Filmmaker Labels Damon Film “Classic Propaganda”

Matt Damon SC Filmmaker labels Damon film Classic propaganda

Judging by his ignorant and radical leftist rants on subjects such as public education, it’s probably no surprise Matt Damon opposes hydraulic fracturing, the highly effective process of extracting natural gas that some critics say is environmentally unfriendly.

Damon’s latest politically-charged movie, though, has prompted one of his peers to call him “a liar” for claiming it isn’t an outlet for his own ideological views.

“Promised Land,” co-written by Damon, is “political from the beginning to the very end” and perpetuates the left’s misinformation about the process commonly known as “fracking,” said director Phelim McAleer. The filmmaker called the move “classic propaganda.”

McAleer’s own movie “FrackNation” presents the positive side of fracking, and he is vocal in his criticism of Damon’s portrayal of the drilling method.

Dispelling the leftist claim that fracking leads to contaminated water supplies, McAleer points to historical data that far predates any such drilling.

“In America hundreds of years ago, Native Americans named three different locations ‘Burning Springs,’” he said. “Quite simply, this is because of the naturally occurring gases – like methane – that are found beneath the earth’s surface with water.”

He went on to say that “there is no evidence that suggests that fracking has led to an increase in this phenomenon.”

A billboard campaign McAleer began in New York addresses the actor/activist directly, stating, “Matt Damon: the water has been on fire since 1669.”

When news broke that the United Arab Emirates, an influential member of OPEC, partially funded the film, Damon’s already shaky credibility took yet another serious blow.


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Photo credit: claire_h (Creative Commons)

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  1. when your a circus clown do your juggling act and get out. Dont try to change the way the zoo keeps their animals. In other words an idiot actor such as Damon needs to stick to making his crappy films and stay out of politics.

  2. Matt Damon is correct to oppose hydraulic fracturing as a method to extract gas from the soil. It has NOT been disproved that this method will not in any way harm the surrounding soil / water tables. It has been proven that using these methods has polluted streams and nearby soil samples though.

    How about this : Once you agree to drink only from the contaminated water supply of one of these nearby streams and eat only the foods derived from nearby soil we will watch you for a few years to determine if there is any problem that we need to be concerned about ?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      What place of higher learning did you graduate from and what degrees do you hold to know all this stuff on fracking.Did you go to the same school that the asshole Damon got his degree in geology,enginering and chemistry from.

    • I live in a gas field and less than 10 miles from Birning Spring near Dimok, PA. The clown who was lighting his water for the dimwits with cameras was a few hundred yards from the spring and his water has had methane since before my people came here 15,000 years ago. The EPA (no friend of energy) has done tests three times on about a dozen sites and has found nothing to blame on the drillers. Hydraulic fracturing has been going on since 1948 and has NEVER been shown to cause contamination of ground water. Sure there have been rare instances of cracked casings during drilling contaminating a well, but not the aquifier or the soil. We have had one leak caused by a crack. We have had one blowout with minimal trouble. Our biggest problem is crooked truck drivers dumping where they shouldn't, but there are more problems caused by the trash haulers from the city (NY, PHL, etc.).

      Know before you speak. Contrary to the belief shared by many on the left, the rest of us aren't stupid. Many of us actually have genius IQs and know how to use them.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Personally, I thought the "…to extract gas from the soil." was a giveaway on his knowledge of fracking.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Matt Damon, and you, are incorrect if you believe hydraulic fracturing is a method to extract gas from soil.
      Hydraulic fracturing is a process where a hole is drilled DOWN to the natural gas layer (which is WELL below the water table) and a slurry of water and an edible grade type "sand" is pumped down to the rock to open the hairline cracks just a fraction larger. This is done to allow the gas to be pumped out easier and more completely.
      There is no natural gas in soil. This comment shows you know not what you speak of.
      I have drank from a water supply right beside a natural gas well. This well is right next to my two oil wells on my property. The same property I grow ALL our food on. Even the livestock eat the grass.
      Raised my child on it too. After having the clean pure taste of REAL Kentucky ground water, he says nothing else can compare.
      Before you ask, his tested I.Q. is quite high. I'll just say WELL over 120. He's also healthy as a horse.

      I also agree with Azrael that my people lived next to these "burning grounds" for thousands of years with no ill effect. My people have ALWAYS been here.
      Any other myths you'd like me to dispel?

  3. I believe that simple tests can be conducted to determine exactly what type of gas is contained within the streams / water sources nearby any fracking site? Too difficult ? Too expensive a process to assure the public that fracking does " no harm " ?

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Before I go see see Matt the asshole Damon movies I'd go outside and watch grass grow.Matt is a Hollyweed freak.Hell he was to stupid to do anything selse in life so he became a halfass actor now all of a sudden he knows everything..

    • A halfass actor worth 65 million dollars. But I agree, it is the job creators like him that always ruin things.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        In todays world of Hollyweed almost anyone who presents themselves as libturds will make millions. Just look at that fat ass Micheal Moore he goes to Canada to make his dumb ass movies so that he doesn't have to pay the taxes.I think actors and actresses should act and stay out of politics.Now we have that spook loving Ashley Judd running for some office,she was a lousy actress so who in Gods creation would want her as a representative.

        • How about we stop with the name calling here as it solves nothing and just devolves all debate into a schoolyard spat. We are adults, it's time to start acting like it. And further more, your use of the word 'spook loving' just invalidates everything else you said.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Last time I checked the First Amendment was still valid. Has it been completely repealed?

