Fox Set Out To Destroy Trump–But They Only Made Him Stronger

Last night’s Republican debate was a great success. It was the kind of event those who want to try anything to revive our dead nation have been waiting to see.

This was a great night for many reasons, but there are a few that need to be specified.

  • Donald Trump clearly pulled the entire field over to the right. We have probably not seen Republican candidates charging to the right like this for a long time – if ever.
  • The current Drudge poll – which Fox and its further left friends will ignore — shows Trump pulling an incredible 45% plus – crushing the field.
  • Because of Trump, there was not one variation of the RINO theme, “I can work across the aisle.” “My friends on the other side and I have done.. this …. this and this “
  • Trump’s assertion that the media would not even be talking about illegal aliens rang true to voters.
  • The “gotcha” about who would support the eventual nominee and not run third Party fell flat and only gave Trump an opportunity to try out his answer. He squeezed more benefit out of the lame attempt at an attack by slapping down Megyn Kelly, thus reminding voters the media is the enemy and that even FOX News cannot be fully trusted. Trump’s honest response made Kelly’s “Trump’s war on women” attack look like the petty bleating of a GOPe apparatchik.
  • The poll’s numbers re-enforce the value of Ronald Reagan’s tactic of showing the media as our enemy.
  • The minuscule numbers pulled by the RINO herd (Bush, Christie, Huckabee, all under 5%) serves as the first official warning from us that should the GOPe give us Jeb Bush, we will stay home or go 3rd Party.   
  • Ted Cruz is way ahead of the “also rans” and got there by reminding voters he will call out our enemies regardless of what Party they are in. Do you hear that, GOPe?
  • Ben Carson can be called brilliant not because he is Black–and as conservatives, we HAVE to say that about the Black guy before we show him the door–but because he IS brilliant.
  • Maybe we saw part of the team that might be able to revive our dead nation: Trump at the top; Cruz Secretary of State; Kasich Secretary of Treasury; Carson Surgeon General; and since Trump is so good at picking people to hire, maybe Carly Fiorina as Secretary of Commerce.

Fox set out to destroy Trump; but they only made him stronger.


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