Following Obama’s Poliices, Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki Has Killed Our Veterans

Barack Obama is on record as being “furious” over the needless deaths in Veteran’s Administration hospitals. He’s not “furious” because he loves veterans; to the contrary, Barack Obama is “furious” at having been caught in yet another lie.

By his own admission, Obama knew there were problems in the VA in 2007. In 2008, even before he first took office, Obama was made aware of the problems in the VA hospital system. His response was to appoint Eric Shinseki, whose only qualification was that he is “America’s first Asian American four star general,” as the new head of the Veteran’s Administration.

Like so many of Obama’s appointees to other top positions, Shinseki’s qualifications for his job were his skin color and Party registration. Democrats don’t need qualifications because Democrats don’t respect anything except Party political power. Thus, incompetent Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki was perfect for the VA. And since Democrats don’t do patriotism, a Four Star fake like Shinseki gave them a way to fake it.

Now, Shinseki’s incompetence has failed to keep Obama’s secret that he doesn’t give a damn about veterans.

Veterans have died because of the incompetence of the fake who runs the VA’s hospital system, and the whole world knows it. The Four Star Fake’s victims are piling up all over the country.

If the V. A. deaths were confined to white victims, the media and the Democrats could somehow paper this over; but that isn’t the case. The VA’s victims are very likely Hispanics, a demographic that disproportionately relies on the VA for medical care.

With Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida as the opening theaters of VA death reports, there is an extreme likelihood that this will turn out to be true.

The needless deaths of Hispanic veterans could change the attitude of Latinos. Their support for Obamacare has dropped 19 points since September, and this VA hospital horror show might serve as a peek into the horrors of Obamacare’s future.

Like virtually everything else connected with Barack Obama, the Veteran’s Administration is wrapped in lies. His response so far has been to wring his hands and call for another “study” to give him time to formulate the lies of his cover story.

His lies have killed the best people we have, and now Four Star Fake Eric Shinseki and his gang of incompetent misfits should be severely punished both personally and politically.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The democraps put him in because he started bad mouuthing Bush when he retired on the Iraqi war.If your loyal to Obutthole you get good jobs ,and never fired Lerner, Holder and Sebelius are the latest examples.

    • No he was raised a communist by communist agitators and knew when he was a teenager he was 'going to be president' though he knew also that he didn't fit the criteria, including eligibility. He is a usurper and a traitor to our nation and is a Communist as evidenced by his policies that support their evil ilk.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama Calls VA secretary shinseki A ‘Great Public Servant’, like obama is a ‘Great Usurper’. Remember the VA is government healthcare for our Vets, just like obamacare will be for all of America.

  3. The entire political circle is a huge farce, they all had knowledge of this VA travesty and none of them are going to live up to the responsibility…

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