Freedom Vs. Socialism

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Since Barack Obama has no respect for America or Americans, he will doubtlessly announce that the October 2012 unemployment rate is about 6.5% or some other ridiculous lie. Does it make any difference? Not really, because he and the Charlie McCarthy dummy who is posing as our Vice President won’t be able to survive the reality of what they have done to us since January 2009.

The problems Obama will face are growing, not subsiding.

In just the last month, the pump price of gasoline has risen .20 a gallon.  While this is bad enough, it is still worse because it put the price at a level higher than it has been in February since 1981. The reason for the rise is totally out of Obama’s control; he can’t lie his way out of it. The Iranians want to squeeze the Europeans who are already looking at $8.00 a gallon gas, so they are denying France and England oil.

The Europeans will come here to buy their gasoline because our $3.52 per gallon looks great!  When they do our price will go up whether we car pool, drive less, decide we won’t buy from this company or that company or not.  The price of gas on January 19, 2009 was $1.85.

The percentage of those who are unemployed who have been unemployed for 6 months or more has gone from 16% to 45.1 % . Never since the Great Depression has it been that high.

All of the following measurements of our national misery are presented as “On Obama’s Inauguration Day” compared to today.  These numbers come from The Senate Republican Conference.  

The raw number of unemployed Americans: 12.05 million to 12.76 million. +710,000

Americans living in poverty: 39.8 million to 46.2 million. +6.4 million

American receiving Food Stamps 32 million to 46 million +14million

Misery Index (An index combining the unemployment rate and inflation rate) 7.8 to 11.3 up 45%

Federal debt 10.6 TRILLION DOLLARS to 15.4 TRILLION DOLLARS up 44%

Federal debt assigned to each American $34,731 up to $49,058

Cost of health insurance costs per employed worker $3,354 to $4,129

College tuition $6,591 up to $8,244 an increase of 25%

The total number of available jobs 133.6 million down to 132.4 a loss of 1.2 million jobs

The value of the average American’s home $169,700 down to $147,800

No amount of phony statistics or lies can cover holes this big.

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  1. Ann Barnhardt. Part 2 of 3
    This woman tells the truth about muslims & Barack Obama.

    • Raymond, I just watched Ann's video, and all I can say is I wish more Americans had her courage and her smarts. That woman is right on.

      I honestly feel that if we do not remove Obama and the majority of Congress before November 2012, we will NOT have a country left, but there are now only two ways to do it, either an all out revolution or a military coup, but unfortunately, I don't see either one of those happening, one because the majority of Americans lack the courage and two because the vast majority of active service men and women (including my own son) have made it known to me that if the American people rose up, they would obey all orders issued by Obama.

      • The federal, state & local police are very willing to
        carry out Obama orders no matter what they are.

      • This may be of interest to you.

      • VirgoVince says:

        Really?? I find this terribly hard to believe, as much as they hate him, too!
        They swore to defend the Constitution of the USA, not an illegal muslum fraud, pretending to be CIC??

        • Last summer, I conducted a survey of 350 active duty service men and women, which included my own son who just started his 23rd year in the Air Force, and I asked them all the same question, which was: "If the American citizens finally had enough of Obama's violations of his oath of Office and the violations of the Constitution, and they are unable to get Congress or the Courts to act, and nor can they win at the ballot box, so that rise up in revolt, on whose side will the military be. All but six said that they will Obey whatever orders that the President gives to put the revolt down. Even my own son said that. I wish it wasn't so, but that is the results I got.

    • morningcoffee3 says:

      Yes!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Shall we all get our MRES and campout in front of the Whitehouse 'till the Commander-in-Chief is in prison and his administration is there with him!!!!!! NO COMPROMISE !!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG! This proves I'm NOT CRAZY! Been trying to tell my family this and their about to commit me.

      Thank you, Raymond. I'll keep following you, if you don't mind. :)

  2. Obama's 7 lies in under 2 minutes.

  3. Obama Admits That He's A Muslim.

  4. Obama admits that he was not born in America.

  5. I'm all for freedom…f**k socialism!

  6. Why do so many people seem so surprised over what Obama is doing to the United States? He came right and said exactly what he was going to do, during the 2008 campaign, but nobody listened. Well, some didn't listen, some listened but didn't care, while others, to paraphrase Archie Bunker, as Obama spoke in English, many heard him in "dingbat".

    How many remember him saying that he planned to "bankrupt the coal companies", or that his energy policies will "necessarily cause people's energy costs to go through the roof"? Again, how many of you remember hearing him say that he wanted to redistribute our wealth? Did it not seem strange to you that after all of the years we were drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico with no incidents, suddenly after Obama is elected, there is a major explosion and long before the smoke cleared, before any investigation, Obama was blaming BP, that should have been enough to make people say hmmm.

