Feds Open Investigation Into Obama Money

Barack Obama 6 SC Feds Open Investigation Into Obama Money

Federal investigators confirmed an investigation has been opened into allegations that Barack Obama’s re-election campaign stuffed its war chest with illegal donations.

Jeff Jordan, a supervisory attorney for the Federal Election Commission, wrote in a letter that the complaint had been received and that the Obama campaign will be notified.

“You will be notified as soon as the Federal Election Commission takes final action on your complaint,” he said.

WND reported that details of alleged illegal activity were provided to the federal overseers.

The complaint sent to the FEC in Washington cited the Obama for America campaign and treasurer Martin H. Nesbitt. It is signed by Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WND.com, which has been running a series of stories about the controversy.

Read More at WND . By Bob Unruh.

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  1. Ok. So, let me see if I have this right. The “feds” are going to “open an investigation” into the “great “””one””””!!!! Right, you go guys. And then, send him a “notice”? A “notice” of what exactly, and exactly what do any of your “boys” think he is going to do with your “notice”??!!!! This would be funny, except it’s not, because since when has this Enemy in office ever paid attention to any law, lawsuit, lawyer, congressman or woman, or anyone else? He doesn’t even respect or regard the US Constitution with any intention of paying the least attention to what is quite clearly the LAW OF THE LAND, OUR LAND, by the way! He goes his merry way, plays golf, sends old Mooo on expensive vacations, and pretty much does as he damn well pleases, and no one lifts a finger, or says a word about anything he does. And what he does is usually, since he first stole, STOLE office, is to break any law that can be broken…..and then DARES someone to do anything! No one is going to do squat! Investigate till the cows come home, it will do no good until, and UNLESS the wimps and useless “men” and “women” on Capitol Hill get off their cowardly and lazy rearends and behave like AMERICANS and DO THE JOBS THAT THEY WERE SENT THERE TO DO BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Investigate! That is all anyone there does, investigate this, investigate that, and it goes no farther. I refer you to Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi fiasco(s)! Not one thing has been done about either one, and not one blessed thing WILL BE DONE! Until those of you decide that you have had enough of being told what to do by a skinny, lying, UN American, noncitizen, “black boy” who has every one of your balls over the fire, and you are too afraid, scared out of your little beady minds to stand up and BE MEN! Every single one of you there should be ashamed of yourselves. A WHOLE LOT LESS TALKING AND A HELL OF A LOT MORE ACTION IS NEEDED!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This is a joke Dis the igger owns them.It's his people that run the FBI,CIA and that black asshole Holder is in charge.You an't even get them to invsestigate voter fraud because Sambo won and if te gestapo did finf out that the election was rigged they'd all be in jail.Brian Terrys parents will be dead and byuried before they find out why Obutthole and Holder plus his gang had Terry killed.these coons have nocompassion for a white man getting killed.I think your comment was right on the money so I'll keep my mouth shut.

  2. “You will be notified as soon as the Federal Election Commission takes final action on your complaint,”

    It seems that if you read between the lines the Federal Election Commission is saying the election part is over. It's not over until all the votes are counted. The results of the election have been given a bit prematurely. They don't want to count the rest of the votes.

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