Feminism Takes A SlutWalk

Sandra Fluke Feminism Takes A SlutWalk

Sandra Fluke’s colleagues at the Law Students for Reproductive Justice are having a “slut-pride” seminar at Harvard’s Sex Week.  I thought we weren’t suppose to use that word or any misogynist terms in the public lexicon since it “shame[s] women out of advocacy and into silence.”  Yet, it’s ok when this word is thrown around in the halls of liberal academia.

This current wave of feminism is in the wilderness.  The first wave fought to give women the right to vote.  The second wave went to war against employment and workplace discrimination.  Equal pay, another item on the second wave’s agenda, is still an ongoing struggle.  However, this third and current wave thinks slutwalks are the embodiment of womanhood.  American women are the most free and successful in human history.  Women can compete with the men in almost any aspect of American life, especially politically conservative women, whose dispositions are pervasively undercut by the liberal media and their affiliates.  Case in point: Gloria Steinem’s column in 2008 arguing how Palin is an “unqualified woman.”

As we progress through the 21st century, sexual assaults against women have been a problem. Dickinson College, my alma mater, actually had protests concerning increased campus security, and the legal ramifications more defined and transparent. It was a concerted effort that got the attention of college president William Durden, and reforms were made.  It was a victory; however, this would never have happened if the ladies of Dickinson staged a slut walk.   They might have, but I don’t take little notice in disgraceful acts disguised as public advocacy.

Slut walks makes a mockery of the accomplishments of women in America. Yes, I know its tongue-in-cheek, but that doesn’t make it less stupid. It only encourages mockery, judgement, and reaffirmation of the very “sexist undertones” these walks are trying to eliminate from society.  Caroline May of the Daily Caller wrote that the HLSRJ aims to reclaim the word and take the hurt out of it.  However, Conservative MP Louise Bagshawe, who commented on London’s Slut Walk, astutely pointed out that reclaiming an epithet is nonsensical since such words  have never been used in a positive nature .

When has the N-word been used in a positive manner?  When has “gook,” “chink,” “slope,” or “Chinamen” been used positively towards or between Asian people?  There is a reason why Asian-Americans don’t greet each other by saying “what’s up chink”; it is stupendously idiotic.  It is a massive waste of political and social resources to reclaim such words like “slut”, “whore,” “c*nt,” “bitch,” etc. because no woman will ever greet another woman like that or, in a surreal way, use it in a positive fashion that’s appropriate for children’s television.

I’m floored that the whole controversy surrounded the “helpless” Fluke was centered on a word that is now being hailed and “reclaimed” in the name of sisterhood. It is another ignominious event in the annals of American liberalism. This current wave of feminism has a real nexus point to lead an effort to curb and reduce violence against women in America, but it seems to blinded by hyper-emotionality to see clearly.   They prefer to dress like “sluts” and hold up signs saying “am I asking for it?”  No, you’re not.  But it doesn’t mean I cannot call you a moron in the process.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/26/fluke-associated-reproductive-justice-group-hosts-slut-pride-event-at-harvard/#ixzz1qG5rNX6W

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  1. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    I wrote in a comment once before, and it bears repeating………”pretty is as pretty does”. Well, being a Lady is as a Lady does. And to take a walk and call it a “slut walk” is exactly what it is, a crowd of sluts out for a walk apparently. Anyone who needs $3000 worth of protection or birth control a year has more or a problem than she is admitting to, or will admit to. Either she is a genuine slut, or she is a nymphomaniac, and in the case of the latter, she needs professional help, not more protection. Any woman who is a part of this “slut walk” is only reaffirming the name of slut, that of she is truly one, and has no problem being so. That being so, there should be no outcry when those like Rush Limbaugh says so on national radio. So, sluts, everywhere, deal with it, you are what you are, and why openly admit to being one, and then be offended if someone calls you by your true name? All I can say is, Men, BEWARE, for the sluts in question will be very dangerous to your health, as when a slut is a true slut, she carries many diseases, none of which you neither want or need!!!!! And since I am myself a woman who prefers to be called a Lady instead of a slut, I can say just what I did, so either deal with it, or shut up!!!

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