“Fluked” Again: A Word Is Born

Sandra Fluke 300x206 “Fluked” Again: A Word Is Born

The saga of Sandra Fluke has taken yet another dramatic twist, with Rush Limbaugh apologizing for calling the lady a “slut”.

OK, Rush, manfully done. Sandra Fluke is NOT a slut! She is a liberated, extremely enlightened being of the female persuasion who demands that you and I pay for whatever she chooses to do with HER OWN BODY! Which is only natural and healthy and a mandatory piece of Obamacare. Which you also get to pay for, as part of being an American.

So there.

Somebody named Joe Palazzola wrote on the WSJ Law Blog that “Georgetown Law Gets Behind Sandra Fluke.”  That’s NOT FUNNY, Joe.

On behalf of all good and decent males in these United States, I just want to say how truly hurt and sorry I am that my favorite talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, used such a hurtful and offensive word to refer to Ms. Fluke.

Please accept my sincere apologies, Women of America.

And yes, I will do the dishes. Coming! Right now.

Actually, Ms. Fluke turns out to be a 31 year old feminist Reproductive Rights activist with a Linkedin page showing a “Law Practice” in the “Los Angeles Area.” I didn’t realize that law school students have law practices, but if she didn’t have one before, she will soon, I guess.

But Ms. Fluke is definitely NOT a SLUT.

Modern English has been around since William Shakespeare, but conservatives can no longer use the language. We can’t say “ladies,” because there are only “women.” We can’t say “girls,” because there are only “pre-adolescents of the female gender.” We can’t say “slut,” because Slut Walks are only for leftists protesting the patriarchal tyranny. We can certainly not use Shakespeare’s own words for sexually enlightened women.

Even Obama seized the moment to call Sandra and apologize to her on behalf of all the good people of America for the unbearable insult she received in defense of women’s rights.

How did he get her phone number so fast, you ask?

You’ve got a dirty mind.

This is a sterling moment in American history. It’s about time Rush and his male chauvinist porkers learned that lesson!

And just to make sure the nation remembers this moment for a long time to come, I propose that we immortalize Sandra Fluke’s heroic stand by adopting the name “fluke” to refer to any and all federally-protected gender-related activities in all liberal categories, including M, F, B, G, L, and T.

This will immensely simplify our language. Instead of  “M on M tongue kissing by US Marines in homecoming propaganda photo op” , we can just say “Whoops! 2 Marines just fluked on YouTube!” See how easy this is? Or rather, C, EZ? Imagine how this will make life better for the idealistic children of Occupy Wall Street. Instead of having to use both thumbs to laboriously text Mom “Can’t come home tonight, putting my body on the line against the NYPD pigs and fat-cat capitalists” they can just type.

“Fluking! C Y Mom!”

Mom will figure it out.

She’s heard it before.

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  1. Carol Goodwin says:

    The problem here is this woman who is obviously not destitute expected the government to pay for her birth control pills! So she 'fluked' herself! Too many younger people are far too presumptious, such as the one who won a million dollar state lottery and went out and bought an additional house and a new car and she is getting $200 a month on a food assistance program and she thinks she deserves them because she is unemployed! She is certainly able bodied so she could be working, somewhere! But she had rather someone else pay for her.

    • Too bad the citizens are getting 'FLUKED' over this! I have a gut feeling obama knows her better than whats being said, or else… how did he get her phone number so fast?

    • eliwhit says:

      When someone else pays for your sexual activities publicly or privately, What are You?

  2. Chess Game says:

    How about flussy?

  3. eliwhit says:

    How about forget the political correction! She is a Slut,Prostitutable if she is paid for her actions or the protection for her actions sexually! A slut is a slut is a slut!

  4. eliwhit says:


  5. eliwhit says:

    Fluke, Is your mama and your papa the teachers of your liberalism or are they like you and getting everything off the backs of American Taxpayers or maybe are they just Fluking Sluts also?

