Florida Democrats Just Voted To Impose Sharia Law On Women

Florida Democrats have declared war on women; but fortunately, their attack on our freedoms was turned back by Republicans who represented America and voted against them.

Anyone who isn’t certain that Democrats are devoted to destroying America need only take a look at their despicable conduct in the Florida Senate. In a vote that never should have had to be taken, every single Democrat voted to force Sharia Law on the people of Florida. By doing so, they placed women and children in very real danger. The vote was 24 votes for America and 14 votes for al Qaeda and the Taliban cast by loathsome Democrats. They voted to deny Americans the Constitutional protections generations of American men and women fought for and died to protect. Democrats have revealed their desire to force Americans to live as slaves to a third world, foreign “justice system.”

Since the liars in the Democrat–controlled media won’t describe what these quislings have tried to force on Americans, here is an outline of the horrors of Sharia Law.

There would be no freedom of religion because Sharia supports only Islam.

There would be no freedom of speech.

There would be no protection for homosexuals, Christians, or anyone else Islamists don’t like.

Rape victims would be executed, and those who were not executed by the state would legally be murdered by their families as “honor killings.”

Women would not be allowed to vote, drive, go to college, or show their faces in public. Little girls as young as 8 years old would be forced to “marry” men three and four times their age. Many would die when these beasts forced themselves on their “brides.”

Women would not be allowed to be treated by male doctors they were not related to.

Stoning as a form of execution would be sanctioned for women caught in adultery. Women would be forced to wear burkas in public.

There would be no pig farms or dogs, and public schools would be forbidden from serving anything but Halal–style food.

Alcoholic beverages would be forbidden, and cab drivers who suspect a passenger is carrying alcoholic beverages (or Christian or Hebrew bibles) could refuse them service.

Democrats voted to force this on American citizens. If they had the necessary numbers in the Florida legislature, Sharia Law in all its barbarity would be used in Florida courts. Democrats tried this. Keep this in mind next fall.

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  1. nexgenesis says:


  2. Oinjustice says:

    These people should be IMPRISONED!!! and kept away from a free society. They are the bottom of the life chain and are not here to do ANY good in their lifetime. Let God sort them all out.

  3. Only godless Demoncrats would start to promote Sharia law in this great country. Vote out Demoncrats this coming election to preserve and protect our law abiding citizens.

  4. AMERICAN says:

    how the hell? why would sharia law be up for vote anywhere in the USA? that is some other country's or religion law…who are these fricken clowns we have in the Florida Senate?
    Can we get their names? this needs to go viral.

  5. Which of these democrats voted for this? we need to know and get the word out so they can be voted OUT of Office forever, this is America and in America we do NOT bow down to muslim's laws. If the muslims do NOT like our Freedoms, then they can leave our Country any time they want.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right it must be known who voted for this and Linda with all this political correctness crap going on I have to wonder just how long before we say that Sharia should be enforced among ragheads.We give into the blacks and queers so who is next.

      • Hi Edward,
        I ran into a Christian Site and someone name herself, Christian Socialist, and I said Whaaaaaa?
        This is how far we as a nation have come and of all of this political correctness crap has done nothing but bring our Country down. And now we have so called Politicians voting for Sharia Law, again how stupid can all of these people be through political correctness

    • OR-Patriot says:

      Here you go:

      The article here is a little mis-leading but true nevertheless – the Florida democraps voted against an ANTI-SHARIA bill thereby voting FOR Sharia. They obviously care more about voting against Republicans than they do in doing what's right for the citizens of Florida! Truly despicable!

  6. I'm glad it was voted down. If it had been approved, it would be illegal as it goes against the supreme law of the land known as the Constitution. This attempt however, does help cement the Democrat party as the unconstitutional party. It shows it right there. Democrats have no respect for the law.

  7. Every Politician who backs this garbage should be deported out of the country.!!! They are evil criminal people who are likely not really Americans and if they are, should be stripped of their office and removed from society!!!!!

    • I'd say either in prison or hung. Because if they have been in public office, they could give our sercuity secrets away.

    • Hi Gary,
      I did a little bit of research and I came across this, how old this info is I am not sure but it did take place

      "Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) urged the people and officials to support and embrace Sharia law. Note, this is the same Maxine Waters known for her outrageous statements and extreme liberalism."

      "Waters’ district includes the Westchester are of Los Angeles along with Inglewood, Gardena, Florence-Graham and Hawthorne, another California politician that came out in support of Sharia Law was U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) whose district lies in central Orange County"

      This is happening all over the States, and the Lying News Media they are silence as if this is not news worthy from their perspective. Obama placed muslims in high positions of government and if we are NOT alert, in 10 or 20 years this may NOT be America anymore, Americans better wake up

    • Forget deportation. All Democrats who are in favor, whether or not they voted for Sharia law, shall be stoned until dead in public, naked and tied to a stake. Then a bullet shall be put through each of their heads and their genitals shall be cut off and fed to dogs and pigs.

