Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

570 1024x682 Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

Individuals and member organizations of the American media were threatened with FTC and FCC investigation if information gathered by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse concerning the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate were passed on to the American public.

It was Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo who made this stunning revelation, stating “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.”

And Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the birth certificate,” the book whose imminent publication was responsible for forcing Barack Obama to quickly create and place the fraudulent long form birth certificate on the White House web site, has said that “Testimony is being developed that the White House is intimidating, in a systematic way, the mainstream media and if any broadcasters dare go into this birther story, they’re going to risk FCC investigations… people are going to have careers ruined… thrown off the air.”

Zullo went on to say the threats actually caused some individuals to “…quit their positions over safety concerns for their families.”

Those who tuned in to the web-cast of the Cold Case Posse report will recall that the scant few media members in attendance made it their business to represent the President rather than report on the information presented about the fraudulent birth certificate. Each “reporter” in his turn questioned the motives of Sheriff Arpaio and the political leanings of Mike Zullo, clearly far more interested in developing a tale of “right-wing conspiracy” than in the facts reported by Posse investigators.

And as only the internet would make the American people aware of what is arguably the most extraordinary crime committed against the American public in the past century, Zullo and Corsi teamed up to create an e-book which would make known all of the pertinent facts and findings of the investigation–facts which had of course been blacked out by the legacy media.

Naturally, the writing of the e-book has led to accusations of profiteering by Zullo and Corsi. In fact an AP article accuses the pair of using the Arpaio investigation “…as a promotional tool to sell [their] books and theories.” And although nowhere in the short article does the author present any of the facts supporting the claims of the Arpaio-led group, the AP hack does offer an Obama spokesman ample opportunity to ridicule the Posse’s work by comparing it to “the TV series ‘The X-Files.”

The entire episode of media and White House corruption has been summed up by on-line newsman Jeff Crouere as he writes, “Such a bombshell should have led the national news coverage throughout the country. Instead, it was completely ignored by a corrupt network of media elites who are decidedly liberal and wholeheartedly support Obama’s re-election.” “The vast majority of the American people have been denied the truth by a media who want to shield Obama.”

And apparently those select few members of the media actually interested in reporting the truth were intimidated out of doing so by minions of the Manchurian Candidate.

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  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    they know the SOB is a fake.

    • Of course he is. There are many, many questions still not answered beginning with among many, how in the world did he get the nomination for President over Hillary? I believe massive fraud and a coup occurred under our noses.

    • There are thousands of them who know he is a fraud. They are all co-conspirators and should all be charged with treason.

  2. Its time to expose this CON MAN. he is a fraud and a fake and a muslim to boot !!!

  3. Pamela Harper says:

    Since the WH is being run by Chicago style thugs, most news people, other than the typical liberal kind, are afraid that they'll wind up w/more than their thumbs broke! America has been stolen from us. We need to take our country back, no matter what it takes! :>(

    • Barrack Hussein Omama has signed the death warrant of the United states of America. It will be his Chicago gangster type administration and those supporters and voters of his who will carry out that sentence off death. We the people have the absolute right to remove a president and government which has become oppressive and traitorous. The question is just WHEN will WE finally get together in such numbers that we can not be stifled without the military committing mass murder. From what I have found out from speaking to current soldiers they will NOT fire on nor attempt to take our weapons. The time for what could very well be our last stand is approaching before we slide into the abyss of socialism.

  4. I watched the Iran-Contra hearings a few weeks ago. Boy would the media have loved this back then!

  5. Why don't we have a few good men to take them on???? The sissy, useless repubs and Fox News should back the people who are carrying the fight for the repubs to get elected. How about the new story of Bill Ayers parents putting obama through college as a foreign exchange student? Everyone should print that story and send it to their congress critter.

    • Susan S. says:

      The alleged intimidation and threats would explain why such commentators as Bill O'Reilly and others say they are too busy to discuss the Obama birth issues. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. Rupert Murdoch has supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the past. I believe Fox News reports a more unbiased version of events because Murdoch recognized a lucrative niche for that type of reporting. I applaud him for that. That's what capitalism is all about. But I don't believe for a minute that Murdoch is going to let things get "out-of-hand" by allowing his "conservative" commentators to report the whole story. It wouldn't surprise me if O'Reilly, Hannity, Van Susteren, and others know they would be unemployed if they reported the facts. Our Congress is just as bad. Not a one of them will publicly stand up and admit what at least a few of them must be thinking.

