Forget “RINO”; Rove And Their Ilk Are Just Republicans

Republican Elephant 2 SC Forget RINO; Rove And Their Ilk Are Just Republicans

Overuse of a word sometimes causes it to lose its meaning. As ugly an insult as being called a “Nazi” once was, in the mind of some Americans who think World War II was fought one hundred years ago, its overuse has caused the word to now connote a “busybody” or a “stickler for rules.”  “Soup Nazi” makes this point.  As an insult, there is no longer any sting in the word “Nazi.”

RINO “Republican In Name Only” is an insult whose time has come and gone as well.  “RINO” as an insult to Republicans who were not conservatives, or failed to stand up to liberals in the public area, had a rather short life. A search of the word reveals that although it may have been around since the 1920s, it didn’t find its way into print until December 1992.

As an insult, “RINO” labels someone as an outcast and not in the mainstream of Republicanism. Nevertheless, the word RINO has traveled a straight line from indicating someone who is outside the norm to firmly being in the new normal for the GOP. The question now is: how can someone be insulted by a word that is merely descriptive, truth being a defense to slander?

Saying Bill Clinton was an “Impeached President” is descriptive, not pejorative. It’s what he is.

The feckless conduct of elected and celebrated Republicans has reached a tipping point. Saying someone is a RINO is now meaningless because when many if not a majority of Republicans act as this current crop acts, NO ONE is a RINO.

The greatest danger we face, as we try to save ourselves and our country from the Marxist regime in the White House, is the Republican Party. It masquerades as our friends, but it is worse than the Democrat Party. Democrats make no pretense of their positions and intentions. They want to destroy us. Both follow their own agenda. The Democrats take and hold power by appealing to the basic greed of their voters. The Republicans hold some power by making believe they are fighting for those of us who are being victimized by the Democrats.

So who is a RINO? Let’s just call people like Karl Rove and George Will what they are (Republicans) and be done with it.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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