Forgerygate, Or How The US Was Tricked: The Conclusion Of Operation Sideshow

obama speech 7 SC Forgerygate, or How The US Was Tricked: The Conclusion of Operation Sideshow

Part 11: Conclusion

Facts and nothing but the facts with documents that have been deemed forgeries by a credible Law Enforcement Agency of the State of Arizona

A press gaggle had been hastily called on the afternoon of April 26, 2011 to debut Obama’s newly found long-form birth certificate for the next morning, the 27th.  This briefing was done “old school” with the press corps being barred from using any audio or video recording of the event forcing them to use only pen and paper for any notes.  This practice was extremely rare within the James S. Brady press briefing room and was usually only followed when they were on Air Force One or Two or other secure locations for security purposes.  We do not have to guess the motives of the president’s agents at this gaggle, they were being deceptive.

The complicity of the State of Hawaii and several officials in their guarded and misleading statements from the Health Department and the Attorney Generals office had started in 2008 one week before the general election.  The changing of the name of birth certificates or certifications (COLB) sometime in 2009 is another reason to doubt their veracity.  Their duplicitous statements regarding the ability to receive a true and certified copy of an original document and impeached by the requirements of the State of Hawaii Homelands Heritage Agency itself, to require only the long-form birth certificate prior to sometime in 2009.  Hawaiian Statute §338-18 refutes all the hyperbole of the officials in this matter as it was only “departmental policy” of the Health Department and not “law” as these officials continually stated.  This corroborates the statements of Mile Zullo from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office about Hawaiian officials being complicit at least at some level; by their own deceptive statements, they have in essence self-impugned their own credibility.

We have the contradictory comments and actions of Neil Abercrombie the Governor of Hawaii who vowed to release Obama’s birth records in December of 2010 and by late January 2011 had retreated from all of his previous statements.  However, on Tuesday January 18, 2011 he stated to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that Obama did not have a hospital-generated long form birth certificate and the official record only consisted of a “unspecified notation or listing“.  Four short months later on April 27, 2011 the Governor makes a press release of his own in conjunction with Obama’s “sideshow” message and tacitly intimates that Obama has a hospital generated long-form birth certificate.  It is signed by Dr. David A. Sinclair who had conveniently died in 2003 as evidenced by the now fraudulent and discredited document posted on  This  forgery had been substituted for the official “certified certificates of live birth” he received on the 25th through his personal attorney.

The long-form birth certificate is so poorly forged that it claims Obama’s Father’s race classification as “African” when the National Center for Health Statistics of the Public Health Service used the official term “Negro” to denote a person of color in 1961.  All States and Territories were required to use the National Center for Health Statistics race classifications by federal law in the collection and reporting of vital statistics.  Pencil mark notations are seen on his long-form certificate, and was a national reporting requirement from the National Vital Statistics Division which required data be taken from certain birth certificates for statistical analysis.  The oddity about Obama’s certificate is that is was only required on “even” numbered documents, his forged document is numbered “61 10641″ an “odd” numbered document so it would not have had these penciled-in notations for data collection.  On it’s face it is a fraudulent document without any type of analysis needing to be performed.

Officials of a credible law enforcement agency of the State of Arizona has leveled charges of forgery and fraud and that “probable cause” of a federal crime exists over Obama’s latest “Certificate of Live Birth” and his Selective Service Registration card.  Without having one, he could not have been elected to federal office.  Investigators also found that Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) microfiche records for the week of Aug. 1st thru 7th of 1961 from Hawaii were missing at the National Archives in Washington.

Selective Service Administration officials have refused as of March 28, 2012  to permit examination of Obama’s original  Select Service Registration card to court approved forensic examiners of Maricopa County Sheriff‘s office investigators.

Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker filed a concurrence in denial of a mandamus petition over a request for an original copy of his long-form birth certificate be filed with the State in the Courts Order dismissing the petition.  This statement lends credence that Obama’s fraudulent birth documents would have significant evidentiary value of forgery and fraud in the proper forum though was made in a failed ballot challenge from Alabama.  Justice Parker is referring to the findings by Maricopa County Sheriff‘s office in his concurrence.

We have so many questions and odd facts surrounding our president they are worth noting and discussing here:

His adoption records by Lolo Soetoro is another unanswered question which would sully the nativity narrative from his book Dreams from my Father and destroy his claim to citizenship.

It is also the little things: not showing any reverence for the National Anthem, when the flag is raised, every child is taught this from an early age, much less the exclusive education Obama received.

The ability to recite with almost perfect intonation the Muslim call to prayer after being absent from Indonesia a Muslim Nation for 36 years is baffling and astounding since he was only 10 years old when he left.  However, the reporter may not know how it should sound, given this then Obama is definitely a Manchurian candidate and belies a deeper story about his past that is unknown.

Obama tells a journalist about his Muslim faith, then is quickly corrected by the journalist as being a Christian, this is definitely something one does not make a mistake about, which is it?  Believing that there are 57 States in our Nation, he lived in the 50th State, why does he not know this.

The little details seem so difficult for him.

Canadian Talk Show Host, Ezra Levant, characterized the servile bow to the Saudi Prince in April 2009 as he commented:

“Americans Bow to No One, they are not of a Monarchy, much less a deep servile bow to the Saudi King.”

(Note: you should listen in its entirety to this commentary)

Our State Department throughout the years has created unique diplomatic protocols to recognize our distinction as a “Constitutional Republic” and not a Monarchy.  We take fealty to the Constitution not a Man or Woman of Royal Heritage as a Nation that believes in self-rule and the Rule of Law, we bow to no one.  Powerful people with ties to a Saudi Prince purportedly paid for his Harvard education and put his “deep servile bow” in perspective.

An employee of the TAC Corporation was cooperating with the FBI in 2008 over a passport data breach of Obama’s records which was managed by John Brennan, he was an advisor to Obama‘s campaign at the time.  Mr. Brennan then became a National Security advisor to Obama effectively ending any inquiry into his part in the matter.  The poor employee was murdered in cold blood under mysterious though fortuitous circumstance for Obama and Mr. Brennan.

Summation and Conclusion

I have given an honest due diligent effort to research this issue and have used the words, deeds and actions of the players in this matter to impeach their statements and call into question their motives for their behavior.   The only record of the release of the forged “certificates of live birth” on April 27, 2011 is the transcript produced by the White House.

It appears a bait and switch of the forged document was substituted for the real certificates Obama physically received in fact on April 26, 2011, as this is only statement regarding it’s authenticity made by him “no matter what we put up.”  We are also lacking any statements from Ms. Corley; the president’s personal counsel on what it is that actually resides on

The very real possibility that he does have a long-form birth certificate by affidavit and is now more than likely the reason to continue to secret all his records in the State of Hawaii and elsewhere is more than plausible; it is most likely as PROVEN by Governor Abercrombie.

We have been shown a simple method for anyone to ascertain that the president’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery by simply printing two copies from and matching the type between two lines of text.  Nick Chase developed this method, I encourage everyone to use his method and prove it to yourself.

Obama’s aides, officers and agents created a false narrative and media style negative hype campaign with “Operation Sideshow” with the sole objective and purpose to place a forged document on a federal government website.   The news media agencies in this nation should be investigating these grave matters to find out who has perpetrated any possible wrongdoing, by and against the individuals named in this investigation.

The unwillingness of Congress and the Courts to investigate and prosecute this matter is baffling and disturbing as the Constitution appears to be a dead document to all our branches of Government, except of course to the people, as in “We the People.”  To do otherwise only mocks the rule of law and openness in government and calls into question our natural and unalienable right to a free and open press and our many Constitutional guarantees and treats our citizens as subjects and not free Men and Women to determine our own destiny.

We are a free and able people that deserve Obama’s respect and admiration as he works for us, as we certainly do not work for him.  Furthermore, this travesty of credibility of our president robs the American people of the dignity of our heritage as a Nation founded on self-rule and the rule of law with no one being above the law, not even our President!

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  1. And those betraying us by not fulfilling their oaths WILL be held accountable. Depending on the circumstances, it likely will not be pleasant.

  2. Jack Powers says:

    Pick up your weapons; assemble in D.C. These communists and Islamo-facists will understand just one approach; WE THE PEOPLE are at war with a government which is no longer by the people for the people! An American Civil War is on the near horizon. You can take that to the bank! We will be fighting Communist Chinese, American Communists, and Islam ON OUR OWN TURF! God bless all good Americans. Prepare because the worst is yet to come!
    Jack Powers for,
    The Florida State Contingent of,
    The Sons of Liberty

  3. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    @Jack of Florida, and all Good Men and Women of American Liberty, there are those of us who will stand with you. Because we are left no other choice. We were born in this country, learned it’s history, and loved the idea of growing up and living in a Free Republic. We love America. We loved her as she was, and was meant to be. So those of us who have always loved our country will have to take a stand and fight in any way we can for her survival and FREEDOM from the chains that this THING and his evil minions have put upon us. I had hoped to never see this come to my country, but I knew that this would come to pass, the second that I first read that name Barack Hussain Obama, in a news article, before he even started to campaign for office. Because he is HALF black, I figured the fools and idiots would elect him, somehow I just knew. Call it a “gut feeling”, I had it. So back in 2008, the die was cast, and it was then that our nation started on the downhill slide that she is now on. And will continue, and grow worse, if this thing is re-elected………and I have a very sick feeling that it will be done. The “elections” are rigged as we speak, and there is no way to win if this is the case. Too many in positions to be able to help this from happening, are either scared to death, or paid to keep their mouths shut. Either way is entirely possible, for this THING in office is truly EVIL, and as we all know, the second is more than possible, “the LOVE of money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL……………and this THING has roots from long ago, money that feeds the ROOT CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS OF TODAY! Make no mistake, we are in the fight of our lives right now, and it will only get worse as time passes, but if we truly have God on our side, as in turning our lives over to Him only, then we do stand a better than good chance of winning this fight for Freedom From The Chains of Tyranny and Evil. I beleive with all my heart that this man, this THING in office is as EVIL as we have ever seen, and his, it’s MASTER IS SATAN! And we know that satan comes in many forms, as does his DEMONS! God help us, and if it be His will, God BLESS The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I say UNITED STATES, not the DIVIDED ones that we are at this point in time!

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