, not the content and relaxed ones who accept each and every word that falls from those lying, purple and evil lips that flap constantly, in derision of us and our country! You know he/IT is lying when those lips move!!! When we take America back from our enemies, those who sit illegally in Washington, it will be then, and only then, that we can relax! At this point, I would find it almost impossible to do so. How could anyone relax, when such evil is being perpetrated in those halls of “justice”? Justice? The last time I saw true justice was ……..WHEN? Since then, I have been on pins and needles. Justice to me would be to see this half breed and his ugly America HATING wife on a boat to anywhere except the shores of my country! Along with the rest of this filthy disease called muslimes! And a bomb twice or bigger than the ones that hit Nagasaki and Hiroshima wiping out every muslime country on the map! islime and muslimes are a disease on humanity, and have been since this satanic “religion” was concieved by their “prophet” who was a pervert himself. A perverted murderer, who spawned a world of perverts. Perverts and murderers. Our “friend” Saudi Arabia is the worst hotbed of perverts ever, the wahabi sect of islime. And, we are “in bed” with them, for oil…………we do not need their filty oil. My father used to say “let them eat their oil”, and I agree with him!!!! If they had to eat the stuff, pretty soon, they’d be sick of it. Eat it or shove it, either way, stop playing footsies with these heathens and get out of bed with them. And never relax until we are “MUSLIME FREE”!!!!! Remember, and never forget SEPTEMBER 11, 2001! Most of those murdering bastards were FROM SAUDI ARABIA!!! I will relax when that happens, when we are MUSLIME FREE IN AMERICA!!!! Freedom of religion does not mean that one can kill/murder, those who do not agree with your chosen “religion”. It means that YOU ARE FREE PERSONALLY TO WORSHIP AS YOU CHOOSE, NOT TO FORCE EVERYONE TO DO SO!!!! No, I am not relaxed. There is still old Purple Lips to contend with. And no end in sight as of yet, no end to his agenda of bringing down my America from within our own supposed to be “WHITE” House!!!! He is a dirty and filthy stain upon our nation’s reputation, the worst kind of stain!!! When he and his fellow filth are removed from America, I will then relax.

    • sounds like time to call in the USNavy Seals…

      • joycemarie says:

        I think we need to be working on a plan to get our OWN MILITARY FORCES BACK HERE TO PROTECT US!!
        Obama has spread them all over the globe & has kept up the pretense that we need to be there to protect our oil interests!! Now he has encouraged the Arab nations to go to war with one another & we should NEVER ALLOW HIM TO DRAG OUR TROOPS INTO THAT!! Ou r military is waking up & do NOT feel we should be there, but in America where the Obama regime is trying to take over. He has brought in UN troops & installed them into underground military bases around the nation. The bases are 30 levels down, stocked with weapons, chemical/biological agents &living quarters. This is outrageous! And, our troops are coming back & testifying that we SHOULD NOT BE THERE!! I believe our troops are

        • joycemarie says:

          Cont’d~ I think we SHOULD be working on a plan to get our OWN MILITARY FORCES HOME TO PROTECT US ~ Does anyone else agree?? I know it would mean going rogue, but the man is illegal for cripes sake!! Never should he be allowed to send OUR TROOPS ANY WHERE HE WANTS 1. To get them killed & 2. To leave America vulnerable & unprotected…
          There is a possible solution. It’s called “county grand jury dot com. Please look at this site!! It’s pretty darn amazing, but been kept from us. There are chapters in every state. Ordinary citizens can file for a grand jury hearing on ANY CRIME. Our Congress isn’t doing anything because they’re in on it. There are high-ranking military officers filing claims and in the past year Congress has received 2.5MILLION PETITIONS FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!
          WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THIS OURSELVES ~ to take our country back from this fascist regime.


    • Jim…I sincerely agree w/ your philosophy…but please do not leave his "BAT-EARED PUPPET" out….surely we can find a hole big enough to accommodate both…….The clear winner will be the United States…..

  3. pleadnthe5th says:

    I have always felt like there will be a special place in hell for this man, his day is coming and coming soon.

  4. Soros is the spawn of satan, money is the root of all that is evil. He is 80 plus years of age and will live to be a hundred. If and when he passes don’t lay him down, Mother Earth will spit him out.

    • Most people are in their rocking chair taking it easy. What is wrong with this Soros fool, does he want to live forever?


  6. He is one sick person. He dates young girls. Glen Beck was making fun of him on one of his shows. We need to get every law we can passed to protect our elections. Last year he threatened obama if he couldn't get the job done he would find somebody else so we know obamas motivation. We need to get on the move to defeat this gosh awful bunch.

  7. Every time i see soros or obutthead i want to VOMIT. Both SICKOs.
    why hasnt Soros been hunted down like a dog??……….every dog has its day……..soros' day is coming sooner than he thinks!! if he died tonite from natural causes, it wouldnt be soon enough for the FREE WORLD.

  8. Dennis Prather says:

    He should be imprisoned for war crimes along with the greatest deceit to the USA with the fraud Obama, his wife , Biden, Pelosi and the rest of the pieces of crap that are robbing us and this country.

  9. SEAN MURRY says:

    Soros needs a big dirt nap too bad they cant arrest the SOB.

  10. How long can this miserable excuse for a human survive on this earth? We must question are own affiliation with this animal of destruction. Does he have friends in high places.? Has his money bought off the top people? Is our Congress taking notice of this mans actions, along with the others in our government. Will we wake up one day in the near future and read the Rebs and Cons. have rid this country of the snakes and Marxists socialists in this USA. Has old George promised them a first class underground home for survival if they sell their sousl to him?I hope I am able to laugh at this pack of snakes as they go down in defeat. Georgie your money and power will be nothing but a pile of donkey dung.

  11. I think it’s past time for Soros to be done away with. Him and all of his liberal followers.

  12. I have always said FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL and you will find the THEIVES and CORRUPTION.

  13. I'm just amazed with all the devious and criminal acts this son of a bitch has done all over the world, how he has made it this far without being imprisioned or worse.

  14. This guy is the epitomie of evil!!!

    I would not mind one bid, if he slumps over, and dies at this moment, couldn't happen to a more evil guy.

  15. Nancy Miner says:


  16. Judith Sims says:

    This man has sold his soul to the devil….. He will pay in the end, especially when he meets his maker……

  17. Marcia Simpson-James says:

    I struggled to believe that this Protocol of Zionist Elders was true, now I know this jewish conpspiracy is in full action. All decent Christians need to get serious and begin to pull together. Europe and America are Christian by definition and fact. No other religion will overcome that fact. No jew and no muslim will beat a Christian.

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