Following The Election, Liberal Groups Attack The Salvation Army

Salvation Army SC Following The Election, Liberal Groups Attack The Salvation Army

I have been a board member with a county Salvation Army for seven years. Each Christmas season, I work every weekday between Thanksgiving and Christmas helping with their largest fundraiser of the year: the annual Red Kettle drive.

Donations placed in these red kettles are used to help people in our county throughout the year. This year, we have seen an increase in the number of small slips of paper placed in our kettles with the following message:


This holiday season, I am supporting organizations that do not discriminate in any way against people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other reason.

I will NOT donate to the Salvation Army and will instead give to other charities until the Salvation Army stops discriminating against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in hiring, firing, and promotion, and in the provision of benefits.

In an NBC News piece titled “Gay Groups Boycott Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive”, Bil Browning, editor of a LGBT blog, stated “As the holidays approach, the Salvation Army bell ringers are out in front of stores dunning shoppers for donations. If you care about gay rights, you’ll skip their bucket in favor of a charity that doesn’t actively discriminate against the LGBT community.”

What amazes me about liberal groups is that the word “discrimination” always seems to be a one-way street: It’s MY way or the highway. I hate to burst your bubble, little libbie; but if you have a passionate opinion or belief on anything, then YOU are prejudiced. Only a person looking at the grass from the bottom side can have no opinion and thus no prejudice.

My point is: do not confuse compassion with blind acceptance of something with which a large segment of society does not agree, any more than I would expect you to do the same. If you don’t agree with the Salvation Army because they don’t throw the Bible in the toilet, join hands with others and sing “Kumbaya.” That’s OK, but grow up enough to accept them for their beliefs as they accept you for yours, without expecting an abandonment of their beliefs and values any more than they expect that from you.

If your tender little feelings are hurt, then I must simply say: “Tough!” But from the perspective of one who has actually been involved with an organization that helps local people, it is hard to have a lot of sympathy for people who seem to be sitting on the sidelines contributing little or nothing in helping others up and out of a situation, while condemning those who do. If our government could operate even half as efficiently as the Salvation Army, then we would not be facing another national (they suddenly seem endless) ‘fiscal cliff.’

Merry Christmas from the Red Kettle volunteers worldwide. If that offends you, then my adding a hearty “GOD BLESS YOU” will probably offend you even more – though I know not why.

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Photo credit: Ryan McFarland and (Creative Commons)

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I take issue with the Salvation Army, the same as I do with the Red Cross. Both are VERY selective on who they help and how.

    Let me give you examples of each.

    1. Back many years ago, my sisters mother-in-law and father-in-law's apartment complex burned. There was an article in the newspaper about it. The article gave credit to the Red Cross for helping the displaced families by putting them up in hotels and giving them food vouchers as well as clothing and such. Well, my sisters MIL and FIL didn't receive these benefits. They ended up staying at my mothers home until the repairs were done. My family supplied their food, clothing and a roof over their heads. The other families found similar arrangements. One thing that was clear was the Red Cross helped NO ONE in this fire, although they were given credit.

    2. Back many years ago when my sister was in her early 20's, she ended up with emergency surgery. She acquired a serious infection because of it. She was given a prescription for a VERY expensive antibiotic she would need if she wanted to live, literally. This being around 30 years ago, $200 PER PILL (the prescription called for 60) was quite expensive. None of us had that kind of money, even together. She had no insurance so we went on the hunt for help to save her life. The Red Cross said NO it was too expensive. The Salvation Army said NO they didn't help with prescription medicines. We ended up finding a local charity called Respond Now, who had little to share themselves, to help us. And so my sister survived.

    I will never donate to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army for these reasons. They take credit when not deserved and won't help unless it's high publicity. Seems foreign countries get the most help from them.
    Needless to say, I WILL donate ONLY to my local charities. Seems these are the groups that REALLY care and don't pay their CEO's close to 7 FIGURE SALARIES.

    • Same here Seeks, I agree. But as regards to the little homo’s and perverts wanting to shove their altered states of mind, and other body parts, down our throats, I have to applaud this man’s answer to them. They are obnoxious, and pushy, and have gotten to the point of intolorable behavior on their “issues”. If they are homos, or whatever sexual deviancy they are, it is their problem, not ours, and they are free to live as they choose, or feel that they must. I just don’t agree with them, and I am sick of hearing about how badly they are treated. Simply put, they are not all that badly treated anymore, except for a few here and there. If they keep on with this shoving and pushing, they might find themselves being ill treated once again, out of sheer self defense by those who are sick of them all and sicker still, of their constant complaining and shoving themselves everywhere they are not wanted. If a person is not wanted somewhere, seems to me that they’d have enough self pride in themselves, and go somewhere else, where they ARE wanted and accepted. Instead of displaying self respect and pride though, these weirdos want to push themselves and their perverted ideas and behaviors upon everyone! If we who are straight, hetrosexuals, were to push OURSELVES into their special places and days, and behave towards them as they are towards us, can you imagine the squalling and violence which would ensue? I am not a fan of homos, get over it. I think you have your rights, same as everyone else, but so do the rest of us. Get over yourselves, and don’t donate to anyone if you don’t want to, it’s a CHOICE! FOOLS!

