Embarrassing: Obama Just Got Lambasted By A Leader Of Another Country For Something Inexcusable

Photo credit: SS&SS (Flickr)

From Daily Mail:

The French Minister Laurent Fabius has a message about Iraq for Mr. Obama: Get back to the White House and do something.

“I know it is a holiday period in our Western countries,” Fabius told a radio interviewer Tuesday in France, “but when people are dying, you must come back from vacation.”

Obama is on a family and golfing vacation in Martha’s Vineyard but says he will come back to Washington this weekend before returning for more golf on Tuesday.

So far, Obama’s approach has consisted of airlifting humanitarian supplies to victim groups, protecting aid drops with airstrikes, and begging for help from allies.

Meanwhile, Britain, France, Italy, and other European nations have all backed the humanitarian assistance with personnel and material, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The White House raised eyebrows yesterday, however, when it was announced that Obama was about to deploy troops to Mount Sinjar–where tens of thousands of persecuted religious Yadzis are hiding.

The rescue mission, according to deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, “is separate than saying U.S. forces are going to be redeployed in Iraq in a combat role to take the fight to ISIS.”

Despite the negotiations, the possible collapse of Iraq, and Hamas’ continued rocket attacks on Israel, Obama remains on vacation.

He hasn’t logged as many vacations as President George W. Bush did, but the timing of this one couldn’t be worse.

“Even presidents need down time, and Obama can handle his commander-in-chief duties wherever he is,” Washington Post writer Dana Milbank wrote on Monday.

“But his decision to proceed with his getaway just 36 hours after announcing the military action in Iraq risks fueling the impression that he is detached as the world burns.”

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  1. Even the French cheese eating surrender monkeys cant stand Obama,that has to hurt getting insulted by them.

  2. The fkng who? Yadzis? I heard of Christians, never Yadzis?

  3. O keeps making a mockery of the country I love!!! H needs to be corralled somehow. He is a total embarrassment!!!!

  4. All talk and no action! Just like a hood ornament, looks good but doesn't do anything!!!!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I guess all countries are now beginning to see what an asshole we have for a president.He is no leader so I'm thinking what kind of community organizer was he or was his partner the Grape Ape the real organizer.

    • Hi Edward,
      This is good to see that world leaders have taken notice of this clown in chief, the man is a joke and a embarrassment to our Country, he has destroy America’s image of a Once Great Nation, I’ll bet our enemies are laughing at the stupidity of re-electing this clown

  6. The French are smarter then we are? We know that o is not a legal resident of the United States and is a true Muslim brotherhood Member. WAKE UP AND START DOING SOMETHING NOW !! We are PISSED OUT HERE and we hear is talk and not a DAMN thing getting done.


    • Hey Michael,
      Save this crap for H.P., most of the Liberal Jerks in 2012 were all kissing and supporting this SOB's azz, many of us here have been aware of this lying POS way before the election of 2012, perhaps you are the Jerk who voted for this POS twice

  8. First, the thug in chief has nothing but down time. Has America spent a billion yet on a worthless thug who for the most part does nothing but golf, vacation and destroy America? In regards to this article, I think tens of thousands might be a little high. Could we please get some real numbers? Tens of hundreds?

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