Forgerygate: An Open Letter To The Staff Of Andrew Breitbart

breitbart Forgerygate: An Open Letter To The Staff Of Andrew Breitbart

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From a Tea Party activist (and one-time fan):

While I’ve never witnessed a gaggle of rats (they’re not geese, but surely they’re not a flock or a pack…although each of the three terms seems surprisingly relevant here) scurrying frantically about the deck of a sinking ship (how many can say that they have?), in the aftermath of Sheriff Joe’s apparently irrefutable findings (has anyone within the sound of my voice heard a single substantive rebuttal of even one point?), I am beginning to picture clearly just how such a scene must look…as the aforementioned “gaggle” of “conservative” (no longer can I capitalize that) “reporters,” in a lemming-like frenzy, desperately seek shelter from the deadly light (or twilight) of truth – putting their at-once sheepish and pack-like behavior on full display!  (Try saying that quickly!)

Although the youthful Ben Shapiro (twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old – born in 1984) does not yet know it, he and I are (were, actually) inextricably “joined at the hip” (Surely I will be forced to deny or explain this) – on-air, at least – this past Saturday morning!  You see, Ben – reportedly the youngest nationally-syndicated columnist in the country, and now Editor-At-Large of – occupied the first thirteen minutes of the eight-four minutes of actual interview time, on Mark Gillar’s Tea Party Power Hour, broadcast from College Station, Texas…and I the last seventy-one.  So while he has clearly already received his “fifteen minutes,” I was mysteriously awarded far more than my due.  (I can already hear the highly-substantive and always-informative ad hominem attacks that will issue forth from the ever-civil Left…that I deserve not even the minimum allotment of Andy’s predicted portion. For the record, I learned all about such important matters when I too made the mistake of going to College – Architecture School, no less – back in the late sixties…but I digress!)
After an excellent start, in which the highly-exuberant Harvard Law grad spoke with passion of the relationship of the (one-time Harvard Law Review) president (ditto my earlier “capitalistic” remark…) with the one-time radical (I couldn’t bring myself to use the Left’s cherished “extremist”) Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell, the fledgling Master Shapiro careened alarmingly off course…as he was courageously asked by his well-informed interviewer what he planned to do in the way of following up on the fraudulent Selective Service registration card documented by the Arpaio/Cold Case Posse, and announced last week – a key vital record in the (almost non-existent) official document file of the unknown (and purposefully unknowable) Mystery Man holding the highest military security clearance in the nation, and in the Free World.
In a stunning metamorphosis – that would make a chameleon blush – the Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center was suddenly transformed through what could only be described as a mesmeric trance, into an adamant and incoherent (but decidedly vehement) defender of the “settled science” of Liberal orthodoxy on this simplest of Constitutional questions…all of this in the immediate aftermath of his pious declarations of “vetting” the community-organizer-turned-president!
In characteristic fashion (bring it on Media Matters and the Huffing [and-Puffing]ton Post – not to mention every “respectable” right-wing “news” organ in the country from Red State to the National Review), I have droned on too long without getting to the heart of the matter.  In an eventual Freudian moment (soon to follow), the alliterative “Benny (not Danny) Boy” betrayed (how appropriate) the sum and substance of his meteoric metamorphosis, when he heartily proclaimed that:
“The Left can try and get out of this however they want.  The facts are the facts…. We are going after him [President Obama] because he is the President of the United States, and he has not been vetted, and we’re going after the media at the same time because they want to cover for him…. [Did he say they?] This comes back to…Andrew’s main point, which is that we need an army of citizen journalists. [He (Andrew) was right about that!]  The media [which one, Ben?] is not going to do its job.  The media…is simply going to continue its pattern of protecting President Obama, and so it’s up to all of us [which group are you in, Benjamin?] to do the job that the media won’t, which means that we are the ones who have to go out and do the research.  [Only on officially-sanctioned subjects, apparently.] If you have a tip, send it to us!  If you have any information or ideas, send it to us!  [Well, sort of….] We will track them down!  [Like Jim Bridger, no doubt, but only federally-allowed pelts will be pursued.  Fortunately for Jim – but too bad for Ben – the straight jacket of political correctness was not fashionable among the manly trailblazers of his day.]
It is our goal to vet not only President Obama but all of our politicians, because an informed citizenry is a safe citizenrya non-informed, ignorant citizenry is a citizenry that can be put under the thumb of…just about anybody.”  [And that, my friends, is simply stunning…given what you will hear next.]
To be continued…. (in An Open Letter to Young Ben Shapiro – Part II)
Tom Ballantyne – Author of Oh Really, O’Reilly!  
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  1. Harold Clark says:

    These people are either cowards or they was paid off. What a bunch of traitors and back stabbers. I hope they live to regret the day they caved!

  2. We need to bring Obama down, and we need to bring him down before the next general election. And by bring him down I mean impeach him, or find the evidence that he is, was, or ever will be eligible to be president. If we do this, we can roll back the hands of time, just before all of this corruption started, and put our country back on the right path to prosperity.

