Games People Play–Obama’s The #1 Game Player

Obama Social Security Chess Game SC Games People play  Obamas the #1 Game Player

Life is all a game to Obama. Like playing chess. The game is politics–above all else–at any cost.

Too often, he checkmates his opponents–the Republican leaders. He appears to have about all the cards–so far. But how much longer before his “House of Cards” falls? There are already cracks in his armor, just into his second term–the ones where he could ace out all the Republicans and be in complete control again as he was in the first two years of his first term. He bet on the Republicans folding over the sequestration, but they did not.

He bet that Benghazi’s mistakes would take little notice, as the Republicans would not pursue that, especially after he reportedly “stole” the 2012 election (by only 2.8%–large margin).

He bet they wouldn’t pursue the IRS scandal and the Dept. of Justice AP scandal. After all, he knew nothing about any of these scandals.  But now the liberal reporters are bristling. They are even asking questions (finally) about Benghazi, as it appears it will not go away. He loses the liberal media on his side, and he loses all.

He has bet that winding the war down in Afghanistan and bringing all the troops home at once in 2014 will ignite his base and be a part of his legacy–that he won the war (but with no forethought of how they will get jobs or even medical care, let alone the mess this leaves Afghanistan in.)

He’s bet  that the economy will turn around to make him look good, if they just tax the rich some more–yet we are facing even higher oil prices and possibly high inflation (and still high unemployment.)

He’s bet on amnesty for illegal aliens–11 million of them, and more and more will come then–buying votes in his bid to remake America (so he will have millions more indebted to him and to the liberals.)  He’s stopped deporting aliens and stopped the border fence.  However, Sen. Marco Rubio is working on a path to citizenship for these illegals.  Maybe someday, Hispanics and other illegals will realize that it is not the land of the free and that the Republicans represent their family values (and the liberals don’t really care for them, just for their votes.)

He’s bet that the liberal media will continue to cover up his scandals, his birthplace, and past. But the ‘chickens may come home to roost’ as the media are catching on now and may turn on him so that he could end up his second term either early–after impeachment– or be booted out at the end of his failed Presidency, going down as one of the worst and least experienced Presidents who tried to bring down America (the greatest nation there ever has been.)

All bets are off, Obama! We’ve come back from worse than what we’ve been experiencing today. It’s karma, and right will prevail!

The American Eagle will soar again!

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I don't think anything can happen that would make his cards fall down .He seems to come out smelling like a rose and those republicans can't make anything stick to him.For some reason Allah takes care of this bum.

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    Obama does not have all of the cards.
    Obama is playing with a bunch of cowards with no gonads.

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