ForgeryGate: If You Know Something, Say Something – Sheriff Arpaio And Mike Zullo, You Know Something


Sheriff Joe Tony Dolz SC 1024x768 ForgeryGate: If You Know Something, Say Something   Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, You Know Something

I was present at the press conference that took place at the Church on the Green in Sun City, Arizona on March 31, 2012 (that’s me with Sheriff Joe in the above picture).

Approximately 1200 were allowed to fill the room to capacity, and many had to be turned away. Signatures were collected from 1,092 people who were required to be Arizonians. That petition contains a request that the state legislature pass a resolution requiring the Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to submit proof of Constitutional eligibility for Barack Hussein Obama as a condition to have his name placed on the ballot. By state law, the resolution would not require the signature of the state governor, Jan Brewer, so we were told. Well enough; and we pray that it will come to pass.

In the meantime, yesterday (Monday April 2nd), I read an e-mail from Orly Taitz, the untiring and relentless attorney representing challengers and plaintiffs questioning in court Obama’s eligibility, forgeries, frauds, and felonies. Although her efforts have no doubt given Obama, his regime, and the media that so much love and protect their Progressive son many restless days and nights, she has invariably run into thick fortress walls of corruption and moats teaming with ferocious unrepentant liars running interference from the damning facts of serious Obama crimes.

Let me summarize my take on her warning from my arms length position on the matter.

Orly Taitz is fighting Obama crimes in several court venues around the country as we speak. Any one of these cases if allowed to be honestly heard on the merits could, without a doubt, unseat the alleged usurper of the Presidency of the United States. Corrupt judges have prevented attorneys like Dr. Taitz from properly defending their cases on the merits.

Now, for the first time in over three years, a law enforcement agency has concluded that they have
overwhelming probable cause to believe that Obama’s birth certificate “file” posted on the White House website and the 1980 Selective Service application “file” are both cut-and-paste digitally manufactured forgeries and fraud. In other words, the evidence indicates that no legitimate paper birth certificate exists.

The law enforcement agency is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office of Maricopa County, Arizona and the taxpayer cost-free Cold Case Posse that conducted the investigation.

Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, the lead investigator, have held two publicly open press conferences
where they revealed in detail the preliminary findings of the investigation. The press conferences can be viewed and downloaded from the Internet in full including all closing remarks from Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo.

It is not Sheriff Arpaio or Mike Zullo’s intention, as I see it, to unseat Barack Obama. Their role and their goal is to investigate crimes that citizens in the community alleged have taken place and committed by Barack Obama (and if there is probable cause to see that the crimes are prosecuted in the proper venue.)

Orly Taitz and other attorneys who now have active cases in court have asked Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo to testify, not about the ongoing aspects of their investigation, but simply to provide an affidavit and testify on the findings that they have already disclosed publicly in their two press conferences and interviews to the media. Both Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo said at their last press conference that they did not wish to provide affidavits or testify in court.

Orly Taitz makes convincing arguments why they should do so.

Basically, this is a summary of her points:

There is no time to proceed with a legislative approach (based on the preliminary findings) because not enough state legislators have indicated, as of this time, that they will support it; also, there is not enough time left before the election to win the majority support needed.

There is no indication that Governor Brewer would sign any bill that would cause the state to demand proof of eligibility.

It is highly unlikely that the DNC Chairwoman would submit proof of eligibility for Obama, and any legal action brought against her would be tied up in court until after the elections – too late.

The argument offered by Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, that providing an affidavit or testifying in
court limited to the preliminary findings would compromise the ongoing investigation, is negated by the fact that the Sheriff and Mike Zullo have held two public press conferences with presentation of evidence on their preliminary findings. They do not believe this disclosure compromises the ongoing investigation.

Orly Taitz has offered the Sheriff and the chief investigator reimbursement for all travel and related
expenses so that testifying in court would cost neither them nor the taxpayers any money.

