Former National Security Advisor Blasts Obama For Not Having A Strategy Against ISIS

Photo Credit: IAGSenergy (Creative Commons)

As the threat of Islamic State terrorists attacking the U.S. increases, the Obama administration is under constant pressure to develop a plan to combat the extremist organization reportedly responsible for the murder of two Americans in recent weeks. Instead of sharing a policy that would help assuage the fear many Americans are now experiencing, Barack Obama asserted that he and his advisers “don’t have a strategy yet” regarding the terror group also known as ISIS.

For retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Robert “Bud” McFarlane, such a disengaged response to a clear and present danger amounts to nothing short of dereliction of duty.

The Vietnam veteran, who served as Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor, discussed the troubling developments in an exclusive interview with Breitbart.

Considering the resources he has at his disposal, McFarlane called Obama’s refusal to develop a plan of attack “astonishing,” noting that it is his responsibility to hear, consider, and approve recommendations from these senior military experts.

“He also needs to go garner support from the American people and Congress, and our allies overseas,” he said; “but that just hasn’t happened.”

According to McFarlane, Obama seems unconcerned with the risk Americans abroad – and within the U.S. – face at the hands of these extremists, offering a number of scenarios in which ISIS militants could infiltrate America and stage a devastating attack.

He went on to offer a response that he believes could effectively neutralize the Islamic State defense.

“We must first contain the problem,” he said, “and then squeeze IS forces until they are destroyed.”

The crux of his approach would capitalize on forces within Iraq and Syria already engaged in a life-and-death battle against ISIS terrorists based in the region. Beyond this epicenter, he said Obama must call on surrounding Middle Eastern nations to assist in the effort.

“These countries need to be engaged,” he said, “and properly, through sending our secretaries of state and defense to bring those parties together.”

European leaders are also vital to carrying out the herculean task, McFarlane concluded; however, the U.S. must take a central role in organizing the offensive.

“In short,” he said, “we are at war, and the parties that are threatened in this war by the Islamic State, which include the U.S., Europe, and other Middle Eastern and North African countries, have a major challenge. The response doesn’t have to be all-American. It has to be American-led, but must involve the regional parties, and must be launched properly.”

Photo Credit: IAGSenergy (Creative Commons)

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  1. makes me wonder just what is Obama policy? Or is it his at all?
    For some reason we armed, then cleared out opposition governments to allow their spread. in the Middle East, and then continued to carry on assisting members of the Muslim Brotherhood access to the nations military secrets, at three levels at the least access to influence over access of classified information. ISIS or ISIL just a continuation of the same,"Aid and Comfort!"

  2. Fuk blastin his raghead ass, arrest his criminal ass.. He gave $400 million to the terrorist bastards… Revolution time my friends…..

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