  6. 1776IsComingAgain says:

    Every single thing about this sewage from Kenya to Chicago stinks like the turd broth that he is!!

  7. C Strasburger says:

    Ahhh, the cockroaches are getting nervous! Time to add pressure, and hard!

  8. Richard W. says:

    I just saw that POS Obama complaining about the Syrian government blacking out the news media. Talk about be a hyocrite – this moran takes the cake.

  9. Mystery solved! How do all you media outlets like this latest attack on the freedom of the press? If this stunning announcement does not pressure the 500 plus traitors who sit in congress to finally impeach Barrack Hussein Obama and place Erick Holder in prison nothing will. The ballot box tampering and other forms of voter fraud will be the worst in our history during the upcoming election.The United States of America has been sold out by congress who have no clue as to what their duty is. Somewhere out there an American Patriot will come forward with a copy of the threat letter and it will go viral.

    • bobvelon says:

      Comrade Dictator has now taken control of the media… None of them have courage to thumb their noses at him or flip him off….Bill O'Reilly is like our members of Congress, no guts, no backbone and no balls…..How long before we see the rats jumping ship because there is a day of reckoning coming and I hope soon………



  11. Go figure. Can we impeach him NOW?


      • And out where the firing squad is waiting, fully loaded and ready to go. And Forget the Last Cigarette deal, and DON'T blindfold them either.

        There's no time like the present. This must be a late Christmas Gift.

  12. Mary Potzer says:

    Yes God will see to it that this corrupt President and his friends like him will face just judgement for their lies, corruption and deceit. But, if we, as citizens do not act, his ways will not be stopped. When good people do nothing, evil flourishes. This happened when drugs took over our country, and when the Roe vs Wade bill was made a law, and worse things will happen if we do not take action. If Congress and the Senate do not take action to impeach Obama because of his innumerable crimes, we must be ready to do so ourselves and vote in new Congressmen and Senators. Please pray for God's help and call and write letters to Congress and the Senate to act now!

    • Corruption Hater says:

      I am all for doing something but I have written so many letters to Congress that I have callusses on my fingers!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all in it together! God have mercy on us!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh! Where is Bill? That is Bill O'Reilly, where are you with your guts to let the 'TRUTH' be known? Come on Bill,
    I thought all Americans could depend on you for a truthful evaluation? Shall I give up wondering and just decide
    you're just as 'ball less' as any of the others?

    • o'reiley says he saw the birth anouncments in hawaii and arpaio hasn't shown any proof, a few months back he said on the air that he has seen the original birth certificate, which was a lie. o'reiley has no credibility

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        They have scared the mud out of Reilly, scared him speechless, as is the case with the the rest of the reporters.

    • Bill O'Reilly (along with Sean Hannity) is too busy pushing to have another Constitutionally ineligible candidate to be picked to run for VICE-PRESIDENT. they both want who ever wins the GOP Primary to pick Marco Rubio as their running mate. Even Krauthammer is pushing for Rubio. Rubio is a great guy, but he cannot be vice-president because he is NOT a natural born citizen. His parents did not become American citizens until Marco was four years-old. Any one who tells you that anybody born in the US is a natural born citizen is a liar.

      I am putting everyone, (my friends, family, etc.,) on notice "If Rubio is picked as the vise-presidential running mate by whoever wins the GOP primary, I refuse to vote in the 2012 election, even if it means that Obama wins another term, because I will NOT be a part of another violation of the Constitution, no matter which party does it.

  14. We need to go through jolian San ( WIKILEAKS) to get this information out. There's not one thing Obama can do to shut him up. There is nothing of national security so he couldn't be brought up on charges, and if anything were to happen to him, it would all come back on Obama!

  15. Why would anyone who claims to be christian want to remove god from everything public? They wouldn't! So, that being he's either muslim, or he's working for satan. You pick! I say we hang him and all his little crony buddies right out on the front lawn of the White House, and let's invite all of the media to the glory event, and broad cast in all known languages.