  6. after taking a look at sandra fluke , i doubt if she even needs any contraception devices all that often. . i doubt if she gets fluked very much. maybe she does spend a fortune on dildo batteries. i bet she is not only a lesbian but also a virgin. i would need at least a quart of scotch before i fluked sandra.

  7. CharlesLindberg Ogle says:

    In reference to “The Fives Video”:

    Soothing to my stomach
    If you think this legitimate food stamp episode is supposed to turn my stomach, what is my stomach supposed to do when I hear of our “Idiot” President wasting billions on Green Energy, cars that will only run less than 35 miles on battery power, Solar panels that only work when the sun shines, windmills that only work when the wind blows; I could go on and on, but the bottom line is he is running our country into bankruptcy by the Trillions of Dollars he is wasting. After considering what he is doing, thinking about a $200.00 food stamp mistake is soothing to my stomach.

  8. NOBAMA2012 says:

    Honestly, What can she expect if she is going to show up for a testimony in front of Congressmen/women looking as if she just rolled out of the sack or maybe it was that she just crawled out from one of those OWS tents. You would think she would have at least washed and brushed her hair. Putting on a suit jacket or blazer isn't going to command respect when your hair looks like it has 2 weeks worth or oil build-up and hasn't been groomed for 5 days. Representing yourself as a professional or soon to be professional lawyer and looking like a train wreck isn't going to gain her respect. I know myself when I go to meet lawyers and they look like that. Tells me that if they don't care about their own appearance and cant care for them self, then itshighly likely will not care about your appearance in a courtroom by which they are representing you.

  9. Ruth Bacon says:

    Rush probably shouldn't have called her a slut. Perhaps he should have explained "let me make this clear," that she is "30 years old, planted or chosen to deliberately cause a ruckus on this particular campus where they did not insure for abortion." Remember, that was the original argument, abortion and morning-after pills (killers) not contraception (prevention). Sne admitted that she had chosen (or been planted in) that very college where she could cause trouble. She is a liberal progressive whatever you want to call her, who is going back(?) to college, since she already has a degree, but apparently spends so much time in the sack that she needs over a thousand dollars for contraceptives. Whose sack, if she isn't married?

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      I think you are right. He sort of played into their hands. They were delighted at his remark. It came a tool to use against the conservatives. A dirty tool??? So what do they care the dirtier the better. The can gripe at anything they can grab onto and rave about his mistake, forever.

  10. myrtllinder says:

    Things have changed much in the last few years in America, as well as in the entire world. There was a time as late as in my early life, that there was a code of decentcy that has changed to the point we could be on a different planet. My animals have not changed one bit, they are the same , they still love and will die for those they love.

    We like to think this change is progress. I so not have to wonder what my FATHER GOD thinks of this "progress. I know , because I know HE never changes, HE expects out of HIS people just what He expected out of us 2,000 and a few years ago, when HE sent HIS SON AND MY SAVIOR to this world, to live and to die for me. GOD has not changed, HIS rules are the same and I strive to honor them and have taught my children and grand children to honor them. We may not think so, but we will be held accountable for all that we do and all that we say.. We can believe one thing, every person that HE has ever created or will ever create will meet HIM FACE TO FACE. We can write that on our calender of life. Our excuses will be endless but they will not count for anything. We need to wake up to the truth of GOD'S WORD.

  11. Bill Norcutt says:

    I'll bet Sandra "FLUCK" s' Mother and Father and or Brother and/or Sister NOR does any other member of that Family Name pronouce their name like Sandra NOW does……I'd also bet they all think that she is the only one who is really "FLUCKED" up.

    This broad was an Obama set up——–ONLY to contnue the RUSE of Birth Control as being more important than Obama's Legitimacy as an acting or a future president. CONSERVATIVES better–RIGHT NOW—stop reacting to the Birth Control distraction——ABORT that idiot NOW
    Impeachment is a good start—–

    VOTER CONTROL is just as important…..
    ALL the most effective campaign efforts will be CRUSHED if Conservatives can't stop the LEGION of ILLIGITIMATE Voters that are already on their way to the voting box.

