Full-Blown Media Cover-Up Of Hottest U.S. Story

Barack Obama speech 11 SC 300x199 Full Blown Media Cover Up of Hottest U.S. Story

Though Media Matters and other pro-Obama outlets such as the Democratic Underground are reacting in full mock-and-ridicule mode, WND’s report today – featuring video of a retired Illinois postman who claims former terrorist Bill Ayers’ parents told him they were financially supporting “foreign student” Barack Obama through Harvard – is one of the hottest, most-read news stories in the world.

At one point today, the Web information company Alexa ranked the story as the fifth hottest page on the Internet.

The establishment media, meanwhile, have completely ignored the story, and when news-agenda-setter Matt Drudge posted it on his Drudge Report, liberal watchdogs Media Matters and the Democratic Underground quickly unleashed scorn on Drudge.

The Democratic Underground urged Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney to condemn Drudge for posting the Obama-Ayers story.

Media Matters dismissed the story as unserious.

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