  8. I would like to know the "Sharia law" they voted for and more about the particulars. IF this is true, they should be voted out, impeached, or ran out of the country!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    surely this is a JOKE!!!!

  10. Big Dog 913 says:

    Are all of the Florida Democrats crazy ?? We don't need any cult law in our state or even in our country. If they want to have that dumb ass Sharia law then go back to the country they came from .!!!!!

  11. I don't liberal D's thought through the idea of imposing sharia law. If they did, they are complete stupid morons. What does Wasserman-Schultz think of that and was she behind it? STUPID morons!!!

  12. Harold Smith says:

    The people in Florida should get the names of all who voted for this and make sure they never serve in the Florida legislature again. What a bunch of idiots!!!.

  13. Proof? I mean, anyone could just type this and put it online. I’m not looking for “proof” as in “well…it SAYS someone voted for Shariah law, so it must be true!” I’m looking for proof, like a video acknowledgement of the vote or something other than extreme right wing websites claiming it’s true. I mean, I could make a website right now, title it Republican Fist, and type some stuff about how Obama is really a martian, doesn’t make it true.

    • How could anyone be asking for proof when Obama was caught red handed supporting Al CIA- DA in Syria? After I found out Obama is sending our tax money to support the thugs in Syria I don't think I'm going to ask for proof. I think we ought to be asking for the names of those who are in support of this non sense so we could throw them out.

    • Agent Orange says:

      You want proof, eh? Easy — just go to the Florida Senate's website, navigate to "Bill actions", and click on SB 386 "Application of foreign laws in courts", and from there you can check who voted for it and who voted against it! This is so easy, even a desert monkey could do it!

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    This comes as no big surprize considering we want political correctness to be Americas answer to everything that comes up.The latest is the owner of the Clippers being shafted for using his freedom of speech.

  15. FRANKLIN says:

    Since MacCarthy's warning upon american people in the years '50, democrats were suposed to enforce the communist/marxist ideology in US. Now, we can see that actually he was absolutely correct. And B. HUSSEIN OBAMA is the WORST enemy America has ever had in all his HISTORY. He and his "beautiful" wife just HATE the american democratic system and people's way of life. They are both our enemies from within.

  16. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    islamic muslims are totally intolerant, they plan their evil doings in their closed mosques by teaching multiculturalism and islamic supremacy while always screaming that they are victims. Democraps defend them like they are minorities from our American history, they just recently infiltrated our nation with nothing but murder on their minds. NO democrap, NO non-radical islamic muslim has ever said anything against their attacks, so they are all animals. America is near an irreversible position regarding our muslim population, but our built-in protections for minorities and minority ideas could be our Achilles Heel. The faster islam is wiped off this earth, the better for all human society, especially women. THIS “RELIGION OF PEACE” IS JUST GARBAGE!!) Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

  17. mutantone says:

    well treason is such an easy crime to ignore, his sworn oath of office was what? already he has shown that there or no ethical values in all he does.

  18. robert iverson says:

    Please ALL Americans BOTH DEM. AND REP. stand up before its to late, politics has no part with SHIRA LAW,SHIRA LAW is about power and power alone. please find a book on shira law and read , KNOW YOUR ENEMY ////////// OR D I E

  19. Robert Myles says:

    Democrat's or rather Demonic Rat's are indeed hell bent on the total destruction of the American way of life. From the Family to the Legal system they are emulating their Dictator in Chief the Kenyan interloper Obama. I refuse to call him President as that honor and title is reserved for REAL AMERICAN'S not foreigner's who were illegally placed on the ballot and elected not once but twice thru the most corrupt election process I have ever witnessed. This is as bad as having a election where the outcome is predetermined by foreign interest's. I remember every lie and every un-American state he has made yet there he is occupying our Whitehouse plotting the next step towards the destruction of our Constitution which he despises and calls an "outdated old RAG". The time is well past due to remove this vermin from our Whitehouse and to have him arrested and tried for the most heinous crimes against the American People. Grow a backbone our elected officials or we will be tossing you out with the trash come this November

    • Well said, Robert Myles

      Love every word you said, you are a 100% correct, spoken as a True American

      I pray everyday for God to remove this illegal Kenyan wicked man before he destroys the Country, my biggest fear is that Obama is NOT going to leave our whitehouse in 2017. I had this bad feeling since 2012, yesterday I ran into another site of Alternative News and I learn that in April 2012 Obama signed an E.O. 13603 when I read this, I can tell you it is NOT good.

      If we were to have any kind of disaster he Obama will totally be in command and take private property and businesses and place us under Martial Law.

      Obama has been two steps ahead and my feelings tells me that this man is going to do whatever he has to do to including a False Flag before the election of 2016. It could be anything from a economic crash created by him to a natural disaster.

      We have a very dangerous mad-man and he is a dictator, the sooner he is gone we can still save the Country of what is left of it.

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