Football And War

I love football. Back in 1968, after Green Bay had beaten Dallas for the second time in Superbowl II, two of my friends and I were going to try out for the Houston Oilers. If we had made it, we would have played for free. Work interfered, but I always remember the day we almost tried out. Seems that is the dream with kids: football and war. A reflection of those memories made me wonder about the coaches. I didn’t like Green Bay or Coach Lombardi for beating Dallas. Still, you must agree that Lombardi was one of the best coaches ever, especially with players like Starr and Horning. They were great.

That thought made me wonder: how good were those players? Suppose the Green Bay players arrived for the game to play Dallas and Coach Lombardi didn’t show up for the game. I don’t think Green Bay would have won. Let’s go a step farther: suppose none of the coaches or leaders were there when the game was played. In a scenario like that, Green Bay would have been annihilated. The Dallas general, Landry, would have soundly defeated Green Bay. No one would have doubted the outcome. Green Bay players and fans would still have been beating their chests during the game, but it would have been for naught as defeat would have prevailed. Some say the team owners are important, but that is not true. Owners are not generals or gladiators. Owners could never lead a team to victory.

I still remember a time before the game started when all the players stood to attention and put their hands over their hearts as the “Star Spangled Banner” played. Then before the game started, they were led in prayer. Both actions were an American tradition they did with pride. After that, the war started, and the battles began. The best team won, but it would never have happened without the coaches—the leaders!

With all of this in mind, I realized football is really war. Throughout history, our military has had the best and brightest military “coaches” and leaders. In the last twenty years, the owners, or leaders of our country, have let the coaches run the game–but not as much. It reminds me of the Houston Oilers and Coach Bum Phillips, who was the best coach Houston ever had. When the owner, Bud Adams, fired Phillips, the Oilers never really reprised their dominance.

Seeing the things that have happened in the last six years, I began to wonder where our military team, “America,” stands today. The facts are not encouraging. The owner, Barack Hussein Obama, is no coach; and that was shown when he fired 200 of our best military leaders and followed that by firing approximately 60 men who controlled codes and conduct for nuclear weapons. Neither was a good idea. As far as being a leader, Obama is lacking in all aspects of leadership. He is no leader. Now think what would have happened if Bud Adams had come down on the field to coach the Oilers? Chaos would have ensued, and defeat would have been the only outcome.

It looks like America is about to compete in the Superbowl of War with Russia. This will not be a game, but rather a real War. How do the teams line up? America may have better equipment (minus a billion bullets our military is destroying—we might need to send in the DHS and BLM), but we’re sending in our third or fourth string with no real coaches. Russia has the players and the home field advantage—just like Green Bay. Our players can have men kiss men, gay transvestite parties, wear turbans, and grow beards. There are no team players, and God forbid–no pun intended–any Christian players. In America’s military, all Christians are traded or released. Russia is unified, something sorely lacking with America’s team.

When America goes to war, there will be no hands over their hearts. There will be no prayer. For that, you can blame the owner.

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