Fox News Keeping Rove And Morris Off The Air

Karl Rove SC Fox News Keeping Rove and Morris Off the Air

In the wake of the election, following predictions that Republican Mitt Romney would definitively beat President Barack Obama, commentators and politicos like Karl Rove and Dick Morris have received a great deal of criticism. And it seems, at least according to sources who spoke exclusively with New York Magazine, that Fox News is now intentionally keeping both men off the air.

In the wake of the elections, “multiple Fox sources” told the outlet that the network’s president, Roger Ailes, has been repositioning on-air coverage to comply with the post-election climate. Among his changes, he has purportedly sought to remove from air any “faces associated with the election.”

This change, in effect at least temporarily, has meant that Morris and Rove, two men who had prominent placement during the 2012 presidential campaign, have appeared more infrequently since Obama’s re-election win. New York Magazine explains the details of the regulatory changes:

Read More at The Blaze . By Billy Hallowell.

Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)

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  1. This stinks as I like them both.

  2. I believe Romney won Obama even thought he was going to loose he just didn't know how far the voter fraud could go form last election to this one.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I like Morris but Rove was a RINO so who cares if we ever see that fat little butterball.Had thisrey haired muppet stuck up for Tea Party people we could have gained the senate but he backed the republican who was relly a democrat in Deleware.

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