Fearless Questions About Obama the Media Will Never Ask (But Should)

We know the media will not help save America. They hate America as much as Obama does and always have. When Obama came on the scene they sprung to life behind the leader they always yearned for but could never find.

To save America we have to keep asking questions and keep demanding answers. We have to talk to friends, co-workers, and family members asking these questions about Obama the media won’t ask.

Why did Watergate forced Nixon out but Fast and Furious has not touched Obama or Holder?

Why did Eric Holder participate in a cover-up of the circumstances of the Oklahoma City bombing? What does Obama know about Oklahoma City?

Why does the media accept Obama’s “safety concerns” to kill the Keystone pipeline when every lower 48 state has a pipeline running through it?

Why did Obama give Brazil money for off shore drilling while continuing to prohibit Americans from drilling for oil in America?

How can Obama possibly be eligible to be president when the fact that his father was not a citizen is not even in question?

How can Obama be in a lawsuit WITH Mexico AGAINST Arizona over the ”rights” of illegal aliens?

Did Obama withhold relief aid to….

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  1. Bad news Coach, our Representatives DO NOT CARE either! They are in on it….someone has promised them something…the devil of course…. and who buys nto the devil's lies? The greedy. And they are ALL greedy.
    Sadly, we are facing the last days of this country as we knew it. Just pray HARD for God to forgive us and give us another chance. All things are possible with God. But without Him, say nighty night Gracie……the fat lady is all tuned up.

    • It's all over when the fat lady sings – well if Moochiell gets in the Senate in 2016 – it will be ALL OVER for this country. She still hates America and it's people, but loves the tax money she has at her disposal.

    • Dear Judy, Please agree with me to this in prayer: Psalm 109.8. This needs to be our prayer for Barry and all the other corrupt polititians and news media. Thank you and God bless.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    The media can't and will not ask tough questions because they do not want to be called racists.There isn't 1 reporter male or female who has the balls to ask the annoited one any hard questions on Fast and Furious,
    Solyndra or the stimulus.

    • VirgoVince says:

      Call me anything you can think of, I won't ask him anything, but I sure as hell have a LOT TO TELL him, LIKE 'Pack Up and Get the Hell OUT of OUR White House! NO trace of you will be left behind, once WE flush you and all of your garbage down the toilet! You never existed, as president, except in your own mind!!'
      Hurry up and flush!!!! Twice!!

  3. Tom Berquist says:

    We can not rely on main stream media for the truth. It must be us using exaustive research to know the real true on any issue.

  4. Bippy Bellito says:

    Did the M.S.M. ever wonder why their ratings/ circulations are so down in the toilet? It is because very few of us believe them or in them any longer. Why waste money, tme, effort when the message is so distorted.

  5. Charles17121 says:

    The main question that should be asked is Where Is Your Birth Certificate fraud Obama , And that is question the US congress is afraid to ask because they know the truth . The fraud obama is not US Constitutionally qualified to hold office because he is not a Natural Born US Citizen in accordance with Article 2 Section 1 clause 5 of the US Constitution

    • Birth certificate is not needed. Obama Sr. was not a US citizen, end of story.

    • actually, it doesn't matter really where he was born,,, look at the registration form to enter him into school in indonesia,, it states he's an indonesian citizen,, that's the paper that will end the story and should force his removal from OUR house. His mother had to resign their American citizenship in order to put him in school, and i've not found anything about him being naturalized on returning to the US, but even if he was, he would still be ineligible to be president. Let's pray the Fed judge hearing his eligibility case in Atlanta Georgia on 1/26 makes the right judgement, which will force congress to remove him. We, the people, can handle either biden or boehner in the oval for a few months.

  6. Pray for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold case Posse to find the truth and dirt on Obama and his queen's sealed and hidden past. Obama is a muslim marxist fraud that illegally holds the office of POTUS and all of Congress, the State Dept, FBI and CIA would have to know it. They also know that many of us know it too. Obama is not an American at all. His wife is anti-American. They are quite the team of Chicago scum fraudulently put upon us by the commies and media in this country. The Obama's are getting angrier and angrier as they desperately cling to their false power which should come crashing down quite soon.
    Pray for the truth sooner rather than later. I'll gladly buy the rope for the day of reckoning.

  7. What the Hell YoMama, as a senator?????? Other than a lying, anti American Lawyer, that no longer has a license to practice law anywhere.
    Who has also filed for release from her obligations to repay her student loans. Burned the American Flag (was a participant by her presence) disrespects and cannot honestly take the Oath to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. She has and still does despise America and our government, she should be arrested not elected.

  8. Phyllis in Texas says:

    Wake up America, we no longer follow the Constitution, we elect an illegal to be President, we allow Holder to get away with murder of a Border Agent, we have a President's wife who hates America, never been proud of it. Do I go on, could I go on, yes yes yes! Let us have a backbone and get rid of these nasty people

  9. Captain America says:

    The real question that no one will ask, is why is BO's wife a man: http://www.ihatethemedia.com/dont-ask-dont-tell-o

  10. florida subshine says:

    well if they did he would shut them down also Washington did not tell the truth about jobless people real is 1 out of 5
    in the united states and no to Canada oil now another 55,000 jobs lost and in barges going to china
    well they own us any way another four years and we will no longer be a free country
    when will people get it all the people on well fare will vote for him they love there free ride on our dime

  11. Anyone who voted for Obama, and after 3 years continues to defend him and his regime are either absolutely ignorant or they are as corrupt as he is.

  12. George Bleick says:

    O'bumbum has asked Betty White to prove she is 90 years old. I'm waiting for Betty to tell him: I'll show you my birth certificate if you'll show me yours!!" Doesn't that sound like something Betty would say??

  13. "Kid Richie" says:

    I am beginning to despair that we will ever get America back. The wolves have been shredding the Constitution and out Rights non-stop for decades. The Republicans are just as bad and do nothing to run the dogs off, Again we are being set up with a patsy to face Obama who is the leader of the pack.
    Too many ignorant people run to throw their Liberties at Obama's feet for him to trample. There has been too much dumbing down of the populace who do not realize the danger of the Marxist Progressive Democrats. God help us all not to throw away our heritage on worthless promises that end in enslavement.

  14. At the time of Obamas birth wasn't his father,from Kenya, a British Commonwealth .Under the prevailing law at that time didn't that make him a British citizen ?

  15. xefseimowhelp says:

    muito bom..!

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