Food Stamp ‘Cuts’ Actually Amount To 57 Percent Increase

Food Stamps Card Self Respect Loss SC 215x300 Food Stamp Cuts Actually Amount to 57 Percent Increase

Relying on the left’s media dominance, Democrat operatives have been quite successful in selling a recent Republican bill as a cut in food stamp spending. As with almost every leftist proclamation, though, the truth tells a completely different story.

The only thing House Republicans voted to cut — and only modestly — is the rate at which such spending will increase during the coming decade. While Democrats wanted to see a 65 percent spike in food stamp funding, the GOP agreed to an increase of 57 percent.

Using sneaky and completely misleading language, Democrat mouthpieces erroneously claim that evil conservatives voted to cut spending by almost $40 billion in the food stamp program. In actuality, that number just represents the difference between what the former wanted to spend — $764 billion — and what the latter ultimately agreed to — $725 billion.

Annual food stamp spending more than doubled during Obama’s first term, and Democrats continue to complain we still aren’t doing enough. The U.S. Department of Agriculture notoriously spent about $3 million in advertisements targeting potential government dependents. The federal government is actively seeking more takers, especially illegal immigrants, to literally feed on the taxpayer-funded program.

Even when Republicans agree to incredible increases in spending, they are labeled as heartless monsters for not allotting even more money we don’t have to fund it. As the Heritage Foundation pointed out, the food stamp program is hopelessly mismanaged and, for the money we currently spend, U.S. poverty could be wiped out five times over.

The House bill does provide for some real reform in dictating who can receive food stamps. Specifically, the GOP wants to prevent those unwilling to work, illegal immigrants, lottery winners, felons, and those with outside income streams from draining the already bloated system. In response to these common sense provisions, Democrats continue to twist the truth to suit their agenda.

Unsurprisingly, MSNBC personalities are at the forefront of this disingenuous attack. Al Sharpton equated the vote with “attacking the poor,” while Chris Hayes suggested the bill is “morally monstrous.”

The vitriol is widespread, and uninformed Americans from coast to coast are falling for the propaganda. Unless the Republican party can adequately explain its position, explaining the vote is an incredibly small step toward fiscal stability, leftists can and will continue to exploit it for their own political gain. If honest coverage was as readily available as unfounded hyperbole, a majority of Americans would realize that Republicans should have cut wasteful spending much more than they actually did.


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