FINALLY, Some GOOD News Out Of Washington!!

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

Finally, some genuinely good news has come out of Washington.

Catholic conservatives, longing for someone to stand up to King Barack’s continued  trampling on our religious rights, have finally found a champion to stand up to him.

Thus far, our Catholic bishops have smiled and kowtowed to abortionist Democrats who have laughed at their admonishments to be better Catholics. This has finally come to an end. Bishop Donald Wuerl, the head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C., has found his “inner St. Michael” and decided to fight back against the constant anti Catholic attacks from King Barack.

Arguing that the Obama Administration has “engaged in a “conscious political strategy to marginalize and delegitimize Catholic religious views on contraception by holding them up for ridicule on the national stage,” Bishop Wuerl has signaled that he has had enough.

No one who watches the movements of the Catholic Church should be surprised. Bishop Wuerl was appointed to lead the Diocese of Washington by former Pope Benedict XVI. He was sent to do a job, and that job is to defend Catholic teachings. It is not merely happenstance that he is where he is.

The suit is based on the question of whether or not the king can force the archdiocese or any other Catholic institution to offer contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees as part of employee medical coverage. This points directly to the Catholic in Name Only (CINO) Kathleen Sebelius, whose appointment as the Secretary of Health and Human Services was made deliberately to divide actual Catholics from non-practicing CINOs and batter the American Catholic Church into submission to the king’s will.

In the “discovery” stage of this suit’s progress, CINO Sebelius will be forced to defend her remarks made at a NARAL PRO-CHOICE America fundraiser. Taunting the nation’s Catholic bishops, Sebelius said, “Wouldn’t you think that people who want to reduce the number of abortions would champion the cause of widely affordable contraceptive services? Not so much.’”

This could grease the skids and speed this evil witch’s departure. That’s a good thing, a very good thing.

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  1. i stand 100% behind what the church is doing obama has no right

  2. Great!!! Maybe a whole lot more will follow and sue the O administration for infringing on our rights

  3. Where are the rest of the coward bishops?

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I am not a catholic nor do I believe in the catholic teachings.
    Having said that, I will stand behind them 100% in their attempt to challenge illegal laws trying to force them to go against their beliefs.
    Any intelligent person can see these 'rules' were directed at the catholic church. I'm only surprised that so many who claim to be catholics would go against what they were taught as their religious beliefs.

    Not only has the failure divided us on racial and gender lines he has now divided religions within their mass.

    If you are a catholic, practicing or not, you need to stand behind your church. Don't let a non-catholic have to do it for you!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's about time some clergy woke up in the catholic church. This sand monkey has been doing everything in his power to destroy religion.He is a commie socialist and by destroying religion it is easier to take over the country.

  6. I hope this is just the beginning and more Catholic Clergy find the courage to follow suit!

  7. Yes, it is about time the Catholic Church became more vocal–and I hope this is not just a flash in the pan. And, it is past time, in my opinion, to impeach Obozo, too. How can he get away with trampling on the Constitution, and also tell flagrant lies about transparency and like, and not be called on the carpet? Outta there, Obamaroo! Let a real man, someone with principles who keeps his word, have the office of President of the United States!

  8. While it is about time the Catholic Church defended its Constitutional rights, it is also incumbent on all Christian faiths in this country to do the same and with combined financial and spiritual cooperation toward the common goal of reinforcing the first amendment right to religious freedom which is under CONSTANT attack and making it a criminal offense to do this under Constitutional law. Those thus interfering in the practice of said freedoms can then and WILL be imprisoned or otherwise punished for their violation of Constitutional principle and exercise of the freedoms guaranteed by that document.

  9. i do believe that has come to. Time when this president should be impeached. Never has the past allowed a government to conntinue in such outright I will do it my way attitude what happened to for the people and by the people . We are in debt and is giving1.6 billion dollars to a none peaceful country like pakastan. Is it not time to to stand up to this man who seems to stand against everything we believev as American citizens.

  10. Thank the good Lord someone is finally speaking up! I pray that the Church is finally realizing just how bad these follyticians are! Individuals shouldn't be forced to buy in to this balony either!

  11. Marty Garrett says:

    America desperately needs a hero, ie, one who loves this country and is tech savvy and can rally real Americans to make Washington pay attention to the voice of the people. I personally would like some one like Herman Cain. Can we draft him?
    It's time for America to go to Washington.

  12. Helen Tritt says:

    I am very happy to see finally that the Catholics are standing up to the BO Regime and suing ALL OF THEM. They deserve the lawsuit and hopefully, take everything they have. They are Greedy, Narcissistic, evil LIARS just like the rest of the Regime. They ALL should be REMOVED.

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