ForgeryGate: Dear John…. An Open Letter To Senator John McCain (AZ)

John McCain Official SC1 ForgeryGate: Dear John.... An Open Letter to Senator John McCain (AZ)

Dear John,

Yep, that salutation means exactly what it implies,  John…. We’re through!  Actually, that took place four years ago, if not earlier, when the “Straight-Talk Express” decided to mimic Chris Matthews, and lob only amiable and anemic softballs at your presumed opponent, Barry Soetoro/Obama.  And that’s precisely my point, John.  We, the American People, wanted (and clearly needed and deserved) to know who this Junior Senator from Illinois, the Land – not of Lincoln, but of – Capone really was. Four years later, many still don’t…although it seems that I may have just summed it all up!

So, John, if you’re wondering “if it’s cold in here,” or “if it’s you?”…it’s plainly freezing, and everyone else in the room knows that “it ain’t us”!  Meanwhile, your h-deprived namesake (and AZ Senate colleague, Jon Kyl), along with virtually every other Republican member of the United States Congress, has been AWOL on this matter of critical national security import from the beginning, and you of all people, John, should be acutely aware that that means something entirely different from simply being MIA. The latter can’t always be helped; the former most certainly can!

We’re at war, John, and I would have thought that given your background, you would recognize the fact.  Has the hero of the Hanoi Hilton melted into a “sunshine patriot”?  (That was Thomas Paine who said that, John – in case you’ve forgotten.)

What prompted me to officially inform you of our long-overdue break-up, John, was your most recent communication, to both me and apparently to many others.   Here it is:

Dear Mr. Ballantyne:

Thank you for contacting me about the citizenship requirements for the office of President of the United States. I appreciate knowing your views on this issue. [Really, John?]

As you may know, Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as President of the United States: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this very important matter. Please feel free to contact me on this or any other issue of concern.


John McCain – United States Senator

Really, John?

Once again, John, having very little knowledge of such things, I was surprised to hear that the whole matter of Barry (or Barack’s) identity/citizenship was actually addressed in the Constitution.  Imagine my surprise upon learning that!

So what you, John, and that dusty old document you quoted from are suggesting is, what?  That someone aspiring to the highest office in the Free (or not-so-free) World should be “natural-born”?

It occurs to me that since the FDA had not even remotely crossed the minds of men like Madison, Jay, and Hamilton, this archaic and quaint criterion must be referring to more than his now-highly-revered mother toughing it out in the delivery room – in either Kansas or Kenya…er, that is Honolulu!  (Which hospital was it that was claiming him these days, John?  It’s so hard to keep up with all the changes!)

Could it mean that his unwed parents – both his under-aged mom and his Kenyan-born British subject/citizen “father” could not possibly have bestowed citizenship – much less “natural-born” citizenship – on their illegitimate offspring?  While I am loathe to repeat myself in referring to his unfortunate “illegitimacy,” John, is there anything about this phantom president which is, in fact, provably legitimate?  I’m all ears, John, should you come across something…although I won’t refrain from drawing breath in the interim….

In any case, John, I know you’re not aware of it, as evidenced by your conspicuous absence at the March 31st Arpaio Press Conference in Sun City West – at which, had you attended, you could have addressed some 1,200 or more of your constituents. But the most widely-recognized Sheriff in all of America – who also, come to think of it, hails from your own “home” state of Arizona-has proven beyond doubt (reasonable or otherwise) that whoever the current occupant of the Oval Office is, or may be…wherever he was born…and whoever his parents may have been, the digital/virtual image that he has posted on his MySpace page is a cheap imitation, and proven forgery!  (And, thanks to Mike Zullo and Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold-Case Posse, we can also say with certainty, the same regarding his Selective Service Registration – which alone makes him ineligible to serve in any federal capacity or office …but I digress!)

I truly hate to bring it up, but given his woeful inability to obtain even the lowest-level security clearance (an extreme difficulty when one can’t even pass E-Verify), our esteemed Commander in Chief would without question not qualify to work in Michelle’s celebrated White House vegetable garden – unless, of course, she too hires “undocumented workers”…but once again, I digress!

But getting back to my previous point; in spite of the vast array of irrefutable proof of multiple unprecedented forgeries, you, John, find the matter of the Constitutional eligibility of the Commander in  Chief of the most powerful military on Earth, unworthy of comment…other than to reaffirm that you, like your aspiring young colleague, Jeff Flake,  “believe” that he is a “citizen.”  While you, of course, offer no rational basis for that “belief,” I seem to recall from your highly-informative letter that he must be “natural-born,” John…whatever that may mean!

