For Black America A Time For Choosing: Belief In The Democrat Party Or Belief In God’s Laws

Donkey SC 300x300 For Black America a time for choosing: belief in the Democrat Party or belief in God’s laws

Democrats have had a war against African Americans for 200 years. The Democrat Party’s most notable “Founding Father” was Aaron Burr a man who plotted with Democrat Andrew Jackson to steal the Louisiana Territories  to break them up and make new slave states out of them.

James Polk a Democrat President actually traded in slaves while he was president and fired the permanent civil service staff so he could have his slaves wait on him in our White House.  Through the years Democrats have picked up guns to maintain slavery and formed the Klu Klux Klan to keep freed slaves in virtual bondage after they were freed.

Woodrow Wilson brought Jim Crowe Laws to Washington where there were intact middle class Black families thriving and being supported by fathers who were working for the federal government. Democrat Wilson ended that and segregated the federal workforce.

Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” has turned out to be just a cynical trick. When he signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act (passed only with Republican votes in the Senate) Johnson proudly * remarked, “I’ll have them N^$$#@s voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

He had no intention of helping Black people just getting their votes. The “Great Society” has destroyed the African American family and caused Black illegitimacy rates to skyrocket.

Clearly the Democrat Party has been filled with people who see African Americans only as voters to be “given a lift to the polls” several times every two years but not as people.

Now Democrats are in the process of stripping Black people of their religious belief, the only anchor many have to help them cope with life.

Democrats are forcing African American ministers to choose between preaching Democrat Party liberal orthodoxy and preaching the word of God from the bible. Under pain of losing social programs controlled by Democrats, some Black ministers have chosen Democrats over God and are telling their congregations Barack Obama’s pro Gay “marriage” pro sodomy polices must be quietly accepted because he is the Democrat. They are turning their back on God for Barack Obama, and asking their congregations to follow them.

This is a terrible thing to do to people but Democrats don’t care. They have been taking advantage of Black people for two hundred years.

Now is the time for Black people to choose: Will they follow Democrats or God?

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. matismf says:

    You know EXACTLY what they are going to choose, because you know EXACTLY what they are.

    • Ann in Nebraska says:

      No, I do not know, matismf. I know black people are just like me. In the final analysis, we all will choose to follow God's will. We answer first to God. I have a friend, Bob Parks, who has a web site I think you would really like:

      It's very interesting. Bob has put a lot of work into making sure the facts are all there and in the right chronological order. You will be stunned at what you can learn. Check it out.

  2. E Connelly says:

    I would hope that they would choose God, but since the democrats have enabled them for so long (you know, free housing, free food, free this, free that); it will be very difficult for any black person who longs to be an up-standing citizen to break free. You can thank Reverend (About Face) Sharpton and Jesse (Can't wait to find a young white girl) Jackson for this sad state of affairs. They are race-baiters of the 1st degree just so they can keep their sorry-azzes employed.

  3. David F. says:

    In all honesty, if Black Ministers choose to follow the Democrat party line, then they are in fact committing a sin, because they would be following the law of Man over the Law of God. They will have to one day account for making this choice, if they choose poorly. Now I wonder how many Black Church goers are going to be willing to put their Immortal Soul on the line for this Usurper in office, and I hope that someone in the Congregations of these Church's will stand up and point out the error of this path.

  4. It is not only blacks whose religion is under attack. It is all Christians. If they have sucess ridding the country of the Christian religion, then they will start on the other religions.

  5. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I have always maintained that God was the first to give us the Right to Choose. This includes the Right to choose anything, wrong or right. Laws are made to stop the wrong choices, but laws do not always stop them. Murder, for instance, it is against both the law of man, and the Law of God, as in the Ten Commandments. But people murder one another by the thousands each day, all over the globe. And they know, in their hearts that it is wrong. But still, they murder. Criminals murder, rape, steal, terrorize and all other things that are against laws of all nations. The Law of God is the One Law that supercedes all other laws, and no matter which law of man one chooses to break, or one chooses to follow, if one chooses to follow a law of man, when the Law of God calls it WRONG, then the man or woman who chooses, willfully, to go against this Law of God knows in their souls, and deep in their hearts, that they are committing a sin in the Eyes of God Himself. So, black congregations who will deliberately go along with this “law” that says it is ok for same sex marriage, and that homosexuals have that right, know they are on the wrong side of the Law of God. They, and they alone, each man and woman themselves, will stand before the Throne of God, and give an account for their own behavior on that day. The excuse that “Obama said it was ok” will not fly in the Face of the Almighty. God will be the Final Judge of all mankind. And the saying “to he who has been given much, much will be required”, has merit here, for God gave us the knowledge and the privilage of knowing right from wrong, the freedom of religion, the freedom of reading our Bibles, and what we have done with that knowledge has been a grave error in judgement by us. We know the difference between right and wrong, and have each and everytime, chosen the wrong path, deliberately chosen wrong over right, or allowed it, which is the same choice in the Eyes of God. The Book of Psalms states that “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God”. America has in more ways than one, said this very thing. For, we have allowed atheisim to flourish, and our rights to worship will be taken from us as a result. We have allowed homosexuality to flourish, so our rights to marriage as between a man and a woman will suffer also. We who beleive in marriage as a sacred union between man and woman will be the outcasts and suffer as a result. As it is, we already are suffering. We go by the name Christians, and the name itself implies that we follow Christ……and we bear His name, so as He was reviled in His days on earth, so we are now ourselves, being reviled and persecuted. One day soon, we will be put to death for our beleifs, the Bible tells us this also. But we must remember that we only die a human death once, and the human death means that we will be with the One whose name we bear, Christ, as we are Christians. Christians were put to death in Roman times, for being Christians, and one day, it will come to our generation, or the next. But right now, we are, black and white Christians, to be strong and stand for right, no matter the consequences. Black people know this very well, but it is their choice to make, right or wrong, to follow the law of man, or the Law of God. What they choose will be theirs to answer for, when they face their God, the God of Abraham and Moses. Remember too, that Noah warned the people before the Great Flood, that it would come, and the people laughed and reviled him………until the rains came………………

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