Gay Bullies Savagely Attack Christians At Pride Event

Gay Marriage SC Gay bullies savagely attack Christians at pride event

The homosexual left is one of the most outspoken groups within American culture today. Extremists routinely malign and disparage conservative Christians based merely on societal or religious disagreements. Still, almost everyone on the right understands it is the right of gay Americans to express their views and only expect the same consideration in return.

Unfortunately, the self-described tolerant left rarely lives up to its own hype.

At a recent gay pride festival in Seattle, Wash., two Christian preachers learned just how unwelcome dissenting thought can be within the homosexual community. The pair held signs bearing such phrases as “Jesus Saves From Sin,” and there is no report of any provocation on their part.

Video footage captured the unbelievable scene of a mob threatening, then beating, the Christian duo mercilessly. The incident began as a few participants tried to destroy the preachers’ signs and quickly escalated to a physical altercation. One of the peaceful protesters was pulled to the pavement where he was hit and kicked several times. The other took a hard blow to the back of the head.

Unashamed, Bible-believing Christians are mocked by popular culture and downright reviled by many gay activists. A message of love and concern is very often met by a verbal, or in this case, physical attack. Intimidation tactics and threats have been used to silence Christians since Jesus walked the earth, but America has been generally sheltered from such behavior in the past. As our cultural shift becomes more pronounced and the tiny percentage of gay citizens receive special consideration from our government, it is obvious that some feel emboldened enough to savagely beat two men in broad daylight. Unsurprisingly, our leftist media is notably reluctant to give this and similar stories any significant coverage.

America’s Christian roots are indeed deep, but they cannot withstand the constant assault of extreme leftism and malicious attacks from godless thugs like those who perpetrated this senseless act.


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Photo credit: Dave Schumaker (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's only a crime if christians attack fudge packers but if pillow biters attack christians that is okay in Holders DOJ dept.queers are a protected breed like the sea turtles.

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