Taitz argues that testimony from the only law enforcement agency in the country that has investigated and concluded that there is probable cause to prosecute would deal a fatal blow to the corrupt obstruction of justice that Taitz and other attorneys have encountered to date. Taitz makes the argument that success with only one of the active legal actions would be capable of preventing Obama from fraudulently running for re-election and exposing serious Obama crimes that will potentially land him a prison.


Orly Taitz asks for three actions from citizens around the nation.

1. Contact Sheriff Arpaio’s office and ask that he provide an affidavit on the preliminary findings of
the Cold Case Posse and favorably respond to subpoena to testify in court.

2. Contribute funds to Orly Taitz so that she can reimburse Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s
expenses, and for legal expenses in general.

3. Citizen must as soon as possible file complaints with Attorneys-General, District Attorneys,
Sheriffs, and Grand Juries armed with the affidavit provided by Sheriff Arpaio, once he provides
that affidavit.

I do not speak for Orly Taitz or any other attorney with active cases, nor am I trained in the law. I highly admire Sheriff Arpaio, his deputies, and investigators. This is simply my take based on the warnings and recommendation that I received today from Orly Taitz in my inbox.

Best wishes,

Tony Dolz
Thousand Oaks, California

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  1. michael says:

    Come on everyone, lets get on board and help expose this travesty of a president. He deserves iron bars for the rest of his life for pulling off this scam.

  2. TwinEagle3crows says:

    I'll do it , I'll sign anything as long as it puts Obama into Prison his wife and all who conspired to conseal this from the Amerian people I'll do . Where do I sign ?

    • Me too! Joe Arpaio is a hero. Thanks Joe!
      No thanks, Obama for trying to destroy America.
      Obama is a usurper,among other things too numerous to mention plus he is far from a hero.
      What true American would bow to a Saudi King? Only a Muslim, huh!

      Where do I sign to put this Usurper up for life without parole.

  3. rocquedog says:

    Has the gov.Brewer stated a reason for not willing to sign off on a bill to mandate that all contestants for pres. must prove their citizenship?

    • She doesn't have to state a reason. It is obvious that like all other politicians and people in power, her rhetoric of being a patriot and defender of the Constitution and the Rule of Law does not go beyond lip service. The cowardliness and their lack of any real knowledge of the Constitution of all of our elected officials is truly astounding. Patriotism in our elected officials, on all levels, is as extinct as dinosaur dung around their lips. And if these words, coming from a clergyman offends or shocks anyone, I make no apology for the truth.

    • She hasn't given one, but I know its because she is KNOWS they DON'T have any proof of who he is or where he came from.


    Orly Taitz asks for three actions from citizens around the nation.

    1. Contact Sheriff Arpaio’s office and ask that he provide an affidavit on the preliminary findings of
    the Cold Case Posse and favorably respond to subpoena to testify in court.

    2. Contribute funds to Orly Taitz so that she can reimburse Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s
    expenses, and for legal expenses in general.

    3. Citizen must as soon as possible file complaints with Attorneys-General, District Attorneys,
    Sheriffs, and Grand Juries armed with the affidavit provided by Sheriff Arpaio, once he provides
    that affidavit.

    I'll do it , I'll sign anything as long as it puts Obama into Prison his wife and all who conspired to conseal this from the Amerian people I'll do . Where do I sign ?


      • sandman712 says:

        Thats OK because neither are WE…..If WE don't do something about this, we are all going to pay….and it won't be good….The JOKE needs to be thown from office NOW….

  5. Ben Calderoni says:

    Quit screwing around with totally corrupt individuals. Have Obama volunteer to take a polygraph test….the machine will blow up.
    He won't do it….but his reputation (if any) will certainly be affected !