    How about all of the times that Obama was blaming Bush for the "housing bubble" burst, but it was the Democrats who controlled both Houses of Congress, remember? Obama was a US Senator at the time, and it was his fair haired child, ACORN, that lobbied Congress to force the banks to make unsecured mortgage loans to people who had no way to repay those loans, including illegal immigrants. Then as the housing bubble was building and getting bigger, then Senator Obama and Senator Chris Dodd were racking up thousands of dollars from AIG,Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, G. W. Bush was warning Congress to do something or we would be in a real mess, but every time the Republican minority in the House and Senate tried to introduce legislation that would have prevented the collapse, the Democrats blocked it. Do any of you remember that?

    The so-called "Spontaneous" uprising in Egypt and across the middle east, was anything but. In 2009, Obama sent representatives from the State Department to Cairo to meet in secret at the US Embassy with the Muslim Brotherhood to plan the over throw of Hosni Mubarack in Egypt, and other middle eastern rulers, NOT to establish Democracy, but to install Islamic regimes under Sharia Law to help bring down Israel. Are there any of you who remember that Obama had written in one of his books: "If the political winds take an ugly turn, I will side with the Palestinians"? Does that sound like a devout Christian speaking.

    Now, as Obama brazenly violates the US Constitution and his oath of Office, not one single member of Congress from either party is rising up to stop him. WHY?

    To quote "Rev." Wright, "Our chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      I was scared from the first time I ever heard of his possibility of him running for president. My reasoning was, if he is not Muslim anti-GOD, just look at the pressure they will put on him because he is from, I thought Iran, which was not too far off of the truth. but if he is a Muslim Communist and he could win, "MY LORD, have mercy on us," He was all I was afraid he would be. I could not for the "life of me" understand why people did not reason the way I reasoned. FOR ONE TIME I DID NOT WANT TO BE RIGHT, BUT TO MY SORROW, I WAS RIGHT.

      • I know what you mean. I had never heard of him until he gave the keynote address to the DNC, just before he decided to run. When he walked out on stage, as soon as I saw him, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. All I could sense from him was evil. I tried to warn people back then, but no one would listen. Nobody knew anything about him, yet they all voted for him, and a lot of people began to submit cases against him concerning his eligibility.

        Then what really got me, was right after he won, but before being sworn in, as president-elect, he held a secret meeting with 8 of the then sitting Supreme Court Justices, some thing no president-elect had ever done before. That meeting was completely unethical and maybe even highly illegal because at the time of the meeting there were already 6 or 8 eligibility cases, concerning Obama, pending before the US Supreme Court and a few more pending before several lower Federal Courts. After the meeting and right after he was sworn in, the US Supreme Court and all of the lower federal courts have refused, to this day, to hear any of the eligibility cases against him. I believe the fix was in.

        • It feels like this country has already been taken over by evil forces that have been infiltrating the U.S. for decades. As to this devil's servant, I can't stand to look at him; I avert my eyes whenever he comes on the television screen, and reach for my remote asap. Do you notice how liberal media and almost all of television have him showing up every time you turn around; there's hardly anything on television that doesn't somehow manage to show him or mention him. It's creepy!

  7. Recession –
    When your neighbor loses his job…

    Depression –
    When you lose yours…

    Recovery –
    When Obama loses his!

  8. Just wanted to remind The good people that bammy is an artist, and he is he best. He is a (bullshit) artist, and the best at (lying) and covering up his crimes. He is the best at deception and the creator of an unlimited debt ceiling. His every thought excludes our Constitution. Heck, Congress is just in his way. Let's boot him out and restore American honor, truth and justice, I choose Freedom.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      You are right, he is good, but not as bad as those who are responsible for reigning him in, who are not doing their job. Most Americans can see what he is doing and I cannot believe that they cannot see it. There is something bad wrong with this mindset.

    • Your description sounds exactly like the description of the Anti-Christ, the deceiver!

  9. Michele Obama admits her husband Barack Obama was
    born in Kenya.

  10. Myrtlelinder says:

    What scares me is what he is capable of doing before 2013 and then the possibility he won't be through at the end of 2012. The choice we have as Republicans is not all that promising on top of that, even though I will vote on the whoever wins the nomination.

    • The big problem now is, that even people like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are trying to push the Conservatives to put pressure on who ever wins the primary to pick Sen. Marco Rubio as their running mate, knowing full well that Rubio is also not constitutionally eligible to be Vice-president or President.

      How in heavens name do you correct violations of the Constitution by committing more violations? That would make us no better then those on the left.

  11. Seeks_the_truth says:

    These figures look awfully familiar.

  12. diana shoemaker says:

    I hate obama he needs impeached

  13. The SOB occupying OUR HOUSE is just on cruise control. He's just saying and doing ANYTHING that does'nt sound to radical to try and win the election. IF he does get back in ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE and our country will fall.

