Find Out Why This Democrat Wants To Give Every Baby $500

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Radical leftist Democrats – who make up an unfortunately large portion of the party – are increasingly defined by one overarching theme: killing children.

While politicians like Wendy Davis have been able to parlay their unwavering advocacy of abortion into nationwide name recognition in recent years, other Democrats are focusing on how to deal with those children whose mothers actually allow them to survive nine months in utero.

Consisting primarily of big government nannies, of course, the typical response is frustratingly short on individual empowerment and long on taxpayer-funded largesse.

Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, for example, recently advanced his proposal to issue a $500 savings account in the name of every child born in the U.S. Citing his plan as a way to fight poverty, he announced the as-yet-undrafted bill during a recent address at the University of Southern California.

Despite the left’s fight to suppress birth rates in America, about 4 million children are born in the country each year. Wyden’s proposal would therefore add $2 billion in liabilities annually to an economy already woefully unable to address the current deficit.

A less ambitious program is already under way in Los Angeles, where kindergartners are given up to a $100 account in their name to be used for college education expenses. Furthermore, if not used by the age of 25, the funds revert back into the municipal fund.

Wyden, on the other hand, would apparently support a program similar to one advanced in 2009 by New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer. Under that proposal, the $500 payout could be withdrawn for education, retirement, or the purchase of a home.

As with almost any other issue, the Democrat response to poverty involves indiscriminately throwing other people’s money at it. Though there is no evidence this program would “really put a dent in the poverty rate,” as Wyden suggests, it might just convince a few more uninformed voters to cast their ballot for a Democrat candidate.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Many blacks would go to a Gosnell type clinic, squirt junior out, then split the $500 with the clinic, then cut the babies spinal cord and put it’s feet into a jar!

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