    • Obama is the Anti-Christ. He has done more in his few years as ACTING president to destroy all Christian rights than anyone in our history. Erick holder is the devil who sits at the right hand of Obama, the Anti _Christ.

      • What Christian rights has he destroyed? Genuinely curious.

        • RacerJim says:

          By signing “Obamacare” into law he destroyed the Christian right to freedom of relegion, for just one that comes quickly to mind. Are you deaf, dumb and/or blind? An Obama minion? Genuinely curious.

    • Since when is murder christian? Have fun in hell, buddy. God doesn't want people like you in his kingdom, you're an embarrassment to the people you align with.

      • RacerJim says:

        Since Christians defined murder as the unlawful taking of a life…that’s since when, pal. After Obama et al his anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist and anti-Caucasion cohorts have been arrested, tried and convicted of TREASON, BRIBARY and other HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS it will be lawful to execute them.

  16. Billy J.Cooper says:

    Folks its a sad day for Americans, when our elected Senators/Congressmen do not have the "Cojones" to go ahead and investigate this case to the fullest. I realize they will be called "Birthers" "Racist" Hate Mongers and just about every name in the book. But the truth needs to come out. And when the population finally realizes, Hey what happened to the Country that was a beacon to the rest of the "Free World ". Everyone wanted to come to America. Even those who hate America and still live here, We cant even get them to leave. So that should tell you something. God Bless America Again.

    • Do you have the "Cojones" to risk your life and those of your family to confront these Obama thugs??

      • Myrtlelinder says:

        If it were me, I believe? I would have a family conference to see how many members were willing to risk their lives for the safety of their country. I have also thought of us, as bloggers, we may see this thing again,too. We may well be called on the carpet by these aliens who have taken over out country, I don't mean maybe, either. Americans no longer own or control this country, most are scared out of out wits of these ant-GOD, anti-JESUS CHRIST criminals.
        They are already working on controlling the networks.

    • A small house full of Pennsylvania Amish corn farmers have ALOT bigger "Cojones" than ALL of congress put together! PERIOD!

  17. I want him to cut and run so we can send the same Navy Seals after, like we did his brother ( Osama Bin Ladin)! Oh, you didn't know his real last name? Yes, his real last name was before he changed it, Obama Bin Ladin. That's why you can't find his birth certificate, or any of his medical records. If this were to come to light, he would be hung in a bloody second!

    • was your comment about Obama being a bin Laden or wishful thinking?If this was the real deal that would put a different spin on it this whole birth issue and he would be jailed instead of being elected

  18. Do you need any further reasons to VOTE against Obama's corrupt government?

  19. Blagovich is in prison where he belongs. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Holder and more also belong in prison for Crimes Against the United States of America. This White House Terrorism is NOT part of our United States and We The People will not stand for it.

    • Don't forget Biden.

    • Joseph g says:

      Time to demand barry and the rest be put on trial. ONE BY ONE. If nothing happens time to start secession proceedings

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Blago got screwed he was doing what his party does all the time especially in Chicago.Other names you forgot Moochella,Emanuel,Assholerod,Rangle, Jesse Jackson Sr.&JR, Cummings, and Reverend Al .

    • WILDFIRE says:

      We are and have been standing for it. In fact, we bend over grab our ankles and say "Thank You Sir, may I have another.

      There is no one in the Judicial Branch or the Legislative Branch that will not just stand up but also be backed up by others to actually do something about anything. A few stragglers here and there, easily pulled aside and put back in line by intimidation and threats to their security and that of their families security.

  20. BobG_of_Iowa says:

    That figures, the man is a fraud, has been proven a fraud and now the media is threatened by Federal authorities. Time is up, Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings NOW!! Guess Mr. Soetero needs to use his "power" to prove to himself that he's legitimate.

    • LicketySplit1 says:

      March Omamma and Holder both out to the courtyard to receive their punishment given to traitors of this great nation!

  21. Get every armed American citizen to march, with their weapons, on Washington, D.C. as ONE, then we will see who is scared. If anyone has doubts about it working, click on this link: and check out my video, "AMERICA HAS A CHOICE" and you will see what happened in Tennessee at the Battle of Athens in1946 when the government became corrupt and would not listen to the people.

