Fox News Hires Supporter Of Jeremiah Wright And Derrick Bell

Fox News channel SC Fox News Hires Supporter Of Jeremiah Wright And Derrick Bell

Fox News is once again moving to the left, hoping to avoid left-wing attacks on its news operations and commentators. But the move risks alienating conservative viewers. The current controversy involves new Fox News contributor Santita Jackson, who lists the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., as being among her personal “activities and interests” on her Facebook page.

Wright, who was Obama’s pastor for 20 years and baptized Obama’s children, became a major controversial figure during the 2008 presidential campaign when it became known that he blamed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American foreign policy and claimed the U.S. manufactured the AIDS virus to kill black people.

The link on the Santita Jackson page, which promotes matters of personal interest to Ms. Jackson and other things she likes to do, directs people to Wright’s official home page.

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  1. Hartwell Nolan says:

    Whenever a person or Company turns away from evil they end up supporting that EVIL. FOX has shown the distrust of the news world to be well founded if they hire such TRASH as weright and bell and jessie jackson's Daughter.Where do we go from here? I suppose there remains NO reliable news source?? I have watched O'Rielly backing off his "the factas as they are and you decide.. I cannot follow his thoughtrs on many subjects.. Now I wonder if I should trust him?? Maybe he is now on obummers side??

  2. Fox News has all but abandoned the conservative viewers. We do not watch Fox News anymore other than Hannity and that is only when he does not have some liberal on his show.
    How sad, a once power house in the news media moving to the left.


  3. OReilly has been on ovomits side from day one, we all knew what he was & OReilly was always yapping about giving him time to prove himself? Enough time OReilly?????

  4. Billy J.Cooper says:

    Looks like Fox News is going to join the likes of CBS, NBC, ABC and become just a bunch of Hot Air. We know Bill O'rielly will not touch the Obama Birther Thing. He is to Busy, Well thats what he said. If Fox News goes the way of the other Networks, We might as well Keep the TV turned off. Obama and his Thugs have probably threatened them someway. So they CAVE. Sorry way to tun a railroad.Boy Howdy, Hiring Jesse Jackson's daughter, I bet that will increase their ratings. Why dont they get Rev. Wright to come in and Bless all of them before they sign on the air every morning. Wouldnt that be a HOOT.

  5. Fox has abandoned free open news reporting and commenting. The bias is appearing more and more each day. They got rid of Beck and Judge Napolitano and O'reilly has gone off the cliff. They are losing me!
    –A former Fox News addict–
    Hannity is the only one left who still tries to be fully truthful. And Hannity is right, the news is dead.
    Fox now supports EVIL
    The lie that good is bad and bad is good.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      they're losing me too and when this new jig gets on I'llturn off the show like i do when that idiot colmes comes on.Roger Ailles is getting his marching orders from Obuma and Soros.I think O'Reilly been pretty good lately,he's pounding the libtards on a few things lately.

  6. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Hannity is truly about the only one left to say what the rest of us are thinking and feeling. I hope he continues to do so. But on this Easter Sunday, one has to wonder if he will be “beheaded” as John the Baptist was for speaking the truth in the days before Jesus Christ made His appearance. I wonder how long he will be allowed to speak the truth as it is, before he is either silenced one way or another, or turns up dead by some mysterious manner? This situation is getting really “hinky” as a couple of charactors put it……………it was weird to begin with, and now it just stinks of corruption in a huge, GINORMOUS WAY! The longer it goes “unburied” the worse the smell of foul corruption becomes……! Left as it is, it will only become worse and in time, will turn nasty indeed, for a really wicked thing is blowing in the winds of politics and towards our nation, and her people!

  7. RacerJim says:

    R.I.P. “Fair and Balanced”

  8. It's a shame to see Fox caving. They've been one of the few reliable news sources left for many years. I guess when Obama threatened their funding, they got scared.

    Just another chink in the armour of American that he has chiseled out.

    Here's a view of where he wants to take us:

  9. Fox news hiring supporter of Jerimah Wright and Derrick Bell? What a bunch of hypocrites. I always felt I was getting a fairly accurate report of the news coverage with Fox News. Fair and balanced, huh? Well you can go to hell. I don't want to hear any opinion form any supporters of The Rev. Wright Derrick Bell or any other left winger. You hire these bastards and you just lost a viewer.

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