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Oh I agree with you. I was just giving people a reason why ELSE not to support these cash cows.
        Btw, working on a letter to you right now lol.

    • The CEO of the Salvation Army makes $13,000 per year. Not exactly a salary to get rich on. I have never heard of them helping with prescription drugs. As for your sister's inlaws, didn't they carry insurance? Homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance pays for emergency housing and renter's insurance is very inexpensive.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        The CEO of the Red Cross makes over $1 Million in salary plus stipends. Quite a nice haul for a "charity" position. That is a nice salary to get rich on.
        My sister's in laws did carry insurance. That's how they had their belongings replaced. Was rather nice of the RED CROSS to TAKE CREDIT for helping the ENTIRE apartment building with lodging, or clothing even though they did NOTHING. You DID notice that IS what I said.
        Sounds like how they are helping those on the East coast after Sandy. Not like they helped in Haiti.
        I have heard of the Salvation Army helping with prescriptions. Was told to a patient at a free clinic I went with a friend to. If you haven't looked, they also advertise this help.
        And I'm not sure what area you believe the Salvation Army's CEO makes only $13,000 but the one that was in my sisters area makes in excess of $300,000 PLUS stipends. See this information must be released for "non-profit" organizations.

    • Robert Ledbetter says:

      Your full of shit-unadulterated shit

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Prove me wrong.
        Other then that, get back on the floor where you belong.
        Seems you forget they have to report all financial activities:

        You are so full of shit-unadulterated shit. Isn't that what you said? Seems it applies to you.
        Next time you try to slander someone, do a little research first.

        Ask any Sandy victim how much help they got from the Red Cross. Ask a Haiti "refugee" how much help they got. (had to be a lot since they got to America as "refugees")

  2. Robert Browning says:

    I think this is a great idea, gays not giving to these organizations. So when people do need help ask them if they are gay and if they answer yes, just tell them they don't qualify. If they ask why tell them to contact their gay group for the reason why.

    • @Robert Browning,

      ^5 DITTO 5^ Took the words right out of my mouth, you did. :-) Same should apply to union workers who keep demanding higher wages and more benefits and refuse to accept less even if it means putting their employer out of business. If they apply for unemployment they should be told they don’t qualify and to contact their union.

  3. It seems every year, liberal groups of one sort or another, find ways of making people miserable. It's like they want to find new excuses to hate who they want to and convince others to follow. People want to have fun on Thanksgiving and Christmas. These groups want to suck all of that away and replace it with misery, anger, and paranoia (namely in making people worry about what they say or do). They start up selfish lawsuits because they see something in a public place that offends them and then say it will offend others. News flash: anything anywhere can be found as offensive. For some, the fact that we speak English is offensive to them. Really, grow up. This is what little kids do when they don't get their way. This is another reason I don't support homosexuality. They have this attitude that we owe them recognition, respect, and tolerance and give you little reason to do so. They flaunt that they're homosexual in public and make people uncomfortable (this I have seen). They get blistering mad when you disagree with their life style, calling you every curse word in the book, hound you as far as they can go with more taunts and more insults, kicking, spitting, and yelling in your face. What if you're an ex-homosexual? Oh, in come the lawsuits for EVERYTHING; house, car, money, and children. It's especially bad if you convert to Christianity in the process. They get downright vindictive then. The horror stories I've heard about that. If that isn't enough, they also insist you join them. Stuff like, "Well, if you ever feel like switching sides, find me." after telling them you're straight (I have witnessed this multiple times). They'll try and counter argue that "It's just love. What do you have against that?" Really? I'm not convinced, especially if you have to work so hard to convince everybody. My opinion, they're pretending and hiding in a constant state of denial. Sorry, I have no reason to support that. It just leads to ruin.

    • Robert Ledbetter says:

      I never knew a happy Liberal in my life-they are always bitching,whining or arguing about how oppressed they are and want to make others as miserable as they are all the time

  4. In my Army Basic Training company (roughly 200 recruits) there were two gay boys (18yo’s are nowhere even close to being men) who simply wouldn’t take “no”, “No”, “NO” or “G-D IT NO” for an answer. They finally got their self-earned due: a good hard long scrubbing down with commericial-quality (read stiff bristled) scrub brushes and LAVA commercial-quality (read grannularized disinfectant) soap. Problem solved.

  5. Robert Ledbetter says:

    Who gives a shit about the gays,lesbians and that group of queers
    Keep supporting the Salvation Army-it is the best charity out there-and how the hell would they know your sexual orientation-do you think they ask you if your a queer before they let a place to stay for the night
    I don't think so

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    I am very aware of the big salaries the CEOs get in the Red Cross but I didn't know according to Seeks the big salary that Salvation Army CEO gets.I know for a fact that the Red Cross is a money making business.But I was under the impression that the CEO of the Salvation Army got only13'000 a year.

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