    • Corrina Kibart says:

      Better hurry up, cause Obama is forming the "Citizens Army" & it will be ready by August. The word is he will be using the big Union bosses & the membership is over 3 million. Go to the Gov site & look up the FEMA Camps & you can find the facts about the Citizen's Army. Americans can't fight an army of that size,. Also, Obama has already taken over America, as of Friday March 16th he signed the document to take over our economy, water resources, transportation, travel, food, etc. Go to:
      This will inform you of what he is doing, so no time to waste.

      • Well we either die fighting or die in concentration camps. History is repeating itself. The jews went quietly and look what happened to them.

  22. Just read an article in Pravda about the BO eligibility scandal. How far have we gone down the road when an American can get better investigative journalism from the old, official Soviet news outlet? Well, times have changed and the tables have turned. News from Pravda about America appears to be more honest and thoroughly backed up by facts and evidence than our own media right here in the "Land of the Free! They even got stuff that conservative websites here in the US don't have. So much for America's Fourth Estate.
    Airborne all the way!

  23. Maybe that's why most of the mainstream TV industry news departments are Obama propagandists. They are afraid the FCC won't renew their licenses. It will be interesting to see how this will affect radio stations that are due for renewal this year. It wouldn't surprise me that this tyrant Obama will use the commission to stifle free speech on talk radio.

  24. mr_bad_example says:

    i just voted against the incumbent judy biggert, IL congresswoman who gives me non-sense answers every time i write her to go against obama, hopefully her old ass will be out of office this november, the bitch wouldn't listen, or thought i was blowing smoke!


  26. Dorothy Heath says:

    I think it's time this illegal Fraud and his whole mafia Admin. was exited from the office of President of these United States of America !!! I have NEVER seen such an evil person occupying Our White House! He and his blood sucker family All should be removed immediately! Mpeach for treason and intimidating American citixzens Now!!!!

  27. This fraud was committed against the United States of America. If the Joint Chiefs of Staff would live up to their Sworn Duty to protect the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, get thier pompous butts off the golf course, put down their martinis and quit chasing hookers and arrest this criminal as they took their sworn oath of Office to do, we could resolve this. Imprison this jerk for crimes against the United States of America, for Terrorism, Espionage and Treason, bring this POS to Trial and let Justice Prevail. (picture Saddam Hussein and that popular song of John Anderson's..Just a Swingin')

  28. What good does it do to write about Obama. No one does anything about him. All talk and no action. S*** or get off the pot.

    • Operation S.T.O.P July fourth of this year. The mother of all demonstrations to Stop The Obama Presidency. Be there or at your own state's capitol this is something most all of us can do that is if we consider ourselves Patriots and have the guts.

  29. oldgringo says:

    Hear in Obama's own words what he has in mind for the American Citizen and how our Dictator In Chief will sign their death warrant at the snap of his fingers…..Note this speech was given much earlier than his signing into law the NDAA…..Watch:

    Note: Huff Post censors all my comments and no longer post them…..What's to expect from a bunch of Huffing and Puffing Commies!

  30. We recognized that we cannot believe any news broadcast without verification. If the weather report calls for rain, I'll be prepared but not believe until seen. Does this help explain the one sided news for the past 3 years? Perhaps to some extent.
    Three weeks later, a large majority of the US still has no idea of the Cold Case Posse findings. It is up to each one of us to pass the message to all our contacts regarding the doubts and concerns regarding eligibility and legal activities.
    If we are forced into a 'Battle of Athens' it is likely to more resemble the Revolutionary or Civil War. I believe that Treason and Conspiracy will be dealt with promptly and those not doing the jobs they were elected to do will not be able to sneak out the back door.

  31. berneemc says:

    The Whitehouse illegal boon has violated the first amendment righs of the media, smell a perfect lawsuit against the illegal boon himself

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you now we need to find a big name politician with balls to bring on the law suit.Where is Micheal Savage when you need him.

  32. TX Grandma says:

    I despise everything Obama stands for…however, this birth certificate thing is making no sense.
    The birth announcement was placed in two different papers in Hawaii, and appeared right away.
    Now why and how did that "conspiracy" come about? Please explain this.
    If someone really has hard evidence…it should go to an investigation and indictment of a whole
    corrupt army of conspirators. Perhaps it does. Where is the silver bullet?

