Fox News Darling Attacks Talk Radio Conservatives

Frank Luntz SC Fox News darling attacks talk radio conservatives

A Republican media consultant recently showed us who he really is. In a conversation he thought was “off the record,” Frank “Rat Top” Luntz has tipped his hand and reminded us why we can’t trust him. When he thought only those in front of him would hear his words, he attacked talk radio conservatives for destroying Marco Rubio’s plans to erase our national borders.

A Fox News favorite, Luntz has a big mouth and an awful horse tail brown toupee. (Does it ever occur to people like him that no one on earth has that color hair?) He is a stereotypical caricature of the out-of-touch “country club Republican” liberals and true conservatives both love to mock and hate. One look at him tells you he is not a guy you would want to have next to you in a fox hole. Everything about him says “Please Mr. Liberal Alligator, just eat the guy next to me and we can be friends.”

Foolishly believing that since he was a guest speaker of the University of Pennsylvania Republican Club (his alma mater) he could trust his audience to refrain from recording his duplicitous remarks, Luntz made a mistake and spoke “off the record,” revealing what he really thinks about the struggle to save America.   He blamed conservatives, especially talk radio hosts, for dividing the Republican Party.

Watching him lecture conservatives about the need to essentially be “better Red than dead” tells us that Luntz really doesn’t like conservatives and would rather surrender to liberals than stand for anything. His suggestions for shying away from talking about capitalism and replacing conservative principles with nicer-sounding euphemisms reinforces that conclusion.

Now we have his very troubling attack on talk radio because of its refusal to stand by and let Rubio help Chuck Schumer destroy America.  Rat top’s insistence that recording devices be shut off tells us all we need to know about this parasite’s true colors. He is a man who lives by teaching others the value of white lies, half- truths, and obfuscation, so we really couldn’t have expected anything else.  He has disqualified himself from ever standing with us again.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. I hope that is the end of him on FOX because we the people will never be able to trust anything he says ever again. Sean will have to get another person to host his group viewings.

  2. Irosin says:

    Always thought the guy was a jackass.

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