Federal Employees Say Inept Obama Officials Politicize Their Agencies

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama’s political appointees are inept, incapable, and needlessly politicize the basic functions of whole segments of the federal government. That is not the assessment of firebrand conservatives but the result of a recent survey of high-placed career federal employees.

The survey, conducted by the Government Business Council, polled 148 Senior Executive Service members. These federal managers ranked Obama’s political appointees at only 2.0, down from the 2.3 rating enjoyed by the Clinton and Bush administrations. At least 10 percent more managers gave Obama’s appointees a D or F than failed Bush or Clinton’s teams. National Journal reports 20 percent gave such low marks to Clinton/Bush, as opposed to “more than 30 percent” for Obama.

More damning than the dry statistical data are the descriptions of federal employees of Obama’s team. According to one manager the political appointees are far more involved in day-to-day affairs, but “the effectiveness, skill and knowledge has dramatically decreased” since January 2009. Some said Obama’s appointees attempt to “break organizations.” One said the administration’s overseers “have a divide-and-conquer strategy, and there are way too many industry fingers allowed in decision-making.” Another said this led to “politicization of normal agency functions.”

The survey comes on the heels of remarks by Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-MI, who said CIA employees have a strong current of “dissent and dislike,” because….

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  1. Thomas Wilson says:

    IT seem’s to me being a onlooker from afar, that the People in the Federal Bureaucracy made their “Pact with the Devil,” as a conscious decision when the SOB-in-Chief, became the Bogus P.O.T.U.S. and they chose to keep on working for that Civil Service Gravy-train, while the average American survives off of $40-60k a year, they get bloated salaries way north of 90k a year, if I sound a tad-bit, less than sympathetic it’s just tough! They knew what sort of a fool, they were getting when he took over the Executive Branch, which controls the majority of the Federal Bureaucracy, and should be as “Fat, Dumb, and Happy,” as the American Sheople, that voted the SOB-in-Chief, into office in the first place!!!!!!

  2. john littlefield says:

    No wonder we have a bunch of idiots in govenment it is all politics.

  3. Anders Borgeson says:

    Obama should be impeach as he is trying to destroy this country. I believe he is a muslim that has been sent here to destroy this country. To prove it give me the name of one non muslim classmate of his that when to Columbia when he supposedly did and that person remembers him. You wont find one.

  4. the puppet obama needs to flap those ears and dictate somewhere else…………like iraq…..

  5. Dannie Long says:

    Did you see the middle finger Obama is giving to you and every other U.S. citizen that is not inthused by him. See the smurk on his face as he thinks he is pulling one over on you. This piece of crap , see what those of you that voted for him gets in return, along with higher gas, higher groceries, higher cost on everything because of a community organizer who ,bluffed his way in to office where he has no bussiness.


    His day of reckoning is coming…and maybe sooner than he thinks. A 22 page report has been filed with the FBI, by a computer forensic expert….who HAS worked for the U.S. government. It sure is going to be hard for them to say he is just another hack under those circumstances. When all is said and done, we are going to see something alot bigger than Watergate….and many people from different organizations. Let em all go down! Maybe we will even see some good cases of treason!

  7. John Handforth says:

    Well people, I hate to say this because I don't want to be accused of being a doomsayer, BUT Jesus won't reappear until the AntiChrist declares himself. He may just do that if he loses in 2012!

    • I would not be surprised if when he realizes he can`t win in 2012 declare martial law and declare himself dictator and arrest congress.

  8. Until you posters decide to do something other than complain, this is what you deserve.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Don. What would you suggest, other than email, write, vote and start the whole process over again. And as for deserving this, no, we don’t, since we didn’t VOTE for this Creep in Office. No one who has any power at all is listening. Senators, congressmen and women, representitives, none pay any attention to a thing we do or say. We voted and gave mr. weepy eye Boner his job, and see how that worked out. The only thing left to do is full scale revolution. To revolt and take a walk to washington and stand there and shout our displeasure perhaps? These things get unpleasent. And if it were to get somewhat unpleasent, then there are those who would condem us for doing so. So, do you have any other suggestions other than emailing and writing and calling people who close their ears to our words, our complaints? None of us “deserve” this insult in office. this muslimE that stupid and foolish people put there, we do not deserve this at all.

      • Texas Granny says:

        My idea would be to bring their lies to to light through World Net Daily, The Washington Times, Fox News, etc… Just remember they can, but they can't hide. Expose their lies. We The People can do this.

  9. Great don, why be a hit and run kind of guy to your petition pals? You can do better than that. Isn,t your post a complaint?

  10. We The People, are the only ones who can investigate the government and throw them all out.

  11. William says:

    With all the tax evaders and other do nothings I can expect that our goverment has big problems. I expect the right hand sure does not know what the left is doing.

  12. Johnny Driver says:

    As a former Federal worker, it is PAR FOR THE COURSE that Federal agencies are politicized. This will continue to be true REGARDLESS OF THE POLITICAL PARTY IN CHARGE as long as there is a Federal workforce to manipulate. I also came to realize that the government is/was/always will be THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE and fully regret wasting my working life working for the Feds (in the "Socialist Insecurity" Administration).
    Just don't blame Obama alone for this kind of stuff– it goes back to (at least) FDR (or perhaps even Abraham Lincoln– the first architect of 'big Government'!).

    But as for later THIS YEAR, don't be surprised if the POTUS issues a Presidential Order like Executive Order 6102 (as noted at Wikipedia)– or gets his friends in Congress to pass a law to repeal PL 93- 373 and PL 95- 147 to make sure that all privately held GOLD IS CONFISCATED FROM THE PEOPLE and SENT TO RED CHINA once the debt ceiling limit is finally reached without 'agreement' (TO AVOID WORLD WAR III– the CYBERWAR). If he doesn't do this, I feel that Red China will unleash that cyberwar and hack the US to computer death!

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