Funny How Obama And Dems Are Always “Waiting To See,” Hearing About World Events “On The News,” And “Investigating”

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“The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.”  –Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

No, it’s not funny.

It’s dangerous.

And dishonest.

Even if we were ignorant, stupid, or just asleep, most of us couldn’t be stupid enough to believe that Obama and his cronies-in-charge are this unaware, this feckless, and this incompetent.

So when a civilian passenger jet was shot out of the skies in Eastern Ukraine and 298 innocents died, the general response from the American Left was admonishing us to “don’t jump to conclusions,” and they’re “waiting to hear.” Just what is it they are “waiting to hear?” Why are they constantly advising in stern tones that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions?

They’re not “waiting to hear.” They already know and are actively, purposely lying to us, the American people. And they’re using ‘their’ press to do it.

Most clear-headed people knew instantaneously that the Russians were behind this massacre–that is, if they didn’t outright do it. Go with your instincts, people.

And when Obama tells us with a straight face, supported by his paid-prevaricator minions like Carney, Scarf, and Psaki, that he “like most people, heard it on the news” regarding the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, or any of the other plethora of messes Obama’s controlled, I firmly believe we ‘get’ him. We understand he’s lying and has access to all the information but not telling us.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”  –Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)

Fortunately, the good news is that even Obama suitors Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, and (tellingly) Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are looking like deer caught in headlights over the constant and profound lies this President is telling. Their credibility is now shot as they scurry to reverse course and attack their former dear leader.

In conclusion, let me state something for the record here, without any further “investigation,” “waiting to hear,” or “jumping to conclusions” on my part:

When this President, or any of those who’ve attached their little red wagons to his ascent and reign, say that there’s an ongoing “investigation,” there’s no investigation going on whatsoever. When he tells us he’s “waiting for all the facts to come in,” he’s not waiting; he already knows. When he gives us any of those fuzzy, lame, and wicked equivocations he’s so good at, he’s not to be believed. Much less trusted.

When he tells us something, anything, we’ve become accustomed to believing the opposite of what he’s just told us. That works, we find.

Let me not equivocate here: that plane that was shot down in the Ukraine? It was shot down by Vladimir Putin, just as sure as I’m writing this now.

You remember Putin; he’s the former KGB killer who’s gotten the better of Obama since he first strolled into our Oval office. Putin is the ‘puppet-master’ of our President. He’s in complete and total control. Anyone remember Obama leaning over to Medvedev and saying “Tell Vladimir, I’ll have more flexibility after the election?” Hmmm …


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“When one with honeyed words but evil mind, persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” –Euripedes (480-406 BC)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Does anyone besides people like that fat slob Beckel or the pervert Maher believe he finds outthrough the press on what's happening in the world. If it's true then he shouldn't be impeached ,he should be jailed for deriliction of duty.I'll bet our Spook knows everything that is happening in Hollyweed since he practicaly lives there.Then again if you were married to the Grape Ape you'd live there too.

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