            I find it ironic you attempt to chastise edwardkoziol for "name calling" while you do so yourself. You also ignore the other commentator that also "name calls".
            Is it because Ed used the term "spook loving"?

            It's also interesting that no Black slurs can be used. The words, and full comments in some cases, will be edited or deleted for such but White slurs like redneck, cracker etc are openly, and welcomely, used without editing or even a grumble.

            While it's your opinion his use of the term "spook loving" invalidated his comment, it did in fact validate his opinion.
            He clearly speaks his mind. It also shows he still believes in the First Amendment without adhering to the "PC" rules that attempts to stifle our speech.
            I guess it all comes down to if you still believe in the freedom of speech.

          • disgusted says:

            Hey Jack***, it is those like yourself, who are so intent on being “correct” all the time that is half, or more than half the problem in our country these days. Spook bothers you? How about igger? Is that any better? And, just for the record, we conservatives, those of us on the right side of the “asile”, are called everything from racist to terrorists. I find those words, all of them, extremely insulting, and about as “correct” as what you deem “spook” to be. Act like adults you say? Why not direct that advice to those idiots who are ripping our rights away from us, and who are taking the US Constitution and using it as toilet paper!? To correct Edward was stupid. He says it as it is. Ashley Judd is exactly what he said, a Spook Lover, and not just because of her acting in those movies with the dumbass Freeman, who was stumping for this igger in office last “election”, but because her silly little nose is also up the arse of this INSULTING PEICE OF JUNGLE ESCAPEE IN OFFICE! The Jungle Bunny in office! The APE in office! The filthy, low life, lying, mu SLIME peice of excrement in office, and to call his sorry igger ass a SPOOK is KIND! I have more names for this peice of trash from the bowels of hell than a dog has fleas! So, take your politically correct attitude and go to a site where it is well accepted. We here have no problems with your leaving, and going where you may feel more comfortable and welcome. I personally WELCOME those opinions, and NAME CALLING like that of Edward! What I do have a problem with is those with an uppity attitude, telling the rest of us how to talk, write and what we can or cannot call those idiots who have their lips and noses up the ass of this insult in ofice!

          • I am not trying to be PC, just a human being. And plus, we lost this election because of people like you. No one wants to side with a fool like you. It is your Constitutional right to believe whatever you want and say whatever you want to say, but realize that rhetoric like that is why President Obama won both elections. Because when bigoted old people like you spout off with hate speech you push away the undecided vote. Enjoy the next four years, you earned them.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            If you want to pretend to be a human being, then understand why so many Whites has had their views changed. So many previously unprejudiced individuals are sick and tired of being called racists and bigots then have slurs mercilessly directed at them. No one has to side with Disgusted, they are LIKE him! The majority of Whites are tired of being unable to walk safely down a street or go to a mall without being involved in a Black attack. You'll never hear about these attacks in the LSM, but you do see them going overboard when a Hispanic man (LSM thought he was White) is forced to defend himself against a Black. Because of Black mob action, a man was charged with a felony, and no other reason.
            Where was your self-righteousness then?
            People have tried to be diplomatic only to have it shoved back in their faces.

            Let's get the facts straight. Conservatives lost this last election because of VOTER FRAUD and NO other reason. Oblameo won the first because of White guilt and Black loyalty. Nothing more. You are a racist if you are White and didn't vote for oblameo. It's as simple as that.

            If ANYONE was undecided in this last election, they should not have voted. ANYONE, even Ron Paul, was better than the failure we have usurping the office of POTUS. I have to question the intelligence of anyone who would even contemplate voting for a man who refused to deal with a crashing economy and high unemployment rate but instead shoves an unconstitutional overreaching power grab for health care down our throats. If they were undecided, the problem is theirs.
            Apparently you learned well how to pass blame just how this "administration" has taught you. Why is it only the Whites are chastised for exercising their right to free speech?
            Enjoy the poverty you encouraged to be created.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I add this movie to the propaganda list right along with Gasland and Bowling for Columbine.
    I have no desire to watch them.

    • disgusted says:

      Well, Seeks, I am sick and damn tired of everyone in Hollyweird. With the exception of Eastwood, and a couple of others………..but to be honest, I would shed not one half a tear if the whole place, Californica, were to experience the Big One, and sink into the ground that they are hellbent on sending the rest of us, Damon included. The whole bunch of actors need to stick to their craft, and make movies, and what their political leanings are, they should keep to themselves. Because they have the power to sway so many people from their own conciences, and so twist the truth of so much, private leanings should stay that way. As it is, many of us do not attend their movies, and have stopped watching them on our tv’s as a result of their leftist, and Obutthole ass licking and kissing. Damon is only one of many whose movies I refuse to watch anymore, even watch for FREE! And by the way, Betty White, the old bat who put her own approval on this igger in office, has also been banned from my tv screen, I change a channel anytime, and everytime I see her ugly, old, stupid, and sorry excuse of a face. Old people like her need to do what old people do, DIE! That is a line from the movie, LOOPERS.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        We have no talented actors/actresses left to make decent movies anymore. We no longer have at least decent scriptwriters either. That's why there have been no "good" movies to come out in years.
        That's why I'm about to turn off my Dish TV subscription and stick with just internet. That way I can pick what shows I want and watch when I want. Everything from tv series to in the theater movies are available.
        All that's needed is high speed internet to enjoy any entertainment you want without the liberal influence.

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