In any case, John, isn’t this a little like continuing to “believe” that the Earth is, indeed, flat – even after Columbus has returned from his historic maiden voyage?  Actually, it is, so by all means, go ahead and remain rooted in the clearly-fashionable ignorance of the past! After all, we no longer burn at the stake those who depart from the firmly-established orthodoxy of the elites, but whatever it is that the Ruling Class do to dissenters these days, it must be terrifying, John, to cow an old war hero like you.  What could it be…banishment from the castle of the cultural elites?  Is that it, John?  Is that worth betraying your country and your oath of office, John, as well as your oath as a uniformed military officer?

Fortunately, all is not lost, John…as your highly-informed and courageous constituents nonetheless sail on, undeterred, and armed with the truth as irrefutably substantiated by Sheriff Joe and his Posse (along with a vast army of countless other citizen soldiers across this nation.) And we expect to reach America ourselves very soon – this time, all of it; as all but the most fervent zealots will soon be forced to acknowledge what everyone else in the room already knows but won’t admit-the all-but-blinding truth-that the Emperor in the People’s House has not even a stitch of clothes!


Tom Ballantyne – A Once-Ardent Admirer (along  with countless others!)


Author of Oh Really, O’Reilly! and Uncommon Sense…Apparently!

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  1. Bob McMillian says:

    Bravo. If I thought that McCain would actually read my letter, I would send him one which would probably cause his skivvies to catch fire. My only conclusion at this point is that the man is senile and should be wrapped in a wet sheet and carried off to a home someplace where he can be cared for until he shuffles off this mortal coil. Unfortunately for the citizens of Arizona, that probably won't happen.

  2. that's the same reply i got from his office!!!!!!!!! time to fax all of these pricks in office! after that its to the streets!!!

  3. McAmnesty? cosponsor er of amnesty legislation with Senator Ted Kennedy? The term RINO was invented for pricks like Mcain.

  4. Most of us have lost faith in John. We voted for him in the election, admired him for all he had endured in Hanoi, and thought him a true American. But he is just one of the politicians in D.C. that has betrayed our trust. The only good thing that has come out of this mess is that now we know how corrupt our government really is. And we have the nerve to send our men overseas to eliminate corrupt governments? Some of the laws they have passed over the years (and hidden from us) are astounding. I am really encouraged to think a Spanish country, and a friend of Obamas, will be counting the votes in the coming election. Anyone want to bet who will win? But then, Mitt is a member of the same elite group as Obama so what difference will it make to our country?

    • John McCain is just another builderburger who wants to see a New World Order. all these guys including George Soros need to be locked up so they can play cards for the rest of their lives.

    • Jimmy Porter says:

      John is no longer worthy of being in the same group as us American people. He is a worm, a sleazy worm.
      I cannot understand how he was allowed to stay alive after being captured; surely the enemy must have had something better to do. This guy is a real asshole.

  5. Cincinnatius says:

    I am at a loss to explain the complete, total, absolute, lack of integrity in the United States Congress. Mathematically, the odds of having at least 1 of 535 who would stand for the Constitution are really great, but the facts are in, NONE of them possess any modicum of courage and or integrity. What makes this all the more amazing to me is the fact that the heavy lifting has been done by Sheriff Joe, i.e., it should be easy for the cowards to at least see the proof that he has so ably put on the table. BUT, they are such cowards, such narrow minded, self-serving traitors that they can ignore their country's plight, their oaths, and continue to allow these questions to be unaddressed by the body in which they (don't) serve. Eventually, the wall around Obozo is going to come down and the truth will come forth, revealing Obozo's illegal occupancy of the office of president. At that time, every congressman, senator, and federal judge should be charged, impeached, and jailed for the crime of misprision.

  6. yep

  7. David F. says:

    It especially galls me, as a retired Military man myself, that McCain can even look back on the oath he SWORE all that time ago when he was serving in the Military and to forget his OATH to Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign (and foreign born) and domestic (the Foreigner is now living in OUR DAMN HOUSE!!). It's past time for John to remember that Oath!!

  8. Good for you, some of our chicken livered elected officials in Arizona are covering for this alien that is guiding our country to ruin.

  9. If John McCain doesn't do or say something useful in this matter then he is complicit as John Boehner and all the other cowards in the Republican party who are letting this forger in chief continue to sit in our highest office. I say all of them should be held accountable and put on trial for the highest crime of treason.

