Watch: Fox News Expert Lets Slip Obama Birth Certificate Could Be A Fraud


During a recent speech, U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan responded to an audience member’s suggestion that Barack Obama is likely not a “legitimate American.”

The terrorism expert and frequent Fox News analyst couched his remarks in abstract rhetoric; however, he noted that the skeptic’s concerns could be based in reality.

“You may be right,” he said. “You may be absolutely right.”

Despite his apparent willingness to accept that Obama’s birth certificate might be a forgery, however, Cowan urged his audience to focus on more immediate goals in an effort to save the nation.

“Is he legitimate? We don’t know,” he said. “And we may not know for another 100 years. The problem is we are living in the real world.”

He explained that, as it stands, Obama “was sworn in to be our president; and even if tomorrow someone found a real legitimate birth certificate somewhere else that said he couldn’t be our president, the legal process to push that through and get him out would far exceed the rest of the time he has in office.”

In essence, Cowan lamented, “we’re stuck with the guy.”

He suggested that, at least for now, Americans should be more interested in making sure Obama’s replacement is a leader interested in steering the nation away from his disastrous policies.

“No matter what our complaints are about him, no matter what he does right or wrong – mostly wrong – he is not running for office again,” Cowan said. “So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.”

It would be far more beneficial, he concluded, for conservatives to keep their eye on upcoming elections that truly can bring about positive change.

“We’re going to be electing someone else next time,” he said; “and if we’re not careful, it’s going to be Hillary Clinton and we’re going to be right where we are now.”

Looking forward to the 2016 election, Cowan was asked if he saw another candidate on the horizon with Ronald Reagan’s attributes.

“Even if there is a Reagan out there,” he said, “the Republican Party is so fractured and so self-serving in so many corners, that they’re going to fight it all the way.”

While he shied away from expressing favoritism for any potential candidate, he did offer one perceived benefit Mitt Romney would have should he decide to run again.

“Is he an ideal candidate? No,” Cowan said. “But he’s been thoroughly scrubbed by the media. They’ve taken their shots at that guy and he passed. We don’t know if anyone else at the moment will be able to do that.”

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  1. Anyone but Hillary,or any other democrat for that matter.

  2. When the man's a fraud, you can be assured that every thing about him is equally fraudulent, including his Social Security Card. There is nothing he has said or done that smacks of truth, starting out with his expressed promise regarding vacations.

  3. More like IS!!!! O is the biggest fraud ever to be in D.C. (let alone be our president)

  4. You can bet if it was one of our birth certificates they were looking for, they would have found out with no problems, Why is that ?

    • I don’t know about that. They still haven’t found my original BC, & handed me one that was filed when I was 11 with my kidnaper’s name on it. My name was even changed, so legally I don’t have a BC. Maybe big O was kidnaped & went through the same thing – NOT!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I get a kick out of these media reporters people like O'Reilly who claimthey seen his birth certificate like it couldn't be counterfeit.You see master pieces by great artists being forged or even money so what is so hard about a birth certificate.Obutthole was probably born in a tree house in Kenya or hatched in Indonesia.

  6. “He’s not running for office again,” well so you say sir! Why on this earth or any other for that matter makes you think he is going to step down come the end of his 2nd term???? It has already been discussed by many of the talking heads in and around the political scene that he may just dump the constitution again and claim himself our commander in chief until he sees fit that there is a better option, for me it is a real possibility! People say all the time “oh your crazy he would never do that,” really, really? You bet your bottom dollar (worthless) that he not only can but probably will come 2016/17. Just look at what he has already done while in office, I never thought I’d see a president dump all over the constitution like he has, so it’s probable. Just be prepared for this to occur, believe me I pray with everything in me I’m as wrong as can be, but with that abomination I just cannot say never, neither can you afford to either! Thank you and God Bless each of you and this once mighty nation!

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