    • when you have parents living in Hawaii at the time of the zebra's birth, they can quick put an announcement into the local paper, per the WHITE MOTHER. However, even if they did that, it doesn't matter because in order for this zebra to be president, BOTH of his parents have to be citizens of the U.S. and his father was from Kenya, which is controlled by the British. He was a British citizen, NEVER a citizen of the U.S., therefore the zebra can't legally be president. So, he could have been born on the white house steps at noon in broad daylight in front of the whole country, and it wouldn't matter. Also, his "father" was married to another woman at the time he "married" his WHITE MOTHER, so that was not even legal. This whole circus is a farce !~~~!~@~!@

    • The newspapers print what is submitted. You could have had a baby in Florida and submitted the birth announcement to the papers in Hawaii stating that the baby was born on the beach, and they would have printed it. The newspapers do not verify birth announcements. They just print what they are told.

      • WILDFIRE says:

        Exactly right. A News paper article does not substantiate the authenticity and facts about the birth because no proof is required in order to make an announcement in a newspaper.

        As an example, just look at our news media even today still does not report or announce the truth either on the air or in newspapers. They report only what they are told they can or cannot report.

    • Well TX Grandma, the silver bullet's are all the socialists, muslims, so strategically placed in superior offices just as soon as he flubed the Oath of Office,,,,did it in private ???? He chocked on it!!

    • Those birth announcements were triggered by the CLB which was necessary regardless of where in the world he was born within 30 days in order to be a US citizen.

    • Mike Ryan says:

      TX Grandma, to answer your question one must understand Hawaiin law in 1961-the year BO was born. All one needed to do was go to a hospital and "record" a birth–that birth may or may not have been in a hospital or even on the island but according to Hawaii law of the day, that baby became a Hawaiin citizen That recording is what trigerred the birth announcements in newspapers. It's not a stretch to think Grandma (who worked in the social system) would want her grandson to have Hawaiin citizenship. Granted that is not "proof" but it is more logical than what BO is presenting.

  33. Sensible says:

    What do you call someone that's running from the law? Oh yeah a fugitive! What do you call someone that doesn't have a birth certificate in that country they reside? Answer: illegal alien. That's right the president is an illegal alien fugitive!!!

  34. Carl Manning says:

    On June 7th, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed a resolution in the 2nd Continental Congress for Independence from Great Britain. This resolution would eventually be approved on July 2nd, 1776, with a formal Declaration of Independence adopted 2 days later. We are at this juncture once again. It is time to dissolve the federal government. It has become a threat to the survival of the States and more importantly to the survival of the country. We don't need any more useless co-opted TEA Party movements waving American flags and singing patriotic songs, all of which glorify and represent the apostate evil government in the District of Criminals that lied to us on 911 and killed over 3,000 Americans, which was an act of war against the American People by its own federal government. We need Secession Parties on July 4th in the District of Criminals…Cont'd

  35. Carl Manning says:

    Cont'd…We need Constitutionally-mandated State Militias to be armed and assembled by Governors immediately. We need State Legislatures/Speakers across the country to secretly vote on delegates in their chambers for a Secret Continental Congress at an undisclosed location for the express purpose of establishing a new federal government, preferably this time in the middle of the country, a formal Declaration of Independence from the District of Criminals, and a formal dissolution of the apostate federal government in the District of Criminals that the 13 Colonial States themselves originally created and the subsequent 37 States joined under the Compact of the US Constitution, by which, it is now adamantly and abundantly clear and indeed self-evident, the apostate, utterly evil federal government has no intention whatsoever to abide. Our Founding Fathers would certainly approve of such a course of action. I can only hope that our State government officials do. WHAT ARE THEY WAITING ON: AN INVITATION?!?