  6. Julie Michaelson says:

    Rob Bagoyavich (spelling?) Former Governor of Illinois knows something! He is in prison now and has received death threats. They are moving him now. Before going into prison he said, and I quote, "I've got something F—in Big!" He was the one who brought Obama into all of this but is so ignorant that he doesn't know he was used like a pawn by the Bilderberg Group. Now he has to speak. He was saving it to receive amnesty but the muslims won't let him live long if he doesn't go ahead and talk now. TALK TO HIM JOE!!

  7. Is there any chance that we can have the "USURPER" tried by a foreign country ???!!!! After all his decisions to destroy America have a direct impact on the rest of the world !!! Is there anyone out there with a pair of b*lls to stand up to this commie ???? I guess they are afraid that they'll be called "RACISTS" !!!!!

  8. I would urge Sheriff Arpaio to furnish an afidavit on his findings in the Cold Case Posse investigation
    of "ForgeryGate". Congress is completely complicit in the cover-up of Obama's birth, as evidence was presented to all 535 members of Congress in July 2010 of Obama's birth in Kenya.Recently the undersigned also sent
    a copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate to Rep. Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Congress has refused to take action on the biggest cover-up in U.S. history!

  9. Its the responsibility of the Republican candidates to attack Obama from all 4 sides with all the information against him that they have or that they can find, collect and put together to use against him now, who knows maybe even the Clintons would chime in!

  10. Where is the petition?
    Make it a Free Blast Fax to all Senate, House, Congress, Governors, Mayors, Sheriffs, Courts, Supreme Court, every law officials, and every citizen of the USA!
    We must unit together!
    We must expose this and get dramatic attention!
    This must be a FREE petition that is put on every Social Network!
    Blast email this to every on!
    Then FREE Blast Fax to Congress!

    • thestorm says:

      The petition was for AZ. residents only to keep hussein off of the 2012 ballot.It was sent Monday to The elections board of st. attorney,whoever handles that sort of thing.

    • Yes. If Blast Faxes were FREE, then I would definately use them. Social Security doesn't allow for paying for them.

  11. to we the people,we the people by me,have been calling every week,all the politicians in are area,writing the letters,emailing,faxing,all the local papers,i call the wh,twice a week,and tell them we the people demand this ineligible president,step down,he is a trader,fraud,liar,then a recite the pledge of aligence,and they say thank you to me,and thats it,i do the whole thing,twice a week,and have been doing this for over 8 months,i just keep telling everyone,every week the same thing.i just keep banging away.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,all american veterans,and all american nation under god

  12. Billy J.Cooper says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio you are without a doubt the only person with any "Cojones" that is still willing to go forward with this investigation even though there are death threats against you. I have to Salute You Sir. You are truly An American Hero. I only wish we had more Americans who would stand up and be counted. Bill O'reilly says he is to busy, Bill O'reilly has S*** FOR BRAINS, Or he possible has been scared off. I think a lot of folks have been threatened by the Obama Thugs. Bill Clinton back in 2008 was supposed to started this "Birther" thing. Something either scared him off, or he was bought off. With the Clinton's it could be either.

  13. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro Admits That He's A Muslim.

  14. Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) admits that he was not born in America.

  15. Michele Obama admits her husband Barack Hussein Obama was
    born in Kenya.

  16. If Sheriff Arpio and Mike Zullo are not willing to testify and/or sign an affidavit as to the evidence they have already uncovered and already released to the public, then I can only conclude that their courage only goes just so far and no more. If that is the case then both Arpio and Zullo are just as guilty in helping to protect Obama and are aiding and betting in this fraud. if this is the case, then I will quickly lose all faith in and respect for Arpio.

    As for sending faxes or signing petitions, those days are over for me. I cannot afford it any more as I am on Social Security. Even though I got a $30.00 a month cost of living increase in January (the first in three years), my rent just went up by $20.00 a month, my Medigap insurance premium went up by $15.00 a month, gas in my area is now $4.10 a gal for regular. I am now left with $115.00 a month for food. So no, no more petitions, no more faxes.

