Freedom Under Fire: America’s Big Picture

Change in Flag Evolution SC Freedom Under Fire: Americas Big Picture

Over two centuries ago, a group of people also known as our Founding Fathers had a dream. A dream of living as free men, and of enjoying the Liberty that God gave them to be the masters of their own destiny. They were ruled by an English tyrant and were overtaxed without any hope of representation. So the phrase was coined “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.” They decided that through the grace of God, and with strong intestinal fortitude, with the fire of the hope of Freedom burning in their bellies, that they would stand up against the tyranny. Although they were severely outnumbered and outgunned, they pressed on under Divine guidance and total personal sacrifice until they prevailed.

So I will now make the case that the tree of Liberty must once again be watered with the blood of Patriots and of Tyrants.

Government spending: as our debt grows more and more by the minute, our government manufactures one false crisis after another in an effort to fleece the American taxpayer of more money. They have created a dependence class of non-producers in order to squander the riches of our country while they continue their lavish lifestyles and multiple vacations.

Department of Homeland Security: This select group systematically erodes our personal rights on a daily basis. Now that Americans are waking up, they are labeling us as terrorists.  They have purchased enough ammunition to date to shoot every American at least five times. It is a proven fact that FEMA internment camps are being built on American soil, and that they will start using drones to spy on the average American citizen.

Department of State: A group of incompetent fools who think that we can make friends with our enemies if we throw enough money at them, even when America is broke and borrowing money from the Chinese. They are keeping our military tied up in endless wars with no clear objective.

President Barack Hussein Obama: A Muslim/communist with aspirations of being a dictator. He can’t prove his qualifications, and  he can’t prove his intelligence as he always needs a teleprompter to talk and always stumbles in his words without it. He has surrounded himself with fellow Muslims and communists who run interference for him as he turns our nation into a dictatorship through executive order.

Mainstream media: This bunch of crackpots would make Adolph Hitler proud! They can’t even call themselves journalists anymore by every definition of the word. They are nothing more than highly paid propagandists who now use lies and deceit to cover for their dear leader, Obama.

The point that I am making is this: our Founding Fathers went to war because of not having any Freedoms and instead having high taxes. Since then, we are overtaxed. We are poked and prodded by Homeland Security and the TSA, losing our freedom daily by illegal executive orders and laws made by a Congress that has been overrun with communists and a wannabe dictator who wants to spend us into oblivion while supporting our enemies.

The tree of Liberty is in desperate need of watering. Do you have that faith in God and the fire of Freedom in your belly that our founders had? Our time is short to decide if Freedom and Liberty will survive or if it will die on the vine. My fellow Patriots, the time has come for you to decide. We must stand and fight for the Freedom and Liberty of our children and grandchildren or doom them to a communist utopia. As always my brethren, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. RacerJim says:

    “When in the course of human events…”
    “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

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