Former FBI, NYPD Officials Dispute Bill Ayers And His “Non-violent” Ideologies

Megyn Kelly and NYPD, FBI

After the two part series with Megyn Kelly and the known former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Kelly interviewed former FBI and NYPD members who investigated Ayers to hear their reactions to his testimony.

William Reagan, who infiltrated Weather Underground with the FBI; Richard Giannotti, who also infiltrated and went underground with the group; and Warren Sonne, who was with the NYPD terrorism unit, unanimously disagreed with Ayers’ statement, saying most of it was false.

Ayers steadfastly told Kelly that he and his group were “non-violent” and did not endanger people in their bombings.

“As they progressed, they were getting more and more violent. Using weapons, explosives, targeting people…They were ready to kill a federal judge and ready to bomb a state senator in California,” Giannotti said. “They were very, very violent.”

“As the leader of Weather Underground, his proposition was the violent overthrow of the United States of America …That was his mission,” Sonne said.

When Ayers was asked if he could see himself planting bombs again today, he replied, “I can’t completely say, ‘No, I would never, ever rise up in opposition in a very militant and serious way’… I’m not committed to nonviolence as an ideology.”

Warren Sonne thinks different, however, and thinks that given the chance or opportunity, he would do so again–and much worse this time.

“He would use that same state of the art technology again today, except today he’d be taking 11-year-olds and putting bomb vests on them and sending them out to pizzerias or malls. That’s the kind of person you’re dealing with here. That’s the mentality of this group. Their hatred of America is astounding.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ayers is an American Terrorist who should be in jail waiting to die or better yet given the elctric chair with the whore Dohrn . His kids must be just as sick as him.Now Ayers thinks he is a pirate with those goofy earrings in his ear. To bad someone don't grab his terrorist ass and yank them out If I found out he was teaching my chid there would be hell to pay at that university.

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