    Besides, all of the faxes, petitions, emails, snail mail and phone calls I have made over the years haven't amounted to a hill of beans. Nothing has ever changed except for the worse, no matter which party was in power. If nothing comes of the Arpio investigation or the law suits filed by Taitz and others, then that means that there is only ONE alternative left and that is a full blown, out-and-out revolution or civil war, and that won't happen either because the majority of Americans lack the balls or they have become too attached to the freebies, the crumbs that the government throws their way.

    • RacerJim says:

      Like yourself the days of making phone calls, sending emails/faxes/snail mails and signing petitions are over for me as well.

      Documented proof that 2008 Democratic Party of Hawaii Chairman Brian Schatz intentionally DID NOT CERTIFY Obama as eligible to serve as POTUS under provisions of the U.S. Constitution as required under Hawaii election law at the time/still has been in the public domain for more than three years — no matter.

      Documented proof that 2008 Democratic National Convention Chairman Nancy Pelosi intentionally committed Federal Election Fraud by blindly CERTIFYING Obama as eligible to serve as POTUS under provisions of the U.S. Constitution as required under Hawaii election law at the time/still has also been in the public domain for more than three years — no matter.

      Per Georgia election law, at the request of the Georgia Secretary of State a Georgia Administrative Law Judge issues a subponea requiring Obama and/or his attorney to appear at a Ballot Eligibility Hearing and prove he is eligible to be on the 2012 Democratic Primary Ballot. Obama’s attorney tells the Georgia Secretary of State that neither he or Obama will appear at the hearing. The Georgia Secretary of State tells Obama’s attorney to not appear “at your own peril”. Neither Obama or his attorney appear yet the Judge rules in Obama’s favor in direct violation of Georgia election law and the Geogia Secretary of State abides by the Judge’s ruling — no matter.

      The United States military has shown no intent whatsoever to stage a Coup d’Etat. Therefore, there is indeed only ONE alternative left to “We the people…” and that is indeed a second, full-blown, out-n-out, Revolutionary or Civil War. Since neither of those is going to happen for the reasons you gave, say goodbye to the United States of America as it has been ever since 1776.

      Vietnam Veteram

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      @Most Reverend Gregori, I too, live on very little of the crumbs left to me, and my fellow “below the poverty level”………My husband recieves $500 a month in Social Security, and the rest is left up to me to earn, I clean for a living. We exist, that is about all we do, exist on what we have, and on whateve our son can help us with. He is in the military, and so he does his part for this nation………..and for that, our country owes him, and his fellow Brothers in Arms a lot better than they get! We, my husband and I, have paid our taxes all our lives, and so we too, as do you, deserve better treatment than you receive at the hands of this more than crooked “government”. All Americans, I should say, All Patriotic Americans, should be treated far better than we are. So, Dear Reverend, do not lose hope that these Patriots will one day rise to the occasion and do what must be done, there are more than a few of us out here who will do more than just talk, and comment on sites such as this. I feel an anger from my fellow American Patriots that is unlike any I have ever felt before. And one day, with God on our side, we will fight and perhaps win this fight, against this Regime of Excrement, this Dictatorship in the making cannot continue as it is with no backlash at all, it is an offense against every one of us who value our freedom and liberty, won for us by our forefathers and by their blood, sweat and tears, and by many deaths in the process. We have a duty to our nation, a duty born of gratitude. Gratitude for what our ancestors fought for so hard and died for! We must prove our gratitude in a battle for freedom, for which they gave their life’s blood so that we might live in a land where WE MATTER MORE THAN THE GOVERNMENT, and at the time, KINGS who made our lives miserable! I do beleive that a full scale revolution is in the works, and that there are more involved in this revolution than we know at this point in time. But at a later date, one that is sooner rather than later, we will know who these Patriots are, and we have a choice, to join them in this most important fight of our lives to date, or to sit on our hands and do nothing but complain…………..which will do no one any good, only make a bad situation worse by their SILENCE AND UNWILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE WHAT THEY MAY HAVE TO IN ORDER TO KEEP THE MOST VALUABLE THING OF ALL……………FREEDOM! “give me liberty, or give me death” still means something to more Americans than you may think! Please sir, do not give up. Faxing and donating is not possible for many of us either, but we do what we can. In your case, pray, talk to God, for God will answer the prayers of a righteous man, or many righteous men and women…………and I beleive that there are many such righteous men and women still living in our country! And, when you think about it, God is still in control, and God does not charge for His mercy, or His love, all He expects of us is our hearts and our souls. And that we be sincere when praying. “If a nation called by God……” look it up sir. God is our only real solution. Prayer costs nothing. If you feel the need to donate, do it where it does the most good. But most of all, “Donate” your prayers, for those prayers will do more good than all the guns and weapons on earth! God, With God, all things are possible sir. Matthew 19:26.