    • I give up on Fox News. They should have had Sheriff Joe on each night for the last 2 weeks regarding Bill Ayers parents paying the bill for Harvard of a foreign exchange student named Barry Soetoro. I don't watch Fox much now as they have wimped out on many things. I call O'Reilly Puff Ball now.

      • Yep, Fox news is now irreverent. they are in the tank for Obama. O'reilly is a super pin head and a fool if he really believes Obama is legit. O'reilly is a poor excuse for a commentator now. He just shoots from the hip, interrupts everyone constantly and is really getting on a lot of people's nerves. Fox News and the others who won't fully disclose information concerning Obama's forgery on the birth certificate need to be shut down as far as I'm concerned. They are not a viable news organization anymore. .

  3. ObaMAO sucks! says:

    I've heard from a few different sources that the ObaMAO regime has threatened journalist with FTC and FCC investigation and license revocation if they pursue his Birth Certificate and eligibility any further. Could be they're just running scared after Andrews death?

    • I think someone from the negro’s usuper’s office approached Ben and said, say listen about the porn you view on line…………….

      But nobody investigates the negroes drug use, bi-sexual and homosexual relations, etc.

    • Give me liberty or give me death.. We are loosing this battle with Obastard because no on has the guts to walk up and arrest him and try the bastard.. enough said.

  4. Yeah, I cannot believe Ben Shapiro stabbed Andrew in the back. I cannot believe Ben anymore. I use to be a fan but no more.

    It’s as if he has returned to his true traditional Jewish belief, Hitler attack us, nahhhhhh……….. oBama illegal to be president? Nahhhh…………..

    Why is the most intellectually accomplished among us often the most foolish???

  5. Jan Dinkins says:

    Anyone with 1/2 a grain of sense and armed with truth, vim and vinegar could beat Obama. Any one of the Republican candidates could walk circles around Obama when it comes to intelligence . They have the truth to contradict any and all of the lies spewed forth from Obama and the Zombie team but they lack meaness. The Republicans should hang aorund with a few "junk yard" dogs!

  6. liberty49 says:

    Thank God for Andrew Breitbart and Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Now is we can just get our Representatives to listen.. They think we are all conspiracy theorist junkies. Knowing how long 9/11 was in the planning, why is it not believable that the Leftists are capable of pulling off The Manchurian President?

  7. John Henry says:

    Tom, rats form packs and "media" is a plural noun.

  8. I suppose Andrew provided the backbone for the organization. Now that he is gone, the first order of business was to cave and compromise on one of the most significant stories in a hundred years. Refusing to see what is so plainly in front of one's face – despite a mountain of evidence – tells me everything I need to know about the "new leadership" at Breitbart. Etu Brute?

    • I am somewhat familiar with Andrew Breitbart, what he stood for and his reason for doing it. I agreed with him and was saddened when he left us without his leadership. I disagree with you, Joe, on one issue….you properly placed in quotes the word "leadership", however, as you so aptly nailed it, there is NO leadership at all at Breitbart com. To imagine this new individual actually had a relationship with Andrew is really stretching the credibility of that argument as exemplified by his recent actions. For the rest of that organization to permit this atrocity to continue unchallenged is the informal announcement of the demise of it. Sad.

  9. Sorry folks. This illegal, phony, lying POTUS will either be re-elected or there will be a situation created (which is very close already) where he will declare Martial Law, cancel the election and remain in power until his string pulling puppet masters are finished with him.
    There are too many people who have been and will be bought, bribed, blackmailed or threatened. If that statement is not true then this man would not be in office.

  10. We has a right to fired all peoples whom work for the white house obama do not have no power what so ever we ave the right to fired Peoples in the white house. Obama do not own them. We Do………….Who Do!

    • You are absolutely correct. People, read the Constitution, it is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. Not the negro, not congress, not the Supreme Court, and especially NOT martial law. IT IS THE CONSTITUTION!!!

      IF those in power exceed their power granted by the Constitution we have the right to abolish their power and remove them and it is reserved back to the people again.

      IT IS THE PEOPLE who reign supreme under the Constitution, not the government.

  11. Chains I can belive in ,around the illegal occupier hands.It would be a sad day for our country but just maybe We will not believe in fairy tales and con jobs and elect honest moral men and women who will not be silent when a great wrong has been done to our country its Consitution, Laws and Freedom ? Are there any honorable men oe women left in Washington DC, or have you all sold your souls to the Devil?

  12. Ben Shapiro is the Benedict Arnold in this culture war between those who would defend our liberty enumerated in the Constitution and the lying liberal legions under the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa. Shall we call them Ben I and Ben II? Hah! Spineless little worm – Ben Shapiro. The rest of his staff should kick his ass.

  13. Well if you will remember. Henry Kissenger, said ( they) were grooming Obama to take over America. He and all his commie friends have all but done that. But, again in his sick demented head he believe' s he will continue to occupy. Our White House. ( ie) his whispering to the Russian dude. And yes we should be very concerned as to what he has been whispering to Iran and to north Korea and to Afghanistan and Syria. The man is a creep and is committed to bringing down America. That's what he promised in return for power and the Big Bucks He and his wide ass wife has made. They did Not Have The Money when they first moved into the WH. That they have now.. They are sub/ human .

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