  10. John McCain and all the rest of the house and Senate republicans will have to answer for this. If they do nothing and keep playing the tune that they believe O is legit without taking into account all the evidence then they all need to stand trial for deceiving the American people and also be charged with treason. You guys hear this? This is NOT going away. Stand up like men and burn the liar in chief. You know as well as we do that O' has to go.

  11. Lets remamber who NOW serves in our Gov't and each of us do our best to remove these people from office! Are you listening Sherrod???? I'm voting AGAINST YOU IN NOV> IF you people choose to ignore our constitutional Laws–You don't belong in our senate-!!!

  12. firefight says:

    Looks like John McCain has run out of friends. So be it! I lost faith in him and Sara Palin when I discovered that they knew Obama wasn't a U.S. citizen during the campaigning as well did Bill Clinton and Hillary. Yet, Bill and Hillary allowed the nomination for Democratic Presidential nominee to be ripped away from Hillary by this unknown black man from God knows where and John and Sara didn't challenge it during the debates. All of this should tell all of us something about what's going on. All of our politicians are bought and paid for just like our liberal media. We are going to have to cut off the snake's head if we are going to win and the snakes head is Soros, the Bilderbergs and the World Banking system.

  13. david dexter says:

    we also must insist even if obama loses the election to impeach him in absentia to remove all the crap he's done and all the executive orders removed and his name removed as the 44th president

    • Jimmy Porter says:

      Oh Hell yeh! this should be the minimum. I say hang him in the gutters of the drains of Washington D.C. till his rotten body falls from his frame. What good is it to have a solution for just this situation and then not to follow through.

  14. Mary Ann says:

    The GOP somehow gives us the least likely candidates to win..Then keeps them silent on the opponent. Which leads me to believe that the Republicans are Democrats and liberals and socialists and communists. John McCain once was a hero, but now his actions in the past election makes him a traitor. He did not want to win. And now they have given us Romney..He is the same as McCain…He is a pigeon to try to show there was an election when it has all been decided long before now. Romney cannot win…He is wimpish…We need a dynamo and an honest one at that…..I cannot take four more years of Obama whomever he is. For sure he is a racist. And God is right in calling him a pathetic little Cretin….From God's lips to your ears….America…where are you????? How do these lowest of the low get elected??? Why is the Attorney General crook still there??? They throw out the good ones and keep the lying cheats..God help us.

  15. John Handforth says:

    I am hearing impaired (I get a small VA benefit), but if ANYONE in Congress, or the Senate, heard this letter,it would be falling on deaf ears. When I joined the Air Force,one of the first things that we did was take an oath of loyalty and fealty to Our Country.

    After the oath was administered, an officer explained to us just we had commited ourselves to, so that there could be no doubt. Some of the people may have lacked the understanding or education to know what they had sworn to, but the patience of the officer explaining the oath left no doubt.

    —— Continued below ——–

  16. John Handforth says:

    There are degrees to the oath, as an officer faces more penalties for disregarding his oath of allegiance than an enlisted man would. While an enlisted man might face a prison term for failure to comply, an officer could face death for the same type of offense and failure of duty. I would expect the President, Vice-President, Senators and Congresspersons to take the most serious oath of all. ALL of these elected officers are well above average intelligence and should have a very good understanding of the oath that they have taken.

    Could we have 537 traitors in Washington, DC? If I had failed my commitment as these people seem to have done, they would have me making small rocks out of big ones. It is about time that they stop adding drugs to the Washington, DC tap water and add testosterone, instead.

    • There are 1 or 2 good people in Congress,,the rest should be hung…from the potus down..

    • mr_bad_example says:

      we do have 537 traitors, and I will be the first to donate to the yard arm to hang them all upon. If Romney doesn't start hammering away at Obama's eligibility with a sledge hammer, we know where he stands, in line to be hanged with the rest…

  17. What happened to the two websites and that are posted at the end of this story. I clicked on both and got an error message "Not Found". Has Obummer and his socialist followers removed these sites already?

  18. The true will become common knowledge and I hope it is BEFORE the next election. Folks, this election will determine the future of America and our children. If you vote Obama know full well NOW that you are voting to destroy our country and children's future. Obama is a Marxist intent on our destruction.

    • We need to realize Blacks, (no matter what he does) Democrats, Liberals, Catholics, Unions and it's members, college students, especially the young females, gays, Muslims, people who are recieving entitlements, now that OUR taxpayer money is put on a debit card to spend however they chose, (They also recieve FREE cell phones!) illegals, Hispanics and there are women who vote for the man they would like in their bed. I bet there are people think that the tax payer's money on their debit card is the Obama money they were promised.

