Forget The Redskins, What The Feds Just Did To These Native Americans Is WAY Worse…

Image Credit Black Hill Badlands

While Native American activists successfully lobbied the Obama administration to act against an NFL team accused of using a derogatory name, recent reports show the federal government is responding with its own – much more direct – insult.

Following publicized disputes over federal land grabs in states including Nevada, Texas, and Utah, the Department of the Interior is reportedly looking at Sioux tribal reservations in South Dakota as its next target.

According to a report by Global Research, the agency intends to transfer ownership of a significant area of Oglala and Lakota Sioux property into a Tribal National Park under the operation of the National Parks Service. Despite the name, however, those Native Americans being affected will have no control of or claim to the land being taken.

Congress is now reportedly considering a bill that would allow federal authorities to make an offer to both Native and non-Native American landowners for the property. If residents refuse the deal, the government can then declare eminent domain and simply take ownership of the land, the report states.

Compounding the issue is the fact that the average income of tribal residents in the area is just $8,000 per year; and if forced to leave their property and lose what ability they do have to provide for their families, the economic fallout could be disastrous.

Some in the community feel this is just the beginning of a protracted battle between local and federal forces.

“There is a feeling of common cause between attached parties on this issue,” tribal rancher Bud May said, “namely tribes and other reservations. The bottom line is we’ll all be under dictatorial control if something is not done quick.”

The ‘common cause’ May referred to even goes beyond coordinated efforts by Native American tribes, according to radio host Lory Storm.

“The difference between this situation and the Bundy Ranch conflict?” she asked. “It will be the first time in the history of our country that the cowboys and Indians pose a united front against a federal government that is used to winning battles by first dividing and then conquering.”

Image Credit Black Hill Badlands

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  1. robert wood says:

    Do me a favor shot the dam FED BASTARD########################

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I guess the poor indians will have to resurect Sitting Bull,Red Cloud,Crazy Horse and Greronimo to fight the feds.Obutthole pretends he is looking out for the people byshafting the indians.Sambo would never do this to raghead muslims and negroes.He is a POS.

  3. I hope they do a Bundy.

  4. Paul Pellegrino says:

    Calling obingobango nasty names won't do any good. This IDIOOOOOOOTTT is beyond honoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights of These United States of America.

    In reality, he should be considered as an evil threat to Liberty and Freedom The same Liberty and Freedom which the Fathers of the Constitution followed with Judeo-Christian ethics – "In order to form a more perfect Union".

    Should he be impeached??? YES!!!!

    He has been a danger to this Country since the day he was introduced to speak to the United States at the national democrat convention.

    The more time he spends in Washington, the less respected this Country is as a World Leader. Send him back to Kenya or from wherever he came. It is time for Americans to bring back to America the respect we have lost over the past years while he has been president. We must show the World we do know where we stand in the area of democracy. We need to Stand Up for Our Constitutional Rights otherwise we will not have a Constitution the Founders of Our Great Country fought to sign. The longer this president stays in Washington, the weaker we, as a Nation will become.

    At one time, we could probably count the number of our enemies on one hand. Now, are we able to count
    our allies, our True Allies, on one hand? Great Brittan and Israel are nations we could count on to help us
    should we be in "trouble". What do Great Brittan and Israel "really" think of us now? Can those nations
    trust us, today? Do they Want our trust?

    Those in Congress who think he is the "Beginning and the End," should be voted out of office and replaced with men who have a spine and are willing to Stand up For Our Constitution and think of the Voters who
    put them in office. And we should want those in Congress to Care about their "voters" and not their bank accounts. (What ever happened with the health care we, as Americans, were to receive along with our congressional "brothers and sisters"? Weren't we Americans supposed to be having (receiving) the same benefits? Why wasn't bingobuttholebongo flushed down the drain with that proposal?)

    He wants women to kill their unborn babies but he lets hundreds of children from foreign lands into our Country who are without authorization. He won't take care of the children who suffer from poverty in America but he will open the gates to the poor from other countries. Who will support these children? Perhaps they should all live in the White House with him and he can support those children with his "personal" money. We tax payers are paying enough for too many – including the president and congress.

    Perhaps, if, he and – Congress – find difficulty leaving Washington, we may all need to belong to the US Concealed Carry Association because, in my opinion, we are all in serious trouble.

    May we NEVER have another like him or pelosi again!!!!

    May God Bless America and May He deliver us and Our Land from the insanity of this want-to-be dictator.

  5. Another power land grab by the feds may bring the cowboys and the Indians together to prevent this injustice. I wonder if the lands the feds want to confiscate from the Indians are part of the UN Agenda 21 map that discloses certain areas in the US are not to be inhabited. If those areas fall in private or Indian lands, then either the EPA will declare them wetlands so the private owner cannot build, or they will illegally be confiscated by the government as part of a ploy to move citizens out of rural areas into areas designated by the Agenda 21 map, concentrating citizens into easy to control areas.

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