    • I agree. Faxes are too costly for me also, being on social security. The laughable $30 mo. increase has done nothng to help my situation. Besides, faxes do no good. They end up in the wastebasket. Emails merely result in a computer generated automatic reply that simply tells you that you are incorrect in your reasoning, and your request goes ignored.
      I also have very little hope that anything will come of Sheiff Arpaio's investigation because no media is covering it, so the American people do not know about the results. As for the lawsuits, the judges are either Muslim, far left liberals, are bribed, or have their families lives threatened, so the suits go nowhere.
      As for out and out revolution, I disagree that the majority of Americans lack the balls. I think the majority of Americans will not stand still for what is probably coming. And the minute Obumma declares martial law or calls in the UN peacekeepers, the American people are going to stand up and say NO!!

  17. Debbie Wesselman Shitz, Heck she probably forged the fake BC. IF there was whiteout on it, then that would have been proof positive it was that dizzy blonde nazi and not traitor bill ayers.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      uwho my name for her is Debbie Wassherwoman Schultz and she she should get a job in a gentlemens club sliding her vagina up and down on a pole.She is a sad excuse for a woman and I wonder if she is a Monica to the boon.

  18. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't believe that Arpaio and Zullo won't testify on their findings,that's the cowardly way out unless Holder says he will have them jailedand killed.It almost like a detective solving a murder case and then telling the prosecuter he won't testify.

  19. thestorm says:

    Sheriff Joe knows what he is doing.He has served in some aspect of law enforcement throughout his career.I will add that Taitz showed up in GA. uninvited by the other attorneys trying to push her way into the case.She as others have lost cases. Joe & the cold case posse need to be left alone.Common sense tells us that they have a plan that can't be dismissed.If they feel that they need Taitz,I'm sure they will call upon her.

  20. Ppanther says:

    Here is a website that contains an interview with Jerome Corsi, it might be on u tube as well, saying that Clintons were the first ones that attempted to expose Obama as not qualified according to the Constitution and later they were threatened when their close friend was shot three times in his Arkansas office in cold blood, no motive found, and someone let them know Clinton better shut up or Chelsea would be next. These guys are dirty, very dirty, and they mean to stay that way. We will all have to unite to get rid of the rat pack, it looks like. Video: Clinton Insider: Bill Clinton Is A Birther

  21. I definitely agree!

    Sheriff Arpaio, and his courageous Cold Case Posse has done such a magnificent job at uncovering, with indisputable evidence, a whole host of unprecedented high-level corruption and felonies!

    It would seem to me to be counter productive, if not outright tragic, to not follow this up in court … while simultaneously sticking it in the face of the unspeakably corrupt mass media, that is doing all in its considerable power to shut down everything about the facts of the investigation!

    Besides, since the media's distortion of the facts (along with the near total blackout), didn't Sheriff Arpaio,, indicate that he was ready to do what he had to do in order to take it to the public without mass media assistance?

    Well Sheriff … is there, or is there likely to ever be, a a better way, or opportunity, than your own personal and detailed testimony in court?

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