FERGUSON FUROR: Listen To The Just Released Audio Recording That Raises New Questions About Police Shooting


There’s a bizarre development in the investigation of the police shooting death of Ferguson resident Michael Brown. Weeks after the fatal encounter that sparked racial unrest and destructive rioting in the Missouri town, an audio recording has surfaced.

Supposedly, this unusual recording captures the moment that police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown on a nearby street. On this audio, gunshots can be heard — 10 or 11 gunshots — as one can also hear the man who made the recording apparently in the midst of an “adult” conversation about someone’s online videos.

H/T ijreview and CNN for details:

In a flurry of conflicting reports over the past few weeks, what actually took place during the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is still unclear. But one piece of audio, if proven to be authentic, might provide another valuable clue.

A man who lives near the scene where Michael Brown was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri has come forward with what he says is audio of the shooting, which was inadvertently on tape while he was video chatting with a friend.

The man, whose name has been withheld, has been questioned by the FBI and is represented by a lawyer. CNN could not verify the recording, and has reached out to forensic experts to examine the audio, one of whom says they hear “at least 10 gunshots — a cluster of six, followed by four.”

You can watch the CNN segment and hear the audio in the video clip above.


Photo Credit: A Katz | shutterstock.com

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