‘Game’ Prompts Students To Reveal Personal Family Info

America’s public school system is one of the key components in the left’s mission to corrupt and indoctrinate the next generation. In addition to injecting bitterly partisan talking points into any lesson imaginable, teachers and administrators are becoming increasingly meddlesome in students’ personal lives.

One recent example of this troubling trend is found in the accounts of several students at Marinette Middle School in Wisconsin. According to a local media report, kids were coerced into playing the so-called “Cross the Line” game, during which they were prompted to reveal private information about themselves and their families.

The utterly inappropriate questions reportedly posed during the event included whether anyone in the student’s family has ever been incarcerated, and whether his or her parent’s drink alcohol.

One student elaborated on some of the questions related to her and her fellow students personally.

“She asked if you ever wanted to commit suicide to step forward,” the student explained, “and then after that she asked if you ever experienced or wanted to cut, to step forward.”

These students, by the way, are as young as 10; and the oldest among them are in eighth grade. The fact that such impressionable kids were pressured into sharing such private information in such a public setting has understandably outraged many of their parents.

One mother insisted that “this can’t happen again,” noting that, at the very least, the school should have provided them with the “benefit of the doubt of contacting us.”

Further insulting the parents, another parent claims school administrators “basically told us that all the students were lying – all the students got together and planned it out; and if they weren’t lying, it was all misperceptions.”

In response to the controversy, the school has decided to inform parents before another round of the outrageous game, which administrators reportedly said was meant to “build stronger, more respectful relationships among students.”

Considering the government’s undeniable intrusion into the lives of all Americans, one can understand why skeptical parents might feel the true motive is decidedly less noble.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Parents beware that today you must go to classrooms and find out what these liberal teachers are teaching your children. Today our education dept. is using the same tactics as Hitler to indoctrinate your children . Go to the schools when least expected and demand to find out what these liberal scumbags are teaching your children

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      This is true, a teacher told my 11 year nephew that we are lucky to have the UN in our Country and the Constitution at times should be ignore, this is the kind of crap these liberals are teaching our children and this Common Core is nothing then more then Common Crap, it is dumbing down our kids, I know because I have seen the homework my nephew has to do.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Then Linda it's time for your nephews parents to get together with other parents and go to the school demand to see the principal and the asswipe teacher and put some fear into them.Next attend the board of Education meeting and demand that a teacher who tells a child to ignore the constitution should be punished and screw the teachers union.i know this works cause my wife and I have been to see the principal when we thought our Child was told crap that wasn't true in history.

  2. This is wrong.. :( Let it happen at Amber's School and we will have their tails.. :( :(

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