    SOMEBODY reverse engineer the AL FRANKEN VOTE and you'll find all the forensic evidence of how OBAMA won in the first place—-FAIL to do this and all the time and money spent on this election will LOST

  12. Something tells me this Ms.Fluke doesn't need contraceptives of any kind when she has sex. She is a lesbian.

  13. oldgringo says:

    Obama called his favorite Poster Girl when Michelle wasn't around…..He would like to offer his convalesence at a more appropriate place and time and is waiting patiently until she has subscribed to the Free Catholic Contraception Women's Health Care Flucking Plan…..Call Me!….Ms. Flucky…..I'll stand behind You any place, any time, any where!

  14. I wonder how many times she got "fluked" today. If we are forced to pay for her activies then we should be informed.

  15. Did this woman say what her sexual preference was, maybe Fluke is a Dyke?

  16. I wouldn't say Ms Fluke is a slut, to me it sounds like she is a Ho. It's like she wants us to pay for her to have sex and also all her friends. Soooo what would you call it?

  17. Now what would you call a woman who advertizes she has lots of sex that she wants the taxpayer to pay for. If the word is not slut then it must be one of the following: Whore, Hooker, Prostitute, Harlet or all of the above. In your heart you know Rush is right. So sorry that he was forced to apologize. But I will not retract any of the words I used to name the fluker

  18. Edwardkoziol says:

    To old Gringo:Slick willy had Monica and Obuma has Fluke and likes to get Fluked but the cheap son of a bitch won't buy the condoms.Why else do you think he takes Air Force 1 and jet sets all over the country to meet with Susan Fluke.After all wouldn't you do it if you were married to that ugly gorilla Moochelle and the 2 wiglets to remind you of her.

  19. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Rush may have lost sponsers, the “politically correct” kind, but it seems to me that this broad, slut, ho, twat, and the list goes on, got the raw end of the deal……….her name is now the laughingstock of a nation, and most likely, the entire world, considering the internet and all………..oh, man. I’d hate to have that name now, I think I’d have it legally changed! She just “fluked” herself in a big way, and I didn’t think that was anatomically possible………but it seems that the tounge can reach more “places” than we ever thought! Oh, crap, I have been married to my husband for way too long, my mind now works the way his does!!!!! heh heh heh heh LOL!!!!! Condoms, rubbers, do not cost THAT much do they? I have been out of “fluking commision” for a real long time, and I have not had to use those particular “fluking devices” for years……….$3000 a year? Dude! That is one heck of a lot of “fluking”! I bet she gets tired and needs a vacation frequently! She doesn’t even have to practice law at the rate she is going, being so busy and all………………

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      Sorry, I just HAD to write that! This was just TOO GOOD TO PASS ON! By the way, Eliwhit, your comments were awesome, I got the first and best laugh, giggle, snort, snicker, howl, smile till my face hurts of the day! I loved them all! You have a great sense of humor, the old farts in Washington could use some of your brand of humor and lightheartedness! I loved it all! Keep it up! Better than Rossane!

  20. 4fastnesteggs says:

    Long ago, when something accidently happened that we weren't expecting, we use to say: "Oh, that was just a fluke."

    And this fluking mess was an orchestrated fluke engineered by the Democraps.

  21. Don't you just love how the American English language keeps adapting to social situations! I used to think that a fluke was a whales tail (or a portion thereof). Now I have to be careful how I use the term. Since she pronounces her last name "Fluk" instead of "Flook," this is going to create many issues with pronoun useage.

  22. morninbcoffee3 says:

    Waah!!! …. Waah!!! ….. Will someone give this lady some tissue? We can have the insurance pay for it! Oh, was what I just said mean? Man, I keep fluking up like this!!! Why do I keep fluking up like this??? I had to take a fluke at it.

  23. morningcoffee3 says:

    Waah!!! …. Waah!!! ….. Will someone give this lady some tissue? We can have the insurance pay for it! Oh, was what I just said mean? Man, I keep fluking up like this!!! Why do I keep fluking up like this??? I had to take a fluke at it. OOOPS, I fluked again and put a b in the name instead of a g.

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