Fight Back, America!

Tea Party SC Fight Back, America!

Liberals have nearly destroyed this country socially. Disloyal corporations have almost sold America away!


Average Americans hold on by their fingers while a recession and mass murders beat more into submission.


Politicians ignore the very voters they begged at election time.


Obamacare will make more businesses close or stay open by firing workers.


People have given out or given up in what I call a “non-economy”.


Whether or not fighting back works remains to be seen; all I can say is:


I do it daily.

Tell me how you fight back.


Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says: ”Fight Back, America!”


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Fight the USSA!

” Be your OWN Superhero!”

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  1. The godless communist took over. They rewrote history and made America look bad with lies, half-truths and omissions, but mostly lies.

    Then they raised phony taxes to keep parents working and busy while they manipulated our children at school.

    Then they took over Hollywood with movies designed to brainwash and question moral authority and rearrange our thinking.

    Then they raised the racist guilt to put in a negro who would then be immune to criticism and unleash their assault on the Constitution.

    Then they slowly handed out “free” government money to hook you on entitlements and lowered consumer good prices at the same time by farming out jobs to communist China to keep you “materially” occupied.

    Then while you were not looking they look down your pants and up your skirts just for kicks. It’s not about security at all. Since all terrorist attacks are false flag operations.


    In short you are being ruled by mad men and psychos doing it for sadistic purposes of creating human misery and suffering.

    Look at all rulers, from Mao to Stalin, to Clinton to obama. Need I say more? Examine their lives and see what rules and motivate the sons of Lucifer.

    • Amen! And now if we threaten to revolt we will be thrown to the wolves and held till we die. How do we fight back with all the threats hanging over our heads? How do we come together as Patriots when we haven't a clue who is a Patriot or where they live so we can increase our numbers.

      • Lori meyer says:

        Yes, feel like you can’t talk, people have either fallen
        Hook line and sinker for the lie , that liberal I am such
        A good person bull or they are on the dole in some
        Way. There is no where to turn without the risk of
        Insulting someone losing your job. Honestly don’t know where to begin
        To fight back, must work so hard to avoid becoming the
        Problem. Hey new support group idea, my name is Lori
        And I receive nothing from the government….

  2. utahexplorer says:

    We used to be a country that could solve problems. But, now our government and Big Pharma cause them with no solutions. Here have this for free, or try this pill it will make you better.

  3. sheila charma says:

    I just send a letter to RNC with my sentiments and they are yours as well. I basically called them
    cowards for not vetting this President-for not looking into his lurid background-for not telling the
    American people that the people that run this country i.e.Jarrett,Ayers-Axelrod-Van Jones and others-
    for not fettering out the REAl Obama-for not standing with Sheriff Joe-for not getting the Bengazi deal
    to reflect solely on this President. It was about 3 pages and might not be read,but I sure as hell
    felt better writing it. I sent it to everyone on my e-mail list and maybe just maybe they will compose their
    own letters with their own thoughts. It is never too later!!!!!!!!

    • Sheila, if I were to write a letter to those muck ups in Washington, they’d have to put it in a deep freeze, and let it cool off for a few days just to be able to hold it! I don’t think that there is one good or upright person in the entire area called “DC”! It is all The District of Corruption, and instead of electing others to go there, first, the entire place needs to be disinfected, detoxed, and in general, a royal flush of all the Little Turds who serve King Shit of Turd Mountian! That, THAT is how I veiw the whole filthy septic tank that is called our “capitol city!”

      • Disgusted, "We the people" need someone from the military to lead us patriots and gathers millions to march on Washington and remove every single politician in Washington. That is the only chance we have in America. The fact not one of the crooks even the Tea Party candidates who promised to change Washington have ever went after our communist and thief for the fact that he is INELIGIBLE TO BE THE PRESIDENT of the United States.

    • Sheila, Can you send RNC info so that we can do the same. I can hit at least 10 people and my sister can do the same. I've written Jan Brewer, who it seems is getting squirrely on us. Huge disapointment! And you've seen Ken Benett is bowing out. What is going on!!! NOT GOING TO GIVE UP

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