Gender Benders Attack Homecoming Norms

Photo credit: tedeytan (Creative Commons)

In a trend that has escalated dramatically in recent years, sexual deviants in high school continue to seek titles that do not match their gender identity.

This phenomena is especially evident near homecoming, when students traditionally elect “kings” and “queens” to represent the school. As with any tradition, however, a portion of those involved seek to redefine the process.

For example, a California teen was recently nominated as homecoming princess despite the obvious fact he is a male. In response to a social media campaign, many of Raul Arzate’s classmates joined in the effort to select him for the homecoming court.

“It’s about bending traditional gender roles,” he suggested, a sentiment rarely — if ever — used to describe the homecoming dance.

He has received support from many students and faculty at Blair High School, including from the principal. Trudell Skinner prominently displays a poster with a picture of a rainbow — the symbol most closely aligned with the homosexual community — on a wall near her office.

According to teacher Frances Nicholson, who also serves in the newfangled role of Gay Straight Alliance adviser, said the school has “a reputation for being accepting.” One wonders how accepted a social conservative student would be treated upon criticizing a boy’s attempt to be labeled a princess.

In the same vein, two lesbian students in Oregon were recently selected as homecoming “princess and princess.” According to Laurel Osborne and Sophia Schoenfeld, the students at Cleveland High School have been very supportive of their quest to uproot tradition.

Though they wanted to be named “queen and queen,” Schoenfeld said the win was “really cool” nonetheless.

Sexual perversion has certainly become a popular decision among younger and younger Americans in recent years, owing in large part to the comprehensive smear campaign being waged against those who speak out against it.

Unfortunately, due to the leftist indoctrination taking place within our public school system, students are tacitly learning any immoral behavior in which they choose to partake is perfectly acceptable. Instead of preparing the next generation to acknowledge boundaries, they are learning to pursue any desire they might have.

God created two distinct sexes for a reason and, while there will always be those who defy those roles, it should not be the public school’s job to encourage them to do so.

B. Christopher Agee 

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Photo credit: tedeytan (Creative Commons)

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