Forget About A GOP Victory Next Year

GOP Suicide Amnesty SC

It is undeniably fun to watch the polls turn against Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. After so much frustration, we conservatives can take comfort in the suffering of those who voted the Democrats into power; but that really doesn’t help us in the long run. You can’t eat schadenfreude. We have our real life to deal with; and right now, our real life isn’t looking very good.

Those who followed last year’s election know the polls showed that good things were coming until the pollsters finally figured out they were talking to the wrong people. When Rasmussen effectively searched out those who had not been previously surveyed, Mitt Romney’s side collapsed.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the polls and surveys we are seeing today have a similar fundamental flaw; they are all vulnerable to collapse because of the agenda of John Boehner and the rest of the GOPe (including the Chamber of Commerce.)

The advantages held by Republicans today will be distant memories next November. Nevertheless, the vicious uncalled-for attacks on conservatives by John Boehner, Peter King, John McCain, and their like will not be forgotten. They will become rallying cries to fight against the Republican Party next year.

Those who are tempted to think that since conservatives have nowhere else to go, Republicans will win by default, ought to reconsider. Boehner’s insistence upon waving amnesty as a red flag in the face of conservatives will lead to the evaporation of the GOP’s base support overnight.

The Republicans are fooling themselves into believing that the mere word “Democrat” attached to an opponent will bring them easy victories, because it won’t do anything of the sort after amnesty. To the contrary, Republicans who vote for amnesty will carry a scarlet “A” on their foreheads; and being backed by “The Chamber of Commerce” will be a one way ticket to unemployment.

Republicans connected to amnesty will get no base support and no votes of “gracias” from newly-minted Democrats.

If the tone of this essay conveys the message that amnesty will bring about a big election night for Democrats and the beginning of the end for the Republican Party, I’ve made my case.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Speaking for myself, if the GOP passes Amnesty, I will NOT vote for one Republican that put their 'Yea' for it.
    I only question why the GOP wants to destroy any chance of retaking the Senate and the Presidency by taking up the failing subject amnesty at all?
    It's a no win situation.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you Seeks any republican who votes for amnesty will not get my vote or support and the first on my list is Grahamnesty in SC

  2. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    It would behoove Conservatives to find out what Grand Master(s) [READ: TRAITORS] in the GOP Establishment have ordered this NWO Amnesty nonsense. I believe you'll find they were the same CFR NWO Grand Master(s) who ordered the NWO "free trade" WTO-GATT High Treason and Economic national suicide back in 1994 that CFR Gingrich so dutifully administered against the overwhelming opposition of the American People just as Ross perot said BOTH parties would do. Fast forward to 2013 now and you have 23,000,000 very well-paying manufacturing jobs completely vanished from the American economic landscape and God only knows how many ancillary jobs gone that were dependent on the manufacturing base such that manufacturing jobs only account now for a mere 9% of all jobs in the US economy. This is HIGH TREASON!!! Do you still believe any of the criminals in the District of Criminals in either party when they tell you that they're going to bring back our jobs that they have exported overseas along with entire US factories to please their Wall Street masters???

  3. 80 million hunters, 20 million vets with 300+ million weapons and the nation is allowed to go down. Seems to me it is deserved.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This article hits the nail right on the head people like BONER,KING,MCCAIN and the other squirrels who are destroying the once proud GOP by not sticking together like the democrap socialist.We know that McCain wasn't called the songbird of Hanoi Hilton for nothing or Boner not wanting to lose his caddy job and last that hunk of shit Peter King who talks tough only against people in his own party.

  5. Spot on.

    Birth another libertarian.

    I can always move to mexico city, and find my phone someone stole.

    If they don't hack my pin they hit every seven minutes. I still wonder how they got my account number and ssi from a hacked cell.

  6. Can We Talk About Impeachment?

    How much executive lawlessness should a nation of free people be expected to tolerate? Does it depend on which political party has a president in the White House? Are Obama's lawlessness and constitutional violations not excellent reasons to bring him to trial on these matters and seek his impeachment? Indeed, isn't Congress in violation of its duties and responsibilities if it does not vigorously seek impeachment?

    Impeachment is not a complete remedy. The corrupt and partisan Senate would never vote to try or convict the president. But if the House — on its own — had the courage to hold a vote of no confidence, followed by issuing articles of impeachment, House prosecution of corrupt government officials, coupled with defunding of the administration's political agenda, then these measures would collectively check the administration's assault on our freedoms and liberties.

    When I was growing up, my teachers, family, and friends always expressed a confident, even buoyant, optimism about the security of liberty, freedom, and prosperity in our great nation. Nobody would have believed our own government would one day work so hard and diligently to take all that away from us. This is the United States of America, they said, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    They said it couldn't happen here.

    Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

    It's time to stop talking and do something. Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama is a good start.

  7. Your point is well taken. But I fail to see how it jives with the earlier point you made as it related to the October rebellion. There you wanted Tea Party supporters to support whomever managed to stick an "R" in front of their name in the general election.

    Or, of course, I may have just read it wrong.

    ex animo

  8. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    This is the same political party that gave the most unqualified alien in the history of Earth who had long outlived his visa a free pass and Get-out-of-Jail-Free card – AMNESTY, if you will – plus the Presidency and Commander-in-Chief of the entire US Armed Forces, and absolution of all of his crimes of fraud and forgery – the Constitution and Rule of Law be damned for all they care. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY NOT ALSO GIVE EVERYONE ELSE UNDER THE SUN A FREE PASS??? Every time we care to look, this party is not only giving us the bird, but it is sticking the bird in our eye. For many who continue to vote for this despicable party, I would venture a guess that they are now not only embarrassed but ashamed and disgusted with themselves. The Bible equates a sinner with a dog that returns to eat its own puke. I would suspect many of you who continue to vote for this party that has betrayed you time and time again feel much the same way now. The game is now up for the GOP. It is long past time for a divorce from this political party whose usefulness is now over. They have effectively demonstrated time and time again ad nauseum et ad infinitum that they care not one iota for the welfare of the American People. They continue to support the 9/11 lie which has led to the destruction of almost all of the Bill of Rights. They have sanctioned Martial Law and now they embrace tyranny routinely every day in the District of Criminals. They are willing participants in the Coup D'Etat occurring right before our very eyes in the District of Criminals. They rely on the fact that you simply have nowhere else to turn to avoid voting for the Communists across the aisle. How can one in good conscience continue to vote for their own destruction??? Leave them now to their own destructive devices, and never look back as they "Whig" out and return from whence they came. There is nothing we can do now for this country but pray. Her Judgment has been ordained by Almighty God and has been in earnest progress since Obama was installed by Almighty God. No country has ever survived for long that has embraced sodomy and the satanic ritual sacrifice of abortion. God's word will not be mocked. DC is a rogue hideously evil criminal mafia operation with its tentacles all throughout the United States. It makes absolutely no different which party is in charge. Almighty God will judge this nation and this government harshly just as He will judge the Christian churches who have sat back and allowed this to happen.

  9. Don't believe a word of it….. The election was stolen by the demorats and this was shown by the voter turnout at the polls. Obama was receiving 110 percent in some precincts with zero votes for Romney…. What are the chances of this happening?
    Wake up fools, the elections were rigged.
    Don't let some BS from the Communist side of the population fool you….. This next election get off of your butts and vote for law abiding conservatives who will follow the Constitution….

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