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A major conference being held Saturday in Phoenix will offer entertainment and enlightenment from some of the conservative movement’s brightest stars. Additionally, attendees of the Western Conservative Conference will have the opportunity to weigh in on the direction of the nation by taking part in one of the first significant straw polls of the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The Western Center for Journalism will be streaming the conference live right here, beginning Saturday morning with comments by former presidential candidate Herman Cain. Throughout the day, many influential conservatives will share their thoughts, plans for the future, and responses to the astounding corruption of the Obama administration.

Actual voters, however, will have the final word as they take part in the conference’s culminating event: the straw poll. Able to nominate any potential candidate they choose, this will provide a pivotal early look at the possible direction of the upcoming presidential election. The Western Center for Journalism is proud to take a leading role in publishing these results on our site and look forward to sharing this important development with our engaged audience.

Straw polls have been used as an unscientific gauge of public opinion since early in America’s history. Their results not only show which likely candidates have an early lead, but encourage less popular hopefuls – and their supporters – to work harder in making their case.

For those unable to attend this important conference, we are excited to offer the next best thing. Click here to hear the speakers in real time; and be sure to visit our home page, where we will publish the straw poll’s results as soon as they are tallied.

In addition to Cain, the Western Conservative Conference will feature addresses by conservative leaders including Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, along with entertainment stars such as Ted Nugent and Steven Seagal. America’s toughest judge, Joe Arpaio, will also be on hand as the subject of a good-natured roast.

We hope you enjoy the presentation and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

–B. Christopher Agee

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