  36. flatspots479 says:

    I guess some will have their nose rubbed in it and they still ignore the facts. We have threats against the press, a fraudulent birth certificate that has been proven to be a forgery and a false social security number from the state of Ct. There is more but whats the point? This is enough to put before the courts and should be. This has floated for a year now. Is it that difficult to get your head around this? We have a postman, a bunch of radical communist with the manchurian candidate. No decisions this president has made has been in the interest of the American people. Thousands of regulations attacking industry and creating an atmosphere of failure has been the ambition of this administration. Gun control and your constitution has also been under assault. Fast and furious was to remove guns from the people but that atmosphere failed with a different crisis for the administration. The high fuel prices will be used to shove cap and trade down your throat just like obamacare is being used to control the people by taking your freedoms of choice. Any judge not supporting obamacare will be threatened just like the media and the
    birth certificate fraud cover up.

  37. I think to arm ourselves and to go to Washinton would Obama the opportunity to declare Martial Law against the American people. The "crisis" they cannot let go to waste.
    Only Congress and WE THE PEOPLE can remove Obama. We know Congress isnt budging and HOW DO WE THE PEOPLE GO ABOUT IN REMOVING HIM. SURELY THERE IS A PROCESS IN PLACE??

  38. Edwardkoziol says:

    You know that Obuma will send Holder after you if you try to put Obuma out of a job and in jail where he belongs.Holder only knows how to go after white Americans

    • They would have to arrest soros (there already is a warrant out for him, why haven't they picked him up?) and then holder. THEN the rest of the criminals.

    • WILDFIRE says:

      Holder would have a hard time if people would come together in mass protest. Easy to pick off one at a time, and with little or no news coverage. Mass protest will attract news coverage.

  39. edward_h says:

    We are seeing the first stages of the American Socialist Revolution, as the dictator-to-be commits one corrupt and illegal act after another to cement his power. This socialist-Marxist wannabe has nothing to lose, so he is gambling big. It is astonishing how he has duped so many, intimidated so many, and survived openly scoffing at the whole lot of the merican people.

  40. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:


  41. James A. Greenough says:

    A day of reckoning is coming!!! No Quarter will be given to traitors!!! The actions of this Marxist, Muslim, bastard will seal the fate of all of his ilk and fellow travelers!!!

    • He isn't muslim, and his parents were married. nice try, though.

      • SORRY…obamaasskisser……… I mean……andrew……….his "father" was married to another woman in Kenya, with kids by her, when he "married" nobama's WHITE MAMA. So…was the marriage legal, or is it just another lie that you don't believe in ??? Open your eyes, get your face out of nobama's crotch area, and breathe the fresh air of knowledge. If not, you will be doomed to a life of servitude. Do you think because you defend him against the ones that tell the truth, that you will be SAVED when he comes for you ??? think again, buddy………you will be canon fodder just like the rest of us. He's not going to say "who here defended me" before they take us away or open fire on us.

      • RacerJim says:

        The only official documentation in the public domain that lists his relegion is his registration form for the grade school he attended in Indonesia, and that form lists his relegion as Islamic (Muslim). And there is no marriage certificate for his parents in the public domain. Piss poor try, pal.

  42. PTCRUISERMAN says:

    Six things the present dictatorship needs to have total control of us! Food, water, power, fuel, communications, and transportation! What did he just sign last Friday! What are they not into now! Now come the old divide and conquer strategy! We have one that is illegal to sitting and hearing obummer-care. This is just this ole vets observation, but it's 300,000,000 vs 560, and it seems they are winning. I think it's time Washington, DC gets an enema! Don't put a damn one of them back in office in November! Time they go!

  43. It is time for a full investigation of Obama and his thugs using intimidation against citizens. We have given in on too many of our rights being taken away and letting crimes being committed without doing anything. Congress, step up and do your job. This is not a democrat or republican problem. These are crimes against all of us.

    • WILDFIRE says:

      Hoping that truth will be revealed and dealt with according to law of the land is a fantasy. No one that has the power to bring justice, will do anything for fear of their career and fear of their security and their families security.

  44. That explains why Jerome Corsi lost his position at the Wall Street financial institution he was employed at, for no valid reason. Obama's keepers are definitely doing oligarchy (similar to the Communist regimes of Russia, Italy (WWII), China, North Korea, et al). With some of the revelations coming through… that Michelle was Barack's mentor during his internship at her law firm back in the '80s and '90s, makes me think that she was recruited to be his "keeper"… what better way to keep him in line than being married to him… perfect smoke and mirrors ploy.