  14. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Lots of people voted for this abortion/obortion in office because he is black. (half, HALF black, people!) Then others voted for him because he said “change”. Well, on both counts, they were wrong. He is not black, for any self respecting BLACK person should know that this one is not a true American black man, he is in different shades of whatever color the mood, or the agenda at hand demands him to be. And as for change? Change?? Did anyone stop to ask themselves “just what KIND of change has this thing with a middle eastern name, (HUSSAIN?) got in mind??!!! Folks, ALL change is not good! Actually, most change in this country has turned out to be the worst possible change in the world. This thing who has infected every corner of our nation did exactly what he promised, he brought the “change” that everyone who voted for him, and who drooled over this oh, so wonderful liar wanted, he changed everything alright! So, how’s the change going for you brain dead nit wits now? Do you like the price at the gas pump? Ya like the lack of jobs for us all, black included? Do you think that now you can actually use the grey matter that is in that knot that sits upon your shoulders, or is it still too much work for you to think beyond flapping, lying lips, that want only the complete and total destruction that not only white people have fought and died for, but so many black folks who fought and died for THEIR freedom also? Do you want to give it all to this illegal parasite to ruin even farther? Do you want your ancestors, black also, to have gone through all that they did just so you can lay back, and let this sorry hateful peice of nonAmerican filth take it from you, without one word of protest? Are you really that lazy, or careless with something as valuable and as precious as FREEDOM FOR ALL? Or, was the slavery of the black people back then not all that bad? Do you want to go back there, to being the slaves of another group of slave masters who will be a million times worse than the ones that your ancestors had? And white people, you are in just as much danger of becoming slaves too, as your ancestors were hundreds of years ago, for white people were slaves also at one point in history. Read history, it’s there. Can we not all come together to stop this horror that is sure to come, if we don’t! My Bible tells me the outcome of this, if we do not stand as one nation, under God…… against brother, nation against nation………and so on. This WILL happen, even if you do not beleive the Bible, the way things are now, it WILL come to pass, because we will not only allow it, we as a people will actually CAUSE it to happen. Because of our passiveness, and laziness, and sheer cowardice. Afraid of violence. Well, violence will come anyway, no matter what we do or don’t do, it is up to us to make it as nonviolent as possible. A little violence may stop a LOT OF VIOLENCE!!! I agree however, with Everymyrtle, the first time I saw that NAME, it scared me so badly that I shook. For I knew then that this nation of fools would elect this enemy and live to regret the day that they did, and I beleive that most level headed Americans are now regretting this as we write………….We should listen to Raymond………..

  15. VirgoVince says:

    21 Marines, In full dress uniform with rifles,
    Fired a 21-gun salute to the President.
    It was then that I realized how far America's military had deteriorated.
    Every damn one of them missed the worthless bastard!!

    No offense, Raymond, just a humorous touch!

  16. artinthewild says:

    It's going to take a balls and guts guy to overcome what Obama has done to our country and that's Gingrich. I live by the border (3 mi) and one of Obama's people (Napolitano) was down here and said there's nothing going on and that it's peaceful. WHAT T H!!?? Even the Cartel leaders live on this side to keep from getting killed. A woman in Laredo got shot in the leg from across the Border – a mistake – but hey – what difference does that make? He wants to let in all the gang members, terrorists and cartel people…He's a great leader….I'm sure they'll all vote for Obama. People if we don't grow some he will get in….With Soros and his ilk behind Obama it's going to be dirty dirty dirty…

  17. Will signing this petition even do anything?

  18. You have to define your words of expression: Obama is neither Christian or Muslim, He is Anti Christ.
    Socialism: Lenin Socialism is what Obama and Pelosi represent.
    No One except Ron Paul represnet the Good Socialism:: Trotsky: this is equal to Liberterianism!
    Obama, his Gang of Marxist Fascists have only one target, that is to steal all the money possible, and Collapse the US. Then Obama will return to Africa?
    How does anyone from any country other that the US become President when he is NOT an US Citizen?

  19. It feels like this country has already been taken over by evil forces that have been infiltrating the U.S. for decades. As to this devil's servant, I can't stand to look at him; I avert my eyes whenever he comes on the television screen, and reach for my remote asap. Do you notice how liberal media and almost all of television have him showing up every time you turn around; there's hardly anything on television that doesn't somehow manage to show him and his creepy smile, or find some way to mention him. It's positively creepy!

  20. I'm gathering all this kind of information, "before him" and "after him" numbers, etc., and getting an email ready to send out right before the mail-in ballots go out. I'm going to send it to every liberal that I know, just on the off chance that they haven't been paying attention. I'm going to plead — "please, please, please read this information before you vote". You all might want to consider doing the same — it can't hurt, and it might just keep someone from voting for this devil's servant.

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