  19. As I have posted and commented many times there are too many people, I believe, who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed or threatened and more on the list. If this statement is not true this illegal, phony, lying POTUS would not be in office. He does not care about Congress, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, nor we the people.
    I have a feeling that John waspressured to drop out.

  20. It looks like mccain and kyle are the cowards here. They cant stand with the people. Instead they want us in fema camps. AMERICANS go figure!! They even know obama is illegal to be here in the USA. They know onama was ineligibel before hand. Obama and Hillary did not have enought names to get either one or them on the presidents ballot and both cheated to get on that ballot. WOW! This is not news to mccain and kyle. Now obama wants to send out votes to Spain to be counted. I all ready know why!!!!!!! obama wants to stay in the peoples house for EVER!! OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  21. I recieved the same reply. mccain and kyle dont know what NATURAL BORN MEANS. Both parents need to be born here in the USA. But mccain and kyle clear the words natural born by their way. Maybe they need to read the constitution and learn from it. Even mitt romney should not run for president. His Father was born in Mexico. This is another fact hidden from the public. And when it did come out it was smoothed over as us Americans didnt hear it. We the People are not stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Robert Evans says:

    Yes. McCain has been a fool since he was a fighter pilot. He still is. Kyl is a big disappointment. I did not realize until recently how much of a fool he is. Time to get rid of both of them.

  23. jawgadawg says:

    I'm not good at remembering names nor do I have the spare time to investigate who it was that stated it, but I once read that our ….or any democracy in history, is at it's lifes end after 200 years. I believe that we are in the "apathy" stage of it's tenure.

    I have been receiving this newsletter since before the last election and have read many a patriot's posts here, but this is the first tme posting a comment myself. A saying that my grandfather, a WWII Pacific Theatre veteran, used to say comes to mind quite often. "Son…. you don't s*** where you eat"…..and that is exactly what our current Congress is doing.

  24. jawgadawg says:

    It's difficult for me to fathom the possibility that the majority of the population has reached the apathetic mindset. Especially with all of the comments that I have observed here over the last four years. I, like many of you, have written to my congressmen and senators…..and I too have received the same canned responses. It's disheartening. I have heard all of my life "write your congressman"…. and frankly, in the past, thought to myself "what good what it do".

    Until Obama began to campaign and then I got wind of his "real" agenda, I was pretty much non political. Always voted the party primarily because I am a Christian. It was my Christian faith that spawned my political interests with focus on the "fact" that our president is a Muslim. I thought to myself…"OK…where is this going to go?" There is no place for a Muslim in the White House….. and certainly people would not vote for a Muslim…. and here we are.

  25. jawgadawg says:

    I do not see how we are going to be able to avoid violent confict. Bloodshed. Killing each other, unless we remain apathetic. I am afraid of killing, not dieing, but both appear to be inevitable. I mostly think about my three son's. What their future holds for them. Today it appears meager, at best. They are like me. They listen to me and pretty much shadow my beliefs.The conversations that we have are difficult when to topic is of current affairs. They look at me wide eyed and with disbelief. Why wouldn't they? All three have grown up living in the good old USA. But now they are getting a taste of what we all are up against…. and they are frieghtened. The question that looms for an answer is "Dad, is it worth dieing for?"

    I have always read and reitterated that history repeats itself….. and yes, freedom, simply, isn't free. We will soon be handed the bill. Prepare to pay.

  26. defender3 says:

    One of the paramount reasons McCain lost to Obama was his absolute refusal to take the gloves off and expose Obama's ties to the radical left, and his Marxist Communist-Socialist ideology! I to have written my Reps, Senators as well as Speaker Boehner to encourage them to conduct an investigation of the irefutable evidence uncovered by Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posee that Obama's birth certificate, as well as his draft registration card are forged documents. The Reps and Senators only response was that they accepted these documents as legitimate because the Hawaii officials deemed them to be so. Speaker Boehner did not even respond. Congressman Ted poe, Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn, I will, as well as thousands of others will remember you at election time, and we will work diligently to remove you from office!

  27. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Jawgadawg, freedom isn’t free, and yes indeed, it is worth dying for. IF a person cannot live free and live as their forefathers fought and died for, then why did our forefathers even bother to fight? Because they knew the value of freedom and liberty! So, you tell your children, and grandchildren, the same as I have told my two sons, YES, SONS! The FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES THAT OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR WERE WORTH DYING FOR! Because if they had not fought, we’d either still be under the Old British Rule, or under Nazi Germany RULE, speaking German, or Japanese Rule, speaking Japanese……..or, perhaps WORSE! And now, if we don’t fight, worse is yet to come, ISLAM, SHARIA LAW! Where no one will be able to breath one breathe of freedom, speak one word that isn’t compatible with this filthy disease known as slime, IS SLIME, and women will SUFFER THE MOST HORRILE LIVES EVER SUFFERED BY THE WESTERN WOMAN! I have no desire to pick up a gun and fight or be killed by one, but I have even LESS DESIRE to live as a (eewww, ugh!!!) mu SLIME female! That OFFENDS ME MORE THAN I CAN SAY, I AM A WOMAN! oh, my DEAR LORD, HOW THAT OFFENDS ME!!!!!!!!! To be told how to dress, what to say, and to have to obey some toothless, smelly, stinky old dirty man OFFENDS THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!!!! And what it would do to my grandchildren is something I don’t even want to contemplate! I’d rather them all be dead before being born than to have to live in such a world as that!!!!! SO! Does this tell you how very WORTH DYING FOR THAT FREEDOM IS???? Ask your sons this, ask them if this is a world where they would want to bring children into to live???????? As parents, we want lives that are good, and if possible, we want their lives to be better than ours was, so if we have to fight for what is rightfully ours as American citizens, and what our ancestors gave us with their sweat, blood and tears, it is truly, and INDEED MOST CERTIANLY WELL WORTH DYING FOR! For, WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE? Who in America, other than idiots and the filth called MU SLIMES, would WANT TO LIVE ANY OTHER WAY????!!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Correction in one sentence above, “breathe one breath” instead of breath one breathe…….sorry. But seriously, think about it, how many of us who have lived in the America that we know as free and with liberties such as we have always enjoyed……how many of us would like to live under this Sharia law? How many of us would like to be told what we can say, when to say it, and worship a non existant “god” whose only reason for “being” is to murder anyone who so much as looks at someone else the wrong way? And how many women in America, and the western world, would like to dress in all black sheets and cover their faces, and have SEX with anyone they are TOLD TO? And how many of us mothers would just “love” to see our daughters married to a pedophile? For that is what it truly is, when little girls are married to old nasty men who only want to have sex with children, legally! And, I’ll tell all you women out there in America, if no one else in this nation rises up and refuses this mu SLIME in office another chance to perhaps make your little girls into slaves of old men, then it is WE WOMEN WHO SHOULD BE AT THE FRONT OF THE LINES REFUSING THIS FILTHY MU SLIME BASTARD ANOTHER CHANCE OF DOING EXACTLY THAT, TURNING OUR NATION INTO ANOTHER I SLIME FILLED HELL FOR OUR DAUGHTERS, and that is not to mention TAKING OUR SONS AND FORCING THEM TO MURDER IN THE NAME OF A NON EXISTANT AND ANGRY “god”! Our LITTLE BOYS WILL BE TURNED INTO THESE MURDER MACHINES JUST AS THEY ARE IN THE HELLHOLES OF THE MIDDLE EASTERN WORLD! Bet on it ladies! BET YOUR UNDERWEAR ON IT! And then you can all KISS VICTORIA”S SECRET GOOD BYE! And you can also KISS ALL THE FREEDOMS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUGHT IN THE NAME OF EQUALITY THE SAME…………THE LONG AND UNCOMFORTABLE GOOD BYE! WAKE UP! This is America’s time to STAND UP AND BE HEARD AND SEEN! IF WE DO NOT DO THIS NOW, WE ARE HISTORY! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! And those old men, like McCain will be the ones who are mainly responsible for this, and they will be dead and beyond all the HELL that they UNLEASHED UPON US! WOMEN UNITE, FOR ONCE ALL WOMEN, BLACK WHITE YELLOW RED AND ALL OTHER RACES, UNITE! Men, you are most welcome to join us, but if you don’t, your freedoms will go the same route as ours, and you will not go unscathed by this hell either!!!! Remember your sons, and if you value them at all, join us in the most important fight of our lives to date!!!

  28. I am so disappointed in our Congress i just want to throw up. Even the ones I thought were holding to their conservative values are rolling over and playing (?) dead when the subject of this miserable piece of dog flop's eligability comes up. Bam Bam must have quite a book of dosiers on everyone that he can bypass them like so many serfs. Where is the one man who'll stand up to Barry and do the right thing for America. I fear nothing short of open rebellion will be necessary to reset the Constitution as the hallowed law of the land. I for one am ready to take my place behind a strong leader.

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