    • RacerJim says:

      It also explains why Judge Andrew Napolitano lost his job as senior judicial analyst for the Fox News Channel and host of FreedomWatch on the Fox Business Channel.

  45. Negroes and liberalism is a dangerous combination. Akin to drinking and driving.

    We go from dumb to stupid! And they said wiggers are harmless.

  46. well only scared lieing guilty obama would threaten these people because they have the truth. he is a huge treasonous criminal and when exposed then what? prison hopefully! impeachment first!! i sure hope this goes through and the truth finally comes out.

    • WILDFIRE says:

      Hoping that truth will be revealed and dealt with according to law of the land is a fantasy. No one that has the power to bring justice, will do anything for fear of their career and fear of their security and their families security.

      Hope is not going to get it done at this point, we are now entering a point by which action by revolution must be taken in order for "we the people of the US" regain our Country by which is rapidly being taken away from us by this Administration. The writing is on the wall people, what more needs to be done? Will it take everyone being handcuffed and detained in FEMA camps to get Americans to open their eyes? By then it will be too late.

    • After I wrote to my congressman asking him to get ovomit impeachment proceedings started, he wrote back saying all of this is a conspiracy. And, this is one of the most conservative congressmen in the country. Their lives and families must all be threatened. Patriots, we are on our own. But, there is no way that Americans can be made into a Marxist state. We have the DNA of Freedom in our bones, as endowed by God. If the election won't do it, there are other ways….the most important one being prayer. WIth ovomitcare going to the Supreme Court next week, fervent prayer is needed right now.

      • hughcapet says:

        My congressman and senator are both of the same ilk. They do not believe in a conspiracy, and refuse to believe the documented proof presented by Sheriff Joe that Obama's birth certificate is a fraud and forged. They found nothing wrong with NDAA, and believe American citizens would not be detained by the president. I wonder what they are thinking about the latest Executive Order national-
        zing America's productive output and resources? I think my two so-called "conservative" senators and my so-called " representative" are yellow in the face of this menacing president and his henchmen.

  47. Print it in every news paper in the country even the very small towns. It is time to say no and sand up to his threats.

  48. So now that we agree we have an evil man in the White House (our house), how do we get rid of him & ObamaCare? Dhimminutude (Muslim term) (google it) is in ObamaCare putting Sharia Law in place without our permission. Congress voted it in so they could see what was in the bill & still didn't read it. How do you feel about the requirement of a CHIP imbedded in YOU to be able to receive medical care? These two items are in ObamaCare & I haven't heard anyone talking about it.

    • RacerJim says:

      Taking over the college student loan program is also in ObamaCare, and the msm isn’t taking about that either.

    • WILDFIRE says:

      A few news outlets have commented on the RFID's, but very little was said about it so as to not stir up to much.

      (Google) "Obamacare page 1004" – or "Obamacare page 1005" Where Obamacare states that everyone must be fitted with an RFID chip no later than 36 months from the date of passage of Obamacare.

      By which on these Chips will be a tracking device and all your personal information including your banking information.

      Hackers and tech savvy people already have scanners that can scan your bank and credit cards just by walking past you. Certainly they will come up with a way to intercept the information from these RFID chips or just cut your hand off to retrieve the banking information.

      Hows that for violations of your freedoms, privacy, liberties and security?

      and yet Obamabots still think he is a messiah. Once he gets passed this election and don't need their vote anymore. He will be kicking them to the curb, and they are either to ignorant or too color blind to see the writing on the wall.

  49. Ihatelibs says:

    Confirmation that this guy is a fraud.

  50. Sooooo similar to Clinton. If possible see the Clinton Chronicals, second edition.

    • WILDFIRE says:

      Well agreed , this is on the same lines as the Clintons but much more corrupt and blatant disregard for the law of the land. The Clintons are still in the background as well as the forefront assisting in all the blatant corruption. It is truly amazing how blind or easily forgetful Americans are of what politicians do or have done. Its like every has short term memory when it comes to politics.

      Along with Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Eric Holder, Boenher, Maxine Waters and a whole handful of others in the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch as well as in the Judicial Branch all need to be targeted and removed permanently from any form of a political platform in this Country